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Fiesta Time in Benijofar

Posted on: September 5, 2016

There are many fiestas in Spain in the summer. It is impossible to take them all in but one we enjoyed was in Benijofar, a small village not too far from where we live. It was the Fiesta de San Jamie. Why did we pick this one? Our special little friend was taking part in it and we didn´t want to miss a chance to see her perform. The parade was awesome with Princesses, Egyptian mummies, big scary soldiers and smaller not quite as scary soldiers, dancers, drummers, archers, little Turks, bakers and a dazzling performance of Grease Lightning.


Ready to perform in Grease Lightning, posing on her daddy´s bike.

Some of the stars of Grease Lightning

Some of the cool stars of Grease Lightning ready to show their stuff



It´s difficult to get good pictures during a moving parade but you can see that all ages participated, including some of the moms as The Pink Ladies. A fun time for everyone.

The Princess in front of her house.

The reigning Princess in front of her house.

A nice tradition is when the main Fiesta Princess is chosen, the front of her home is decorated so everyone knows a Princess lives there. She greets the passersby before the parade starts.

A Princess with her escourt

Another Princess with her escort ready to be taken down the red carpet to join the parade.



Fascinating dancers entertained us while parading through the streets

Medieval soldiers

Medieval soldiers

You would´t want to mess with these fierce female warriors

You wouldn’t want to mess with these fierce female warriors


An archer ready for battle

An archer ready for battle. Does he think I am the enemy?


These soldiers weren’t as threatening.

Little Turks, so cute

Little Turks, so cute

More cuteness, the bakers

More cuteness – the bakers

The Mummies are loose

Mummies on the loose

The Princesses

The Princess float

The colourful costumes, the music, dancing, food and drink provided such a festive spirit. You couldn´t help getting caught up in it. A lovely Spanish family adopted me as I tried to get pictures. They made sure my view was clear, gave me a glass of wine and genuinely wanted me to have a good time.  There are large fiestas in the cities but I was glad we attended one at a smaller venue. It was good fun!

53 Responses to "Fiesta Time in Benijofar"

When we lived in Spain, in a small village, they used to combine with two other nearby villages and put on fantastic fiestas.
I used to marvel how they could march so slowly, yet appear to be progressing quickly, by side stepping from side to side.
The Christians and Moors fiestas are not to be missed!

Where in Spain did you live? We are on the Costa Blanca, south of Alicante. They go all out for their fiestas. I am so impressed.

Ador, a few kilometres inland near Gandia, north of Alicante, Denia and Oliva Darlene 😃

We have driven around that area and stayed one week in Denia a few years ago. Love the Costa Blanca.

Such cute kids, Can’t go wrong with a nice “fiesta”.

They are cute aren´t they. I love the little guy in sunglasses looking so cool.

So colorful and festive–these people know how to live!

Such a colourful fiesta and looked and sounded like you had great fun Darlene. Always enjoy hearing what you have been up to over in Spain. I have friends here who have just come back from touring around Spain, Italy and Austria. Benijofar was a place they visited briefly.

So great to hear from you, Diane. I enjoyed your pictures as well on Facebook. How cool that your friends visited Benijofar! They were very close to where we live in Orihuela Costa. Spring should be around the corner for you. Cheers.

What a delightful fiesta. I especially like the way the front of the home of each princess is decorated. I’ve never seen that before.

I thought that was very special. What a way to make a young girl feel valued. It was a fun fiesta indeed and our little friend did a great job of dancing the entire route.

The costumes are amazing. I bet they use the same ones for the Easter parades!

Thye must have a closet full of elaborate costumes because we see different ones for different occasions. I am so impressed.

Looks like so much fun Darlene! Our cycling trip to Spain fell in August and it seemed the entire country was in a month long celebration. So much colour and fun.

August is a big time for celebrations and fiestas all over the country! Mind you, there are celebrations all year long of one kind or another. Love it!!

I wonder if there is a nation that celebrates as much as the Spanish. Great pictures, as usual, Darlene.

I do think the Spanish would get the prize! Glad you enjoyed the pictures, although they do not do it justice.

