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Lougheed House at Christmas time

Posted on: December 31, 2016

My good friend, Sheila MacArthur, hosted me while I was in Calgary and drove me to my events and family visits. We had some time to spare between appointments and she treated me to a visit to the Lougheed House, a local historic site and museum.


Since it was the beginning of December the house was all decked out for Christmas, as it would have been in Victorian times. What a treat to be transported back to the time of Lady Isabella Lougheed and Sir James Lougheed. It felt very Downton Abbeyish.


This 14,000 square-foot sandstone prairie mansion, built in 1891 for the Lougheed family, was the political and social hub of fast-growing Calgary until 1938. The Lougheeds were among Calgary’s most influential citizens. They entertained many notable guests in this house including Princess Patricia, Edward, The Prince of Wales, Stanely Baldwin and Price Erik of Denmark. Their grandson, Peter Lougheed, served as the Premier of Alberta from 1971 to 1985.


The house sparkled with 16 decorated Christmas trees, thousands of lights, holly draped bannisters, candle-lit hearths, ornaments, original stained-glass windows and more. A warm, festive atmosphere was created as the temperatures outside dipped to -25 celsius.  Scattered throughout the mansion, furnishings and artifacts from the turn of the 20th century included original objects from the House.






Lovely stained glass windows




I love the birdhouses on this tree.


The dining room was open for lunch. It looked appealing but we had another commitment. Perhaps next time. The spacious gardens are open in the summer for tea or lunch as well.


As you can see, we were very comfortable in the surroundings and were reluctant to go back out into the cold.




A cosy nook to relax with a good book.


I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year full of joy, wonder and adventures!

22 Responses to "Lougheed House at Christmas time"

Thank you for the tour, Darlene. It’s nice to see a house decorated for Christmas as we are about to take our decorations down. We are toying with the idea of visiting Canada for our 50th wedding anniversary in 2017. We love the Canadian Rockies, so it may be Alberta again and then to British Columbia for charm. For sure, we want to be someplace cool in August!

All the best in the new year!

We keep our decorations up until Epiphany in Spain as Three Kings Day is the most important day here. I do hope you make it to the Canadian Rockies this coming summer as it is so gorgeous there at that time of year and nice and cool too. 50 an awesome amount of time to be married and should be celebrated well. It will be 40 for us in January. Have a fabulous New Year, Marian!!

What a magnificent house! Thank you for sharing your visit with so many wonderful photos. Happy New Year! 💥

Thank you so much for stopping in. So pleased you enjoyed the photos of this marvellous place in Calgary. All the best for 2017!!

My pleasure. Best to you!

Such lovely photos, Darlene. You are so blessed to have so many generous friends in your life. I’m wishing you another successful year, my friend, filled with much writing success. I’ll be anxious to read all about it! And congrats again on the review in Quill and Quire. What a way to end the year. ❤

The Quill and Quire review was a lovely surprise! Thanks for your good wishes. I also wish you much success in your writing endeavours in 2017!!

What a marvellous house, Darlene! I can see how one could get plunged back into history and forget all worries. I am glad yo enjoyed your visit and I hope you can stay for lunch next time. A very happy New Year to you and Paul. 🎊💞🎉🎆

Thank you for your kind New Years wishes. Thanks for being such a great support and blogging friend. Glad our paths crossed! All the best for a wonderful New Year!!

Thank you again, Darlene. I am also very glad to have met you through social media. Big hug. Feliz Noche Vieja!

How beautiful everything is! All of those trees. Gorgeous!

And these are just a few of them. It was so amazing!

Those temperatures must have been a bit of a shock to the system after Spain. That looks just the cosy sort of place you’d want to be in cold weather. I love the stained glass, and that dining room does indeed look tempting. Happy new year, Darlene, I hope 2017 brings you many blessings.

Happy New Year to you and your parents as well!! All the best in 2017!!

Thank you for the wonderful tour. I love Victorian houses. I visited Biltmore Castle in North Carolina last August, and one room was just as gorgeous as the next. The wood, the floors, the decor — ahhhh. Lovely. Thank you for bringing back sweet memories.

I have heard that Biltmore Castle is amazing! There is something about Victorian houses. Glad you enjoyed this one!

What a wonderful tour! Perfect for Christmas season! Happy New Year to you and yours!

Thanks, Chris! It sure did put one into the Christmas spirit! Have a fabulous 2017!!

How beautiful and I agree it does look very Downton Abbeyish. I’m sad to see all the Christmas decorations coming down. It will feel rather drab once they have all gone. I’m hanging on to mine for a few more days.

We keep ours up here until January 6, Three Kings Day, which is the highlight of the season. I always feel a bit of a let down when I put it all away. Oh, well. There is next year.

That seems very fun! 😀

It was a lot of fun!! The snowman Christmas tree was so cool!

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