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Spirit Animal Award

Posted on: August 28, 2016

I was honoured when my blogging friend, Marcia Strykowski, gave me a spirit animal award some time ago. This is a special award for me as choosing a First Nations totem or spirit animal was an activity I used when I taught job finding skills. It was a good way for individuals to discover their attributes, which could then be put on resumes and used in interviews to answer questions like, What are your strengths? or Why would you be successful in this job? It also helped build confidence which job seekers need. The question, If you could be an animal, what would it be? is one some employers ask so it is always wise for job seekers to have a good answer. So thank you very much Marcia and I am sorry I took so long to respond. But as my dad would say, better late than never!


Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their page.

Thank you so much, Marcia, for including me. Please check out her wonderful blog full of  gorgeous pictures, interesting libraries and book lists. 

2.) Post the award on your blog.

3.) Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.

I began my blog 6 years ago and like many others I was not sure what to write about. My slogan is dreamer of dreams, teller of tales. Ever since a young girl, my dreams have been to travel to interesting places, meet amazing people and write books. So I decided to blog about my travels, my family, books (mine and others) and the amazing people I have met. Through blogging, I have met some incredible people and I am so glad I have kept it up. I have the best followers ever!

4.) If you could be an animal, what would it be?

As a facilitator, I  did most of the activities along with the participants. For this activity, I would usually choose a hummingbird as I felt it best described me.


Despite its small size, this fascinating bird is capable of the most amazing feats such as travelling great distances. The hummingbird is adaptable and resilient and has a playful and optimistic outlook. Words that describe the hummingbird are messenger, timelessness, healing, warrior, energy, vitality, infinity, affection, playfulness. In First Nations culture, hummingbirds are considered messengers of peace, healing ones body and soul and guiding one through life’s challenges. Hummingbirds are very independent and seem to have an unlimited energy supply, symbolizing wonder and joy. I like to think this is me.

5.) Pick and notify ten nominees.

It is difficult to choose ten nominees from all the wonderful blogs out there, but here goes off the top of my head and in no particular order. There is absolutely no obligation to participate. I just like spreading the word about your awesome blogs!

Beth Ann Chiles at It´s Just Life

Marian Beaman at Plain & Fancy 

Pam Wight at Rough Writing

Sally Cronin at Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life

Patti Jarrett at A New Day Dawns

Christa Polkinhorn at Bookworm Press

Laura Best at My Little Corner of the Web

Lynn Davidson at Polilla Writes

Sue Slaght at Travel Tales of Life

Patricia Tilton at Children´s Books Heal

Lorna McInnes at Lorna´s Blog

Barbara Fisher at March of Time Books

Okay, so I picked twelve. What can I say? I´ve never been good at following the rules exactly! Please check out these amazing blogs filled with great information, stories, pictures, books and laughs.

I would love to hear what your spirit animal would be in the comments.

For a list of totem animals and their meaning check out this site.


31 Responses to "Spirit Animal Award"

Nice choice and I am sure you share those qualities with the beautiful humming bird; definitely your thirst for the nicer things in life!

I would like to be an eagle for the freedom to fly up high into the mountains and see the world from above.

An eagle is a great choice! With your sense of adventure you could easily be an eagle.

My professor friends each had a totem when I arrived. I can’t remember whether I picked my spirit animal or others picked it for me, but I was dubbed a swan. I like the idea that swans mate for life and glide gracefully on the water. The first part is true but often this “swan” is paddling feverishly under the water just to keep up.

The hummingbird fits you to a tee, Darlene; I see all of those attributes for afar. To the swan, I would add an owl, admired for its wisdom, which I hope I am accumulating with age and experience. Thank you for the nomination. I am honored, Darlene.

A swan is perfect for you, Marian The description is grace, balance and innocence, soul, love, beauty, elegance, transformation, dreams and certainly fits. Although an owl works as well. I´m pleased you feel the hummingbird is a good choice for me.

Congratulations! This is so cool. Spirit animals — I like the idea of using it during a job interview.

It works very well. First Nations culture is quite amazing with so much wisdom.

Darlene the hummingbird suits you! Such a positive energy you exude. My heartfelt thanks for including me in your list. So very generous of you. Thank you!

You are very welcome. Pleased you feel the hummingbird suits me.

Congratulations on your award Darlene. Like you I feel grateful and happy for all the wonderful people I have met via blogging and glad to have found this great community. I love the hummingbird, great choice. I will check out of the blogs you have nominated 😄

Thanks, Gilda. You will love these blogs! You might want to pick a spirit animal too.

Thank you so much for including me Darlene, I will be pleased to participate although it may take a while.
I can absolutely see why you chose the hummingbird. I must start thinking about my own spirit animal.

That´s Ok, it took me quite awhile also. I look forward to read what animal you pick! Glad to see you had a wonderful birthday.

What a fun exercise and I may have to incorporate this in a retreat I am leading in a couple of months! There are so many choices and I can’t decide what my totem is but it might be deer. You are so right about your hummingbird!!!! I might be a cross of several and I am going to spend more time on it. Thanks for the nomination! You rock!

It would be fun for a retreat. What I did was give everyone the list of totem animals to pick from and had each person pick one that described them the best (there are usually more than one that work but they need to pick the closest) Then they drew a picture of their animal (stick animals were allowed) Then we hung them up together on a wall one on top of another like a totem pole. Everyone loved this activity. I didn´t tell them they would be drawing the animal until after they picked it or they would pick one easy to draw!! At the end of the class, they were invited to take their picture home and guess what, they all did!

I love your ideas and am tucking them away……

Thanks for the mention, Darlene. 😀 I do agree with the hummingbird likeness–especially when it comes to traveling great distances, unlimited energy, and many of the other attributes.

You are welcome. Thanks for your kind comments on the hummingbird likeness. I am sure your totem animal would be a bird of some kind as well. ❤

congrats on the award.. and i liked the choice of humming bird..

Thanks, Akhila, for stopping by my blog. Have a great day!!

wish you too a great time Darlene..

Love your choice and now you have given me something to think about!!

Thanks, Kirt. I would love to know what animal you would pick.

still working on that one….:)

Congratulations on the award…I like your answer about being a hummingbird.

I would never have thought of a hummingbird, but what a lovely animal to choose, and most apt for you. Thank you for including my blog. I automatically think of myself as a red squirrel although I think it’s because of the colour of their hair and mine. I’m not a hoarder, which is what you might expect with someone choosing a squirrel, but I do like nuts.

These are the words to describe the squirrel as a spirit animal: planner, gatherer, preparedness, awareness, sociable, playful, energy, prudence, resourceful. I think these suit you quite well actually. I am glad you like nuts as that may be why you like me!!

Nice answers and fun to picture you as a hummingbird! 🙂

Thanks again for nominating me, Marcia. Sorry, I took so long in responding.

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