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Fun with Bob and Jayne!

Posted on: October 16, 2016

As much fun as we are having here in Spain, we do miss our friends and family back in Canada. So when friends come to visit, it is pretty special. We were delighted when my bestie Jayne, and her hubby, Bob, came to spend a week with us in September. We had so much fun together, as we always do, and did lots of catching up. There was beach time and shopping time, as well as visits to historic sites and a Roman and Carthaginian festival. We hung out with gladiators and ate tapas, paella and much more delicious Spanish food. My hubby was happy to drive us to many interesting places.

Jayne at the market, stopping to smell the flowers

Jayne at the market, stopping to smell the flowers

Jayne and Bob enjoying the Mediterranean.

Jayne and Bob enjoying the Mediterranean.

An evening walk on the beach.

An evening walk on the beach.

Hanging out with gladiators at the Roman Feista

Hanging out with gladiators at the Roman Fiesta


Romans and archers

Romans and archers

by a mural in Cartegana

by a mural in Cartagena

The amazing church in Novelda, designed by a student of Gaudi.

The amazing church at Novelda, designed by a student of Gaudi.


Old friends in Spain

Coffee at the mall after serious shopping

Coffee at the mall after serious shopping

Relaxing by the sea in Torrevieja

Relaxing by the sea in Torrevieja

Ice cream in Torreveija

Ice cream in Torrevieja. That was the small size!

Of course Dot loved Jayne

Of course, Dot loved Jayne

Jayne is an English girl from Nottingham who has lived in Canada for a long time. She was the first friend I made when I moved to Vancouver in 1989. We have done some fun things together over the years. I am so glad she came to visit me in Spain. Jayne and her husband had a great time and loved our new relaxed life.


Jayne is having surgery on October 18. She is such a positive individual, I know she will be fine. But I would like to ask you to please send some positive thoughts and prayers her way.


Jayne in Spain

Isn´t it great to get together with a long time friend!

42 Responses to "Fun with Bob and Jayne!"

That looks like a wonderful and fun-packed week with your bestie, Darlene, and the sights are lovely. I wish Jaye all the best for the operation and a speedy recovery. 💖

It was busy but we had down time to just chat and relax too. Thanks for the good wishes for Jayne. ❤

Many thanks for your well wishes and yes we had a wonderful time creating some aw sweet me memories as we are known to do:)

One of the most enjoyment aspects of living in Spain must be the riot of color I see on almost every photo: very spirit-lifting. I would name your friend Joyful Jayne. I see it on every picture. Thank you, Darlene.

Jayne is indeed joyful and fun to be with. Yes, there is colour everywhere in Spain, which suits me as I love colour.

Positive thoughts for Jayne being sent Darlene. How wonderful that you were all able to be together. It looks like it was big smiles all around. I especially like the Roman gladiator images. One doesn’t see that every day!

One doesn´t meet them on the street everyday either! Thanks for the positive thoughts for Jayne.

While Darlene and I had our own real gladiators ie Bob and Paul…it certainly didn’t stop us from appreciation ng the other Ryan mans and Gladiators in Cartagena:)

Thanks for your positive thoughts…

Friendships are precious, sounds like you all had a great time catching up? From someone who is just recovering from surgery I understand what Jayne is going through and I am sending a bucket full of positive thoughts.

Thanks, Gilda. I sincerely hope you are on the mend. I agree, friendships are more precious than gold.

Yes indeed we should never underestimate the power and importance of good friends. Thank you for your well wishes Gilda. I wish you continued wellness and a great recovery too.

Thank you both for your good wishes, I am on the mend now😄

Thanks Darlene for the gift of your friendship. Yes and too for being such a great hostess…as well as Paul. We had a great time in Spain, but mostly it was wonderful to spend more time together and create more memories to keep us close even though we are oceans apart. I feel blessed to know I have so many people prayers and thinking positively for me…..forever friends…see you in November clever lady:)

I value your friendship as well. Thanks for all your comments. The world is with you! Sending much love. I will be there soon. DDF ❤

It all looks great fun . That’s the beauty of moving you get to see family and friends in a special way . I have my bestie coming Wednesday should be fun 👍

Have a great time with your bestie! Hope you have as much fun as we did!

It really is great to get together with friends Darlene and I can see how much fun the two of you had. Sending love and best wishes to Jayne – get well soon.

Thank you, Barbara, for the good wishes for Jayne. There is nothing like good friends is there.

I can imagine how lovely it was to have Jayne come over and visit you. Time with friends is precious, but perhaps even more special when such vast distances separate you. It’s great that you took so many photographs, those are good memories to have. Very best wishes for Jayne’s surgery tomorrow.

It meant a lot to me to have her visit. I’m glad we took a lot of pictures. I even wish we had taken a few more. Thanks for the good wishes for Jayne.

It must be a treat to have your best friends come and visit you. I know you have a grand time showing off your new home, town and all of the fabulous sites and festivals. Your photos are beautiful. Does it get very cold there in the winter?

It was a treat for sure! It cools down, especially at night, so you need a light jacket and closed shoes. But it doesn’t get colder than about 5 C (about 42 F) and some days it is quite sunny and warm. But not yet. We are still having beach weather here.

We’ve been in the mid 75-80s in Ohio most of October. Cold front coming through tonight — down to 50-60s this weekend. Would love your winters though.

It is one of the things we love about living here.

Great photos 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

There is nothing like reuniting with a good friend and talking, shopping, eating and just plain being together. I am hoping that your friend’s surgery went well. Keep us updated. Love the pictures. 🤗

You are so right, spending time with good friends is the best! I’ll let you now how Jayne is doing.

Always fun to have a visit by friends But especially so in diffferent countries. Reunions of sorts. Looks like a great time.


It was a fun reunion. I am sure you know what I mean. I once visited a friend who was living in the United Arab Emirates. It was great for her to see someone from home and great for me to see a totally different culture!

That looks like a load of fun! just loving every photo, thanks for sharing! ^^

Glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for following my blog.

A lovely post dedicated to your dear friend’s visit. Such wonderful memories for you both. I’m hoping Jayne’s surgery went well and you will see her soon. I so love your blog and seeing the sights of Spain. (we hope to be in Europe next year, but not sure we will be near Spain.)

Thanks, Diane. Glad you are enjoying the posts. I will see Jayne in a month when I go back to Canada for a visit. Where in Europe will you be next year?

Oooooh Yesss indeed.. Great to spend time with friends.. always.

Love the gladiators…
And that seat 💺 by the sea 🌊

Maaan.. I would love ❤️ the experiences you have traveling and enjoying the beauty of these wonderful countries..

Thanks so much for again for sharing your awesome experiences with us..

I know I have been lucky to see all these places. Sharing it with my friend made it extra special. So pleased you are getting enjoyment out of these posts.

I am Darlene.. truly enjoying them

Such a nice photos from Spain ! I love this country.
I leave you my post about celebration of New Year’s Eve in MAdrid

I am glad you liked the pictures. Spain is an amazing place. Thanks for following my blog!

Yes I really enjoy them 🙂 That’s true Spain is something special 🙂 I am welcome and I inite to follow my blog also 😀

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