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100 Word Challenge

Posted on: August 20, 2016

This week’s 100 word Challenge from Tara at Thin spiral notebook calls upon us to use the word Loquacious in a story in 100 words.  But this week she is adding an extra twist – the story must be in exactly 100 words but it must also be in only one sentence.

Here is my effort:

David could never be called loquacious as his responses to most anything always consisted of one or two words so you never really knew what he was thinking or feeling, which was very frustrating to a talkative person like Maggie who wanted to know everything and opened up her heart and soul to anyone who would listen even strangers, embarrassing David who thought she simply talked too much and shared way more of her life than she respectably should, causing him to say even less and creating a rift as deep as the Grand Canyon between the two of them.

Whew, that was not as easy as I thought it would be.

If you would like to try, go ahead and link it to Tara´s site. Have fun!



32 Responses to "100 Word Challenge"

That’s brilliant! Well done! Hard to read out loud without taking a breath! 👍

I know. After trying so hard not to make run on sentences, this was hard to do.

So glad you linked up! I added your story to the Linky List.

Thanks Tara. A fun exercise.

Wow! I’m impressed. That’s a lot of words in just one sentence. Way to go!

It was fun to try. I am sure you would do better.

Cleverly done Darlene.
xxx Huge Hugs xxx

Thanks David. Hugs back!

I’m impressed Darlene, but wouldn’t have a clue where to start. You’ve given us a story in a sentence, well done.

It was a fun exercise and a challenge!

That was a great job, Darlene! I didn’t read yours until I wrote my 100-word flash fiction using loquacious (I posted in Tara’s comment box). I love this type of stuff – FUN!

I just read yours too. Well done. It is fun to do, isn´t it! Glad you gave it a try.

Well done…I was reading it in one breath as one sentence….whew….

Thanks, Kirt. Hope it wasn´t too hard to read.

You certainly impressed me. That looked hard. I got breathy before I finished.

It was an interesting challenge and I´m glad I tried it. I can see why run on sentences are discouraged in writing these days!

What a brave effort on your part to tackle that challenge! Nice work!

I am always up for a challenge! Thanks, Patti.

Whew! Take a long-deserved breath! Your perfect 100 word sentence got the point across very…loquaciously…(if there is such a word!)

Thanks, Claudia. I am sure there is such a word and you used it perfectly!!

My loquacious little brother leaves my entire family a little bit tired in our ears as we listen to him go on and on and on about little things such as the weather, Pokémon, his new computer program that contains code that no one except the little genius that he is gets, and his missing this, that, or other—the latter, of which, I usually get the blame and get accused by yours truly of stealing whatever said missing item, although I could never possibly want to steal his needle-nosed pliers or any other computer repair devise that goes missing.

Well done! It isn´t easy is it? Thanks for playing along.

Yes, it’s very fun and definitely a challenge…I want more! 🙂

Tara at Thin spiral notebook does these every week. Pop over and check it out!

Great job…that wasn’t easy.

It wasn´t easy but it was fun! Thanks.

I am impressed and envious because I don’t think I could do this,

It certainly stretched my writing muscles!

WHOA! So many words in one sentence! Well done!

I bet you could do better!! Why don´t you give it a try!!

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