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Dot Update

Posted on: November 6, 2016

I can’t believe it has been over four months since we welcomed our dog, Dot into our lives. It’s as if she has always been here. Although she was quite nervous at first, she has settled into living in an urban setting. I wrote about driving to the Andalucian mountains to get her here.

Like parents of a newborn, we have taken tons of pictures of her. Here are a few. Believe me, it was hard to narrow it down.

Enjoying her new toy.

Enjoying her new toy, but what she really likes to play with are our socks!.

She also likes playing with her ball with her new dad

She also likes playing with her ball

Please, dad, can you throw it again

Please, dad, can you throw the ball again?

She enjoys going to the beach

She enjoys going for walks on the beach


But doesn't like to get her feet wet

But she doesn’t like to get her feet wet


Sometimes she meets another dog at the beach and gets to play

Sometimes she meets another dog at the beach and gets to play

A play date with Havane, a Spaniel from France

A special play date with Havane, her friend from France


She loves to play with other dogs.

Dot is popular with the neighbourhood children who bring her treats

Dot is popular with the neighbourhood children who bring her treats

She loves our special friend!

Our special young friend is a good buddy


She loves her dad!

She sure loves her dad!

and she loves her mom too.

and she loves her mom too. She goes with us just about everywhere we go.

You can see she is quite a character and keeps us busy. Whatever did we do without her?

58 Responses to "Dot Update"

What a lovely dog and beautiful pictures! Dogs are such great companions. Makes me want to get one, too! Perhaps once I settle down. Ha.

We haven’t had a dog for a long time but now that we are retired, we thought we would have time for one. It also helps us from being lonely and missing the family in Canada. Glad you liked the pictures of our sweetie.

Awwe…it looks like your doggie has a wonderful home….shelter dogs are the most loyal…they so appreciate your love!!!

You are so right. She does appreciate all the love we give her and she gives us much love back. She seems very happy.

Mine are rescues too….so much pleasure!

What a lively and happy dog! You are blessed that she loves people and other dogs. Loved the pictures of Dot! I don’t take enough picture of our poodle, Archie. He’s loves to play ball and chew squeaky toys. Finally found one he couldn’t get the squeaker out of. Fun post!

I guess you understand how special a dog can be. Dot is actually frightened of squeaky toys. We had to remove the squeaker out of a ball I bought her! Enjoy your Archie.

Pets are lovely to have. I still miss our Buddy and Cindy. One day we may get a pet again. Just not right now. Love these pictures of your dog, Darlene.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures of Dot. We haven’t had a dog for over thirty years, so it is all new for us. Some learning on both sides.

Just like human babies, your little Dot seems to prefer home-made “toys” to ones we think are more special. Says something about our wants and needs, don’t you think.

Thanks for the update, Darlene.

Yes, it is true. You can buy a child expensive toys and they prefer to play with an old box or your dish pans!! Glad you liked the update on Dot!

She is gorgeous, I can see she has settled down so well. Thanks for the update.

She has settled in well. She still gets frightened by certain noises and things but is so much better. It sure doesn’t take long for you to get attached!

What a character. She’s Miss Personality. Nothing like a good pet, is there? Thanks for sharing the photos. Dot looks as happy as can be. ❤ ❤

The happiness goes both ways for sure! She is quite a character and keeps us on our toes!! ❤

That’s what we need as time slows us down. 😀

What a happy and sweet-looking dog she is. I assumed Dot might be a Jack Russell terrier and had never heard of the name you mentioned, so had to go look up the Ratonero Bodeguero Analuz to find it’s a Spanish terrier breed. She sounds like the ideal companion!

After several decades of owning, breeding and showing multiple Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) and the occasional Labrador, we currently have just one Lab who at 1-1/2 years is still suffering from ‘puppy brain’, but we love him dearly.

She is the perfect companion, although way more energy than we realized! I have been following the posts about your “puppy”. I think we all tend to need someone to nurture, don´t we. You are in the perfect setting for a dog too.

Congratulations to you and Dot for finding each other. She is a lovely little dog.

Thanks, Lynn. I know how much you love your puppy! ❤

Dot is a special pup that is obvious. Amazing how pets can enrich our world. Loved the update and all the photos leave me smiling.

