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A Revised Cover Reveal

Posted on: August 13, 2016

9781771681025My publisher and I have created a fresh new cover for my next book, Amanda on the Danube – The Sounds of Music. I am excited to share the finished product with my readers. We will be updating the covers of all the books in the Amanda Travels series soon.

Amanda on the Danube – The Sounds of Music will be released October 1, 2016, and is available for pre-order here on Amazon.

What other authors are saying about this Amanda Travels adventure:

A charming and fast-paced story that will delight its young audience as Amanda and Leah travel along the historic Danube River to deliver a very unique and mysterious violin.”

~ Suzanne de Montigny, Award-winning author, Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy

Young readers will have great fun travelling alongside Amanda Ross as she cruises down the Danube by riverboat, revelling in the picturesque landscape and captivating cities along the way. This novel is chock-full of social and cultural history that will leave adventurers longing to explore this part of Europe for themselves. Thanks to a mysterious boy who entrusts Amanda with a timeworn violin, this fast-paced mystery will keep readers guessing until the very last chapter.”

~ Jan L. Coates, Children’s Author, Governor General’s Literary Awards

“A mysterious travel adventure with a brave, inquisitive, compassionate heroine. This is a fast-paced, fun read! Amanda will take you on a wonderful, visual, descriptive adventure.”
PJ Sarah Collins, author, Sam & Nate and Elena Collins
Here is a short excerpt:

The cab dropped them off beside a long, low boat with The Sound of Music written in large letters on the side. The ‘f’ was replaced with a treble clef.

Once on board, they entered an elegant lobby furnished with blue velvet chairs and couches. “This is sooo adorable,” Amanda said. “You love that Sound Of Music movie, Mom, and there are pictures of the von Trapp family all over the walls.”

Her mom’s face lit up when she saw the familiar scenes.

Suddenly, everything went black and Amanda couldn’t see a thing.

“Hiya, Canadian girl.”

Amanda recognized that English accent. She peeled off the hands covering her glasses and turned around. “Leah!” She gave her tall, blonde friend a huge hug.

“We only just got here ourselves. Mum and Dad are putting the luggage in our room. Your room is just across from us.” Leah flashed a wide grin at Amanda’s parents. “I’m so glad you could make this trip. We are all going to have loads of fun. Come, Amanda, let’s explore the boat.”

“See you later.” Amanda barely looked at her parents as she tripped down the narrow hallway behind Leah.

First stop was a large room completely surrounded by windows. Round tables with crisp white tablecloths, set for a meal – without a fork or knife out of place – indicated it was the dining room. Sparkling chandeliers hung from the ceiling.

“Wow! Every table has a view. This will be a fab place to eat.” Amanda looked around. “I hope we can all eat together.”

“Mum has already made sure of that. We got here early so we got to pick which table we wanted for the entire trip.” Leah pointed to a table at the very front of the boat. “Ours is that table for six, the one with the best view.”

Amanda noticed an undone shoelace on her runner and bent down to tie it. Her purse slipped off her shoulder and fell to the floor. As she picked it up, she spotted small red dots sprinkled on the beige and blue carpet.

“What’s this? Do you think someone spilled ketchup?”

Leah bent down to look closer. “Yes, it could be tomato sauce.”

More red spots appeared further along. “Something must have dripped from a plate when they were clearing the tables,” remarked Leah.

“I think it might be… blood.” Amanda followed the spots to a set of stairs.

Leah shook her head. “There goes your overactive imagination again.”

What do you think of the new look?

48 Responses to "A Revised Cover Reveal"

I love the cover, Darlene! Can’t wait to read this (and review it on my blog.)

So pleased you like the new cover. I think you will like this story!

I think the new cover is fantastic Darlene. Really gives a sense of adventure and European feel. Love the contrast too. Wonderful reviews as well!

Great to get your feedback,Sue! Glad you like the new cover and the reviews.

I REALLY like the cover, Darlene.It’s wonderful! And the colours are lovely. You should be so proud. Thanks for sharing a short excerpt. 😀 October 1st will soon be here.

So happy to hear you like the cover. I have to admit it was hard for me to give up the old look. But now it is done, I love the new one a lot!!

Awesome Darlene! It rings with melody, fun and adventure!

My publisher is a winner when it comes to designing book covers!


I liked it immediately. That’s my definition of success – If I don’t have to debate whether I like something or not, it’s a winner!

That means a lot to me, Marian! Thanks!

Love it, Darlene!

Thanks. Pleased to hear it!!

That’s really lovely, Darlene. Best of luck with this new adventure! 💛💙💖

Thank you so much!! You are so very kind. xo

Love the new cover and can’t wait to see the ones for the rest in the series! The excerpt is excellent, too, Darlene. Congrats!

Great you love it!! Thanks for tweeting. ❤

Lovely cover! 😊

Thanks Kev. Nice to have you visit my blog.

The pleasure was all mine. 😊

Best cover yet! I love it and the excerpt. My favorite part of the world. Look forward to it’s release.

So pleased you like it Patricia!!

I have always dreamed of taking a river boat cruise down the Danube. And, I love Austria. So, I will look forward to your new book.

Hi Darlene, I love your new look cover. It is exactly the kind of thing I would pick up if I saw it on a shelf. It is really bright and beautiful, and it looks as though it sums up the story perfectly. Congratulations!

Thanks, your feedback is much appreciated, Barbara!

I love the notes flowing over the picture. I can’t wait to get the book. Have a wonderful week.

I love those notes too. Thanks Gerlinde, hope you enjoy the book!!

Love the cover…great reviews…congratulations!! Best to you!!

Thanks, Kirt! Really appreciate it.

Delightful can’t wait to read it . My late mum s favourite film was sound of music …it took me years before I could watch it without crying …sorry Darlene just opened up a lovely memory of Peggy my mum . Good luck with book

What a lovely memory of your mum. The Sound of Music was such a wonderful movie and is loved by many generations now. I had to give it a mention in the book. I think you will like this one!

This is a beautiful cover!

My publisher did an amazing job. Glad you like it.

I didn’t see the old cover but I do like this one! The story sounds great too!

Thanks, Wanda! It is so great to have you following my blog. Here is the first one we designed, based on the last 4. We will change all of them to the new format soon. https://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/2016/06/17/blog-anniversary-cover-reveal-and-amanda-in-arabia-free/

Oh yes, I do like the new one much better! Great job!

That is so good to hear Wanda.

This looks like it will be a terrific book. I really like the cover too.
Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Naila. Glad you like the cover. I feel good about this book!

I love the new cover design, it looks really attractive.

Glad you like it, Lorna!

Your cover is a winner. The Colors! The Design! The Author!! 🙂 Good going.

So pleased you like it. Thanks for the feedback!!

Congrats on the cover, Darlene. Thanks for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

Pleased you like the cover. Happy to be part of the hop!!

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