Crowd kindness and masses of effort from the participants and everyone has a happy time. Nice.

A lot of work goes into these parades and celebrations, but everyone hs a good time.

Iam first time hearing about fiestas in Spain and it’s so amazing.The pics are really nice.

I am pleased you enjoyed the pictures if the Fiesta.

When I saw the first picture on Reader I thought “Oh good. Here is Amanda” but not so. I love your tales about the things you do in Spain. Just please keep them coming.

LOL, I love this. She is not Amanda but Ana-Lucia, a nine-year friend I have made. She is so cute and as she is bi-lingual, she helps me with Spanish and even gives suggestions for my books. Being in Spain I miss my grandkids so she is great to have around. We always have fun together. Glad you are enjoying my Spanish adventure. Hugs!

Well, Darlene, you sure know how to have a good time! I can imagine what a special day this must have been for your young friend and her performing buddies and it all looks fabulous. Great pictures, as always.

By the way, I have re-started to blog with wordpress as a second blog under the name of sayselltravels.wordpress.com if you still fancy following our adventures in Europe.

I am sure you remember these fiestas fro your youth. Thanks for the new site, I was wondering where you had gone!!

How fun that this celebration which seems to be very traditional also included Grease Lightning! 🙂

That is what is so great about Spain, the old and the new are always blended together nicley.

You all make me feel like I’m there, too! I love people who travel and really get into the depths of the world. There is soooo much to experience, isn’t there?

There is so much to experience in this world and I am trying to take in as much as I can, while I can. Glad you enjoyed the fiesta with me. xo

It looks so exciting and entertaining too – great pictures Darlene!

Glad you liked the pictures. It was very exciting!!

So many wonderful street festivals. I hope your little friend had a great time! Loved the photos.

She had a wonderful time but was very tired at the end as they danced the entire parade route. She is such a trooper! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Looks like a really wonderful fiesta ♥


Thanks for visiting my blog.

I love these small village fiestas Darlene. What they lack in sophistication, they more than make up for with charm. I love the tradition of decorating the home of the Fiesta Princess – no small honor in this village I’m sure. And I enjoyed your endearing story of the local family working hard to make sure you had a good time. I can’t count how many times something like this has happened to me, and it never fails to light a warm fire in my heart. ~James

I had such a good time but that family just made it for me. Hubby had found a good spot to sit and watch but I had to run around trying to get the best pictures. When I returned with a cup of wine in my hand and a big smile he just shook his head. Yes, small village fiestas are the best.

How cool is that!!! Thank you so much for sharing Darlene!!

I love sharing these special moments. Thanks, Kirt.

Your photos have such movement in them, I almost feel like I was there. What a fiesta! Gorgeous photographs and commentary. Thank you!

There are many bigger and more elaborate fiestas around but we tend to enjoy these small ones. Glad you enjoyed the photos. It is hard to get pictures of a moving parade that aren´t all blurry.

Your photos conveyed a sense of fun, joy, and pageantry.

I love this post and learning about fiestas , what a cute little friend you have. I can imagine the fun you had while watching this parade.

Thanks, Gerlinde! It was fun!!

The princesses and pink ladies look so pretty, and this fiesta seems like a fantastic event. How nice of that Spanish family to take good care of you while you took these pictures, Darlene!

There are good people all over the world! It was a great event!!

Another amazing Spanish event, it never ceases to amaze me how much effort they put into these things. The costumes are incredible and your little friend looks terrific, it must have been special to watch her perform.

I am always amazed at the costumes as well. It was fun to see her get ready and then perform later. She was so pleased we came too.

Hi Darlene – I loved the comments you left on Sue Slaght’s blog, so took a wander over to yours. This post brought back so many memories from the years I lived on the Costa Blanca – up around the Denia region. 🙂

Susan at
Travel, Fiction and Photos

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Susan. We love the Denia/Altea area and spent a week there. We have settled in Costa Blanca South, near Torrevieja. Having a great time so far. Glad this post brought back good memories.

It seems there is always something to celebrate in Spain!

Yes, it is a fun country with many fiestas!!

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