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Happy Halloween!

Posted on: October 30, 2016

It’s Halloween and children in many parts of the world are excited. Kids love dressing up and becoming someone or something else for a day. Many adults enjoy Halloween too. I loved Halloween as a child and later enjoyed creating costumes for my kids. We often dressed up for Halloween in the offices I worked in which was fun.

Although typically a North American holiday, other parts of the world now celebrate Halloween as well.


When we were in Italy last year at this time, we noticed Halloween themes in the bakeries.


Here in Spain, our young friend is all ready for a Halloween party in her dark angel costume.


When I was in Provence this summer I went for a walk at dusk and came upon this house. I was convinced it was haunted. What do you think? It would make a great setting for a story, don´t you think?

I don’t usually watch horror movies or read scary books but I enjoy a slightly scary mystery. I´ll let you in on a secret, there will be ghosts in Amanda’s adventure in New Mexico.

Have you ever come across a scary looking house? 

48 Responses to "Happy Halloween!"

Hallowe’en is festive and let’s face it, a money-maker too. No wonder it’s catching on in other parts of the world.

Thanks for the tip-off about Amanda in New Mexico, Darlene. Happy Hallowe’en to you too!

When I first met my British hubby, over 40 years ago, they did not celebrate Halloween in the UK. But I see it has become very popular and yes, the ads reflect it. Thought I would give a hint about the next book!!

Yes, even in Switzerland they now celebrate it more. Dressing up has always been an exciting event for children–and adults as well. There is no limit to the imagination. Beautiful Dark Angel!

Most of Europe seems to have got into the Halloween mood. She makes a lovely dark angel, doesn’t she? Don’t eat too much Halloween chocolate!!

I have always loved Halloween, my own childhood costumes and hauling in lots of treats, then helping my kids be their choice of alter-ego, and now seeing my grandkids and great-grandkid’s get-ups.
And great dark angel costume…and yes, that house is haunted.
Happy Halloween!

It’s nice to see the next generations getting as excited as we did. Glad you think the house is haunted as well! Enjoy Halloween!!

There is one particular house very close to where we live that looks exactly like the Bates Motel in Psycho. I’ve never been brave enough to walk up to it preferring to view it from a safe distance. I wonder if anyone will be foolish enough to knock on their door this Halloween – it certainly won’t be me!
Your young friend looks amazing in her costume.
I wish you a very Happy Halloween Darlene, have fun.

That house sounds very spooky. It would be great to learn the history of it. Have a fun Halloween yourself, Barbara.

I haven’t even given out candy for about eight years since I live with my daughter and her family. I hate scary movies. All houses look haunted in the dark and not just at Halloween. 😀 😀 😀
Boo. O_o

They don´t go door to door trick or treating here in Spain but they have Halloween parties. I never find houses in the city look scary in the dark but the old ones in isolated places give me the creeps. Nov 1 is all saints day and everyone visits the graves of their loved one.

All Saints Day is my birthday and we always used to visit the graves when my mom was alive. 🙂

That is so cool. We didn’t celebrate it on the prairies.Happy Birthday on Nov 1!!! ❤

I love houses and paths and gates that look like there may be a haunting or magic on the other side. There are a few paths around my house that have those “magic just around the corner” look. Love yours!

I find those type of houses intriguing but I wouldn´t go too near them because you just never know!! Glad you liked this one I found.

When I was growing up in Brazil we never had Halloween. In the UK it has grown in popularity and I have enjoyed dressing up with my kids when they were little. Plenty of ghostly looking houses here in my area, my road for instance is in a forest and has no street lights…very dark and spooky 👻

I am sure there are spooky houses in your neighbourhood, especially during Halloween!

Yes mine when the family have left after a weekend visit 😀 Only joking …love em to bits .
Erm I do remember a house up the road from ours , a mile maybe more , that was always in darkness and had bars on the windows . I was only about 12 . I didn’t know the history of the house so me and my friends just made it up . Never did find anything out about it , it was just the haunted house to us.

All kids should have a spooky house in their neighbourhood to make up stories about! 12 is the perfect age for that too.

