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Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Posted on: November 16, 2016

We just returned from a weekend in the lovely city of Valencia, a two-hour drive in the car from us. It is another one of those wonderful Spanish cities with fascinating architecture and its own unique personality. I will write more about it later and share pictures. Tomorrow I am off on a train to Madrid and the following day I will fly to Canada. I have a jam-packed schedule once there as I will be launching my latest book and visiting schools and libraries in Vancouver and area, Calgary and Medicine Hat. I’ll also be visiting friends and family in all three cities. So, I will not be spending much time on the computer over the next three weeks.

While wandering the streets of Valencia, I came upon this amazing Valencian traditional dance performance in a square behind the cathedral. It was the highlight of my trip. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I look forward to connecting again when I return!

37 Responses to "Trains, Planes and Automobiles"

Have a wonderful trip and a very pleasant and successful time in beautiful Canada!

Thanks! Looking forward to it.

I know she will.. especially Calgary hall

Cute video ♥

They were adorable. Thanks for dropping in.

Have a great trip Darlene. I’m so sorry that I will be away when you are here. Safe travels and I hope all of the readings go very well.

Next time! Thanks for the well wishes.

For sure or perhaps we will see you in Spain at some point. 🙂

Second that..
ditto Darlene

Enjoy your trip to Canada — as I know you will enjoy visiting with friends as your promote your book. And, I know you will bring us lots of photos when you return.

Oh yes, there will be pictures!!

Looking forward to your return

Nothing like brightly-dressed young ladies to lift my spirits today. You’ll do super on your book tour, I’m sure. Happy travels!

They were delightful and certainly made my day, especially as I didn’t expect to see them. Thanks!!

Wow. I wanted some of that dance 💃…
well you have a good trip .. and good luck with everything..
Sounds like a really exciting time for you..

I love traditional dance. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your book tours. 😀

I do too and this was a nice surprise

The unexpected often meant that we didn’t reach our initial destination. Lovely!

I love these unexpected moments!

Have a wonderful trip Darlene, ‘see’ you when you get back.

Lovely video, Darlene. It is always good to know that the new generations are keeping the old traditions alive.
Have a wonderful trip to Madrid and Canada and best of luck with your book marketing.

Those young people did such a good job and the costumes were amazing!! Thanks for the good wishes!!

Enjoy your time in Canada with family and friends. I am sure the book will be a success. Thanks for the lovely video, such cute kids.

They were adorable. I especially liked the young man.

Be so lovely to go back home and see your family . Good luck with your book …take care.

Have a good trip back to Canada, Darlene! Enjoy the visits. Thanks for the video, too. I love their costumes, and that seems like a simple-enough dance for many to join in.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip, I hope the book launching goes really well. Valencia always makes me think of oranges. Am I right in thinking they grow a lot of them there? How lovely to come across those wee dancers, well done with videoing them.

Wishing you all the best in your travels Darlene. Promoting a new book is always so much fun, isn’t it?

Have a safe trip Darlene, your visit and the book tour.

Can’t wait to hear more…enjoy your time in Canada…safe travels, Darlene!!

Dear Darlene, I wanted to let you know I’ve tagged you in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. Joining in is entirely optional, I know you are a very busy lady, and I completely understand if you don’t have the time or the inclination to get involved. I must admit it took me some time to get to it, but once I did I had fun. Barbara x


Darlene, I’m sure that you’re excited about doing a bit of book promo as well as visiting family and friends. From my expat years I remember how frantic these trips home can be. Best of luck and I hope you have a fun (albeit probably not too relaxing) holiday. ~James

Yes, it was a bit crazy but so good to see everyone. The last week in Calgary it snowed and the temperature dropped to -25C. A good reminder why I moved to Spain. Just got home last night. Now I need a rest!!

Your trip already sounds marvelous!

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