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My Review of Kelpie Dreams by Steve Vernon

Posted on: July 22, 2016


I am taking part in #ComedyBookWeek and featuring Steve Vernon’s book Kelpie Dreams


The blurb
Meet Lady Macbeth—a high school librarian, ex-assassin, and part-time kelpie, whose mother wanted to name her Hemorrhoid at birth. Now she has to take on a Sea Hag—eight legs of Godzilla-ugly poured into a bucket full of meanness—with the help of a one-woman army named Rhonda, a 200-year-old Sea Captain, and a hunky lighthouse keeper who won’t admit that he’s dead as well. KELPIE DREAMS is a funny, action-packed, paranormal romance novel for folks who HATE to read romance novels.

My review

This is a laugh-out-loud, hilarious, wickedly funny book, written with that unique east coast Canadian sense of humour. Steve Vernon has created characters so off-the-wall they are believable. Like how could you not love a Star Trek loving librarian, a tough hit woman, an eight-legged sea hag, a weird little chain-smoking fisherman and a two-hundred-year-old dead hunk who is sometimes a horse?
Lady Cordelia Macbeth is grieving the loss of her eighteen-year-old son, Hamilton, which normally wouldn’t be that funny. She tries to drown herself, and that’s when things go crazy. The writing is great and the action keeps you on your toes as you wonder what bizarre thing will happen next. But the best part is the dialogue. I giggled when Cordelia said, “Yes, boys and girls, today’s near death experience was brought to you by the number eight and the letters WTF!” or “I could not find the proper key for any song if I were a locksmith.”
Amongst all that funny stuff, there are some gems of wisdom like, “I learned a long time ago that it was better to laugh about something that you cannot do anything about, rather than breaking down and crying.” And, “There is nothing more powerful than the power that lies beneath faith, hope and dreams.” Mr. Vernon certainly has a way with words and I was very happy to learn that he is planning more books in the series. If you need a good laugh, and we all do from time to time, pick up a copy of this book here.

Meet Steve Vernon

Everybody always wants a peek at the man behind the curtain. They all want to see just exactly what makes an author tick.
Which ticks me off just a little bit – but what good is a lifetime if you can’t ride out the peeve and ill-feeling and grin through it all. Hi! I am Steve Vernon and I’d love to scare you. Along the way I’ll entertain you. I guarantee a giggle as well.
If you want to picture me just think of that old dude at the campfire spinning out ghost stories and weird adventures and the grand epic saga of how Thud the Second stepped out of his cave with nothing more than a rock in his fist and slew the sabertooth.
If I listed all of the books I’ve written I’d bore you – and I am allergic to boring so I will not bore you any further. Go and read some of my books. I promise I sound a whole lot better in print than in real life. Heck, I’ll even brush my teeth and comb my hair if you think that will help any.

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yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Check out more of this amazing author’s books here.

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Remember to keep laughing and reading funny books. It’s good for you.



22 Responses to "My Review of Kelpie Dreams by Steve Vernon"

Well, what a fun review. Talk about a ‘different’ book. Good for Steve Vernon for ‘letting go’ with his muse and taking off to a new realm. Sounds like a great deal of fun.

It was a fun read! Perfect for a summer´s day. He is a talented writer (and a Canadian!!) Thanks!

I love the tagline of ComedyBookWeek. At first, by the cover, I didn’t think the story would be funny but your review has changed my mind. This sounds hilarious!

It is very funny, often when you don’t expect it to be. That is the best kind of funny!

That sounds good. And who doesn’the need a laugh from time to time?

The world needs a few laughs right now, that’s for sure!!

Reblogged this on YOURS IN STORYTELLING… and commented:
All right – nothing I like better than to see a brand new review of my Kindle Scout winning novel, KELPIE DREAMS.

Thanks for reblogging. A great read!!

This sounds like whacky fun paranormal read! The author is very creative.

I would love to look into his mind, it must be amazing!!

I would think the cover alone would sell the book (well, not quite). What’s not to like about a pretty girl wading into danger!

The cover is intriguing and does reflect the story, although the humour will surprise you.

[…] you don’t believe in aliens…how about monsters, then? Darlene Foster’s review of Kelpie Dreams by Steve Vernon should be a monstrous fun […]

Well what do I say…not a book I would pick by the blurb. But after reading your review, who knows. 😀

It was quite different from what I usually read, but the humour was what got my attention.

I love a good laugh! Your review had me chuckling so I can only imagine the read. Thanks so much for this introduction Darlene1

If you enjoy that east coast Canadian humour, which I love, you will enjoy this.

I’ve read one of his books (I can’t remember the name – dang it!) but I remember it being about the Loch Ness Monster and being pretty funny and a good story! I’ll have to check this book out! 😀

He is a very funny man. There might be a bit of strong language in this one (not much) but you are older now so that should be OK.

I enjoyed your review, Darlene. I haven’t read this book yet, but I’ve read some of Steve’s other work. He is without a doubt a funny guy!

This one had me giggling away as I read it on my terrace. My hubby had to check to see what all the laughing was about! Some of his lines are priceless.

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