Dot tends to leave a smile with everyone she meets. Glad you enjoyed the update!!

I truly believe that having a dog is like having a toddler and just as much fun. I am delighted that Dot is settling in so well and has made so many friends already. I hope you will enjoy the pleasure of her company for many years to come. Give her a big hug from me, please. 💗💗💗

I know you get much enjoyment out of Beano! I think Dot would love to play with him. Hugs back from me and Dot!! ❤

I am sure they’d get on like a house on fire! 💗

I miss not having a dog but I’m gone all the time. Our shelter has a store in the shopping mall I have to visit every time I walk by . One of these days I’m going to walk out with a dog.
Dot looks like a great companion and friend.

I know. We didn´t get a dog until we retired as we felt we didn´t have the time to spend with one. She is a great pal!!

Hi Darlene, I forgot to but the amount of butter for the almond filling in my “Pear Almond Tart” recipe. You told me you printed the recipe, I am sorry put you might want to print it again.

Let me do this again. I forgot to put the amount of butter for he almond filling in my “Pear Almond Tart ” recipe. You told me you printed the recipe but you might want to print it again.

OK. Will do. Thanks for letting me know. ❤

It’s amazing how quickly they become part of your family. Have fun with her!

It didn’t take long. I know you understand! See you soon.

Sch great photos ..thanks Darlene for the update…yes indeed it’s great for Dot to have such doting caring parents….and great for you too. She is one real cute dog that’s for sure.

Thanks! She sure loves her Aunty Jayne!! Hugs and puppy dog kisses. xo

Is it really four months, time certainly does fly. I love Dot, and it was good to see all the photos of her. I especially love the one where she is intent on keeping her paws dry! Lovely post Darlene, thank you for sharing.

It is very funny how she avoids water, going around puddles etc. I thought you would enjoy the photos.

She seems to feel quite at home, that is wonderful.

It didn´t take her long to feel right at home.

OMG, she is gorgeous. I loved your comment about all the pictures you took (just like a newborn). It is so true with pets, and I can tell she is going to be one spoiled lady. Excellent photos, BTW. I’m so bad at pet photography. Yours look like a professional shot them. Dot is a star!!! 🙂

Dot is a star in our eyes. So pleased you liked the pictures!! Thanks for visiting my blog. xo

I LOVE Dot! She is so adorable and I think she is in the perfect family. Love the running pictures! She looks fast!

She is so full of energy and very fast!! I thought you would love her.

What a cute dog. She looks energetic!

She is pretty special and keeps us on our toes. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Darlene…what a beautiful dog…you can tell she is quite happy!!

I think she loves us as much as we love her.

It sure looks that way!!

Dot is adorable! Fun to see her enjoying various activities!

She keeps us busy, but that’s a good thing!

Dot is more than a dot, she is a huge presence in your life – a family member. I love the photos, and smile when you admit how difficult it was to just choose a few. I still have hundreds of photos of our Henry, who’s been gone for over two years now, but is still ‘around’ us. Weird, huh? We’re finally ready for another dog, but as you mention in another comment, we think we should wait until we retire, or at least have more time, before we bring a new being into our lives. Thanks for sharing Dot here with us. xo

I´m pleased you enjoyed this post. Dot seems to touch everyone in one way or another. We left her at the dog sitter´s last weekend when w went away and she had so much fun playing with the other dogs. The sitter said she has a good character. I am sure you have room in your lives for another dog!

She’s an attractive pooch, and looks in the prime of condition. I love that last picture of you and her together, utterly delightful.

We sure love her! I`m in Canada right now and miss her.

Great pictures of your girl. She’s rather popular around there! When we got our puppy (years ago) we were told if we gave him a pair of old socks, he’d never chew on our shoes. It worked for us!

She has never chewed on our shoes so I guess it works!!

Dot looks absolutely adorable! With her long legs and tail, she does look like she could be related to our Pearly Greyhound! 🙂

She can run very fast too so I’m sure she has some greyhound or whippet in her. She is a rescue dog. Here in Spain, her breed is called a Bodeguero, part Jack Russell and part Fox Terrier, for the most part. She is adorable and we love her to bits. As you do your Pearl.

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