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New Year, New Website

Posted on: January 12, 2017

My brother, the computer genius and talented musician, just created a new website for me and I am excited to share it with you. Let me know what you think about it.


I also have a new profile picture, taken by a good friend and excellent photographer, Karoline Cullen.


To start the new year, my publisher extraordinaire is running a promotion called Start a New Series where Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask is being featured as an e-book for .99 US, 1.99 CDN and .99p UK on most sites, Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Indigo etc. until January 16. If you know anyone who may enjoy reading Amanda’s first adventure, please let them know.

Other great books are on sale as well. http://centralavenuepublishing.com/

I am surrounded by such wonderful and talented individuals who just make my day!!

Check out my brother’s music here

The new year has started out well for me. How has it been for you?


51 Responses to "New Year, New Website"

Wow! Love, love, love it. Very modern, clean lines. I just wish my categories were in such a neat order, like yours. I may have to look at changing mine too sometime. Love also the new profile picture. Is that going to be on your main page? Happy New Year.

Thanks, so pleased you like the new website. I have a separate website from my blog. ❤

Just to check, are you switching sites, or is this in addition to wordpress?

This is in addition to my WordPress blog. We just updated the website.

Darlene, it’s great to start the new year with something fresh, and you’ve done that with a new website and new profile photo, which I loved instantly when I saw it on Facebook.

My re-designed website is due to be unveiled in early February. I have traded manuscripts with a trusted friend and memoirist and am on target to finish my memoir in 2017. Notice, I did not say “publish” – just get the book ready to for the next step. I don’t have a publisher, so researching my options there will be part of my process.

Pleased you like the new website. I look forward to seeing yours. Good luck on finding a publisher. That can be the hardest part but it is doable!!

I’ll check it out, thanks!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I like your site! And new portrait! 😀

Glad you like it. I think it looks more modern.

It looks good, Darlene. That’s a great photo of you.

Thanks, Lynn! Appreciate the feedback.

Wow what a great start to the year! I have no doubt many great things will follow in 2017!

It is a great start. May we both have many good things happen in 2017!

That is so exciting, Darlene. I am delighted that everything is working out so well for you. May it long continue. I am definitely interested in your e-books and I think it would be lovely to read the whole Amanda series. 👍💖

Thanks, Fatima. They are a quick read on your e-reader. Always nice if they are on sale.

I love the new photo of you Darlene, and the website looks great. Just one tiny thing on your media sheet for teachers page, it states you have written three adventure stories for children – is that right? I was sure you were up to number five or maybe even six? Either way the website is amazing.. xx

How clever of you to notice my media sheet is out of date. I am working on updating it as we speak! I am glad you like the new look.

Wow wow wow you look amazing Darlene. I love the hair , the colour , the cut and the carefully designed scarf which bring out the highlights. So 2017 . Good luck with your website and your books

Thanks so much Cherry!! I will pass on the compliment to my hairdresser. (Who is amazing!!)

Oh I love it! Adding to my Bloglovin Feed now so hopefully I will keep up with you a bit better . Love your new head shot as well. So pretty!

Thanks! Glad you liked the website and profile picture. I will continue to do my blog on this WordPress site.

I do love the profile picture. That nice blurred background and sharply-focused you, excellently done.

Thanks Jacqui! Karoline is an excellent photographer.

Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
New blog, new fabulous look and an offer for Amanda in Arabia for just 99c 1.99 CDN and 99p Head over to Darlene Foster’s to read more…

Thanks for reblogging Saly. You are the best!!

Hi Darlene, found your site by Sally’s site, as Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of Life. Nice one, nice picture of you. New year, new website, as i have a new one as well, i follow you and if you like to follow me, here is my new website:

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my new website. Great to have you on board. I am now following you as well. Your new website is fabulous.

You have started the new year in a FABULOUS way, dahling. Love the photo!!!!

Your new website and promo picture both look great and I’m listening to your brother’s funky music as I type–fun!

So pleased you like the new look. Isn´t his funky music fun. Thanks for checking it out, Marcia!

Looks fantastic Darlene. Great Job! And you look fabulous btw! 🙂

Thanks for the kind words.

🙂 Most welcome.

I love your beautiful photo. You look so happy. And, I like the sunny, clean look of your blog. Simple, but elegant.

My webmaster did a fabulous job. I am so pleased you like it.

Your new website is great, perfectly showcasing your fantastic writting work. Congratulations!

Thanks, Gilda. A nice new modern look is just what I needed!

I didn’t know you when you had your old website but this one is clean, crisp and bright. A great way to start the new year!

I am very happy with this new look. My old one did the trick but was getting dated as it was created (by the same awesome brother) 7 years ago. It is a great start to the year!!

Yes, new year, new look!

Very professional, your brother did a great job. And the photo of you, really nice. You must be very pleased and deservedly so.

I am pleased. Glad you like it!!

Beautiful photo, you really suit that deep red, and the portrait looks great on your new website. Congratulations on getting the new year off to such a promising start. I’ve mentioned this before, but scrolling down your website just now I was struck again by how eye-catching and appealing your new book cover designs are.

Everything got a new look recently. It was about time! Thanks for the kind words, Lorna.

Great headshot!!! I love the website, too. That style of website is all the rage now, so your brother knows what he’s doing.

Thanks for stopping by Stephanie!! Yes, he knows what he is doing for sure. I´m lucky to have him.

What a great headshot! You are so photogenic. How nice to have your brother to build you a website–looks great!

Every family should have a plumber and a computer expert. We have one of each so I consider myself very lucky!! Glad you like the new look.

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