Love the old scary house. Haunted, for sure! As it should be.

I knew you would love it!! Thanks for the visit Malla.

Happy Halloween, Darlene! Those cupcakes look fun and very delicious!

The bakeries in Italy were mouth watering. It was fun to find some Halloween cupcakes in the window!

From what I’ve seen in Germany and Austria, Halloween mustn’t be too popular. I’ve only seen a few shop windows decorated. I hope your friend has fun at her party.

It’s not a big deal here in Spain but we were at a coffee shop today that was all decorated for Halloween. Our young friend always has a good time. Continue to enjoy Germany and Austria! Love your posts.

My son has spent a good part of the weekend trying to find new ways to scare his older sister. Unfortunately for him, the home-made spider in the bed, balls balanced precariously on the doorframe ready to fall on her as she walked in and the mask under her bath towel did not have the desired effect. It is hard being the youngest!

How cute! Will he be dressing up and collecting candies tonight?

Certainly a great setting in a story. I love places or buildings with that touch of spookiness or haunting beauty, yet nothing too terrifying.

Me too! Sometimes these scary places are just misunderstood!!

Not many celebrated in London, at least not that I noticed, but it seems to have more of a presence in Dublin. It’s also a three-day weekend here, which is adding to the merriment.

What I love about the Irish is their sense of fun! Of course, they would love Halloween. We have many Irish folks in our community and they always have a good time which is infectious.

You are right: when I was a child in Spain we never celebrated Halloween, but in the last few yearsI’very noticed a craze for it, both in Spain and France, where we are now. Your little friend looks lovely as ever and I think Amanda would love to solve a mystery on Día de los Muertos. No doubt she will paint her face as a skull, Coqueta Catrina, I think they call it, or Elegant Catrin, for men: great fun! Happy Halloween to you too. 👻👻👻

I guess through TV, the movies and social media these special occasions become more universal. I love the idea of Amanda and Dia de los Muertos. My daughter tells me they are celebrating the Day of the Dead in Canada now. So it all overlaps. ❤

I guess the world is not so big any more and people from different continents are more alike than we think. There is more to unite us than to divide us and that’s a good thing. 💜

I didn’t know about Halloween until I came to the US because there was no Halloween in Germany. Now it is becoming popular in Germany. I love watching the children and adults getting dressed up and have fun.
Happy Halloween 👻 Darlene

Thanks Gerlinde. It is becoming more popular in other parts of the world. We had fun last night at a Halloween party!

Oh this looks like a perfect setting for a scary story. Ghosts in New Mexico? I think Amanda must be headed on quite the adventure!
When we were teens in Sask we used to wander about old abandoned farm houses. Still gives me a fright thinking about it.

Yes, there was one near us too and we were told not to go in it. Of course, that made us only want to know what was in it all the more. So we went in and got very frightened!!

I loved Halloween as a kid! So much fun and we covered a lot of territory. Great post!

We did too. I am sure we walked off all the calories. We were told not to eat anything until we got home but I´m not sure if we followed that rule.

I once lived in a haunted house as a young child. I often saw ghosts of animals running along our main hallway and disappearing into the broom cupboard. Once when I was staying with my grandmother, my mum found the imprint of a body on my bed. My bedroom was always cold and my bed shook sometimes, causing young Stevie to fly under the bedclothes and stay there until it stopped. Years later we found out that somebody had hung himself in my bedroom. Ooh-er…

Oh my god!! This is incredible. I thought these things only happened in books and movies!! Thanks for sharing this.

No it happened to me, although by the time I was a teenager we had moved house and the strange occurrences had stopped.

That would have so freaked me out!!

I was surprised to learn just how much Halloween is being celebrated outside of the U.S. now. That’s great! It’s my favorite holiday. That house does look haunted. It’s very spooky!

My imagination went wild when I came upon that house. I hope you had a great Halloween. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I never knew about Halloween when I was a kid, it is only about the last 10 years it has become popular here in Norway:)

It certainly has spread in popularity just recently.

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