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Five Days in Provence

Posted on: July 29, 2016


Cicadas chirping in the trees, doves calling out to each other, a fluffy grey cat named Cerise sprawling on the pathway, a colourful bougainvillaea in one corner, a potted palm in another, the scent of herbs wafting from the herb garden and a gingerbread house for a tool shed. I lean back in the most comfortable S-shaped chaise lounge and view a huge pine tree soaring to the sky, pine cones glistening on top like Christmas ornaments. Where am I? Lounging in a delightful garden beside a glimmering crystal clear pool in sunny Provence, France. I reach over and have a sip of Rosé and nibble on brie, apples and a fresh baguette. Maybe I am in heaven!


It is a girlfriend get-away and we eat, nap, read, eat some more and chat in the most delightful setting. We wake up to the sound of church bells and have breakfast on the balcony with a gorgeous view of the village church. We have tea and handmade nougat before bed watching the lights come on in the church belfry. I do some writing.


This is what we woke up to every morning


Our evening view, sigh

We drive the back roads through a canopy of trees and visit a market in Cavaillon where we buy Herbs de Provence and table linen and enjoy a lovely lunch at Cafe Jardin.


DSCN5078I go for a relaxing evening stroll around the village of Jonquerettes where we are staying. 


Scenes from the medieval village


A typical village street


The village of Jonquerettes


A haunted house I am sure!

On another day we drive past fields of sunflowers and vineyards, stop at a village boulangerie to buy fresh baguettes and amazing French pastries and attend a cooking class.

DSCN5202 (3)

A field of dreams!


One of many Boulangeries we can´t pass by


What to choose??

I have a fabulous and relaxing five days in Provence.

DSCN5212 (2)

A perfect setting to inspire some writing

DSCN5214 (2)

It may not be heaven but it is close!! I will be back.


Eyguieres, Provence, one of the many charming villages we passed through.

We stayed at a wonderful holiday rental owned by the charming and accommodating Robert and Dominique Boyer. Check it out here.

Next post – more about the cooking class I attended.

50 Responses to "Five Days in Provence"

Those photographs are wonderful. What were you writing in the picture ?

Glad you liked the photos. I was writing in my journal in that picture but I did write a couple of chapters in my WIP while I was there as well as some book reviews.

That’s a lovely area! 🙂

So I have discovered! Thanks for visiting my blog.

A perfect place for a get away with a friend and you would definitely feel inspired in such charming surroundings. I love France but I am yet to visit Provence. The fields of sunflowers are fabulous and no doubt would have inspired many 😄

Make one think of Van Gough, doesn´t it? You would love Provence!

Loved those photos. Wish I were there. 🙂

Thanks Clara! You would love it there.

What a magical setting for a getaway. I’m not sure which I love more the field of sunflowers or the field of desserts!

It was the perfect setting! The field of sunflowers was a feast for the eyes, the field of pastries was a feast for the taste buds!! Drool.

I love the idea of a girlfriend getaway. How delightful. And you couldn’t have picked a more ideal place. I love the extra pictures about the villa. Beautiful photos.

Everyone needs a girlfriend getaway once in awhile. My friend found the place and it was perfect.

My getaways are spiritual retreats at least once a year and most of my friends are women. It’s a great time, but focused on inner work. Social would be fun too!

What a wonderful trip Darlene, the perfect girlfriend get-away. I love Provence .

This was only my second time in Provence. The first was a half day stopover on a cruise. Now that I have had a taste, I will want to see more of it!

What a delightful holiday . I have checked it out and it’s going in my address book …sounds perfect . That feild of sunflowers is to die for . A joy …have the best of holidays 😊😊😊✨✨

It was excellent. Now I want to go back and bring hubby.

Between your photos and the writing, you always make me feel like I am there…looks wonderful!!

Glad to hear that. Thanks, Kirt.

That sounds like a nice trip! 🙂

It was another great place to visit!

Lovely to see the poet in you coming out, Darlene. I can almost smell all those lovely scents from here. Oh, glorious lavender!

It was an inspiring atmosphere!! Thanks, Fatima!

Hello Darlene, it sounds blissful and the way you write about it is heavenly! I wish I had half your talent for words.

Thanks, Barbara! It was easy to find words for such a delightful place.

Hi Darlene – nice to meet you. I enjoyed this post… I used to have a holiday home in France, so your photos made me feel very nostalgic. I also used to live in Spain – so feel I have much in common with you!

Susan at
Travel, Fiction and Photos

We do have a lot in common! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great to meet you too.

Okay, that’s not fair. I want to be there, too! It just looks wonderful and the food and drink and OMG!

Between the scenery, food and drink, what is not to love in Provence! another dream come true for me.

What a marvelous place Darlene – such beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to hear more… 🙂

Thanks, Meg! You would love the flowers.

France in all its finery. Beautiful and yes, inspirational.

What a lovely holiday. It sounds like you were centrally located for sightseeing around the area. I read about your cooking class too, that must have been lots of fun.

It was a good holiday and I loved where we stayed. It was a perfect location for getting around. The cooking class was so much fun!!

Wow, your description makes me want to go!

And I only saw a small part of it. A great place to relax and enjoy the ambiance. xo

Sometimes a small part is all one needs.

That looks beautiful, Darlene, a perfect place to relax. I can almost smell the herbs and lavender wafting on the breeze.

Thanks, Lorna. It was ideal. Hope you are having a nice summer.

I’m sending this post to my ‘once-a-year’ girlfriends (we’re always friends, but from all over so meet up once a year). I think we should go here next year! DAY dreaming….but still.

It would be a perfect place to meet up. I´m sure they will agree.

Reblogged this on Joy Lennick and commented:
Tres, tres bon! A delightful place. Evocative words.

Thanks, for the reblog, Joy!

When you get back to Tsawwassen let’s meet for coffee and I’ll give you a list of our favourite places in Provence, after 6 or 7 house rentals. . Can’t wait to go back there.

I remember you loved it there. Yes, we must get together for a coffee. I´ll contact you once I get there. xo

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