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A Drive and a Dot

Posted on: July 7, 2016

Two weeks ago we took a drive to Malaga on the Costa del Sol and drove up into the mountains to the small village of Sedelia. We encountered stunning scenery along the twisting road, a small church and a traffic jam, of goats!


A typical traffic jam in the Andalusian mountains

DSCN4829 (2)

medieval bridge in the mountains

Medieval bridge in the mountains

Tiny church in the middle of nowhere

Tiny church in the middle of nowhere

We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast with a stunning view and had dinner at a cosy restaurant in town. It was all very picturesque and a nice little get-away.


A room with a view


Restaurante Lurena, excellent food

The village of Sedilia

The village of Sedilia

Can´t get enough of these charming mountain villages

Can´t get enough of these charming mountain village streets

There was a reason for the trip though and that was to meet Dot, an eight-month-old Bodeguero. Dot came home with us and is now part of our family.

Dot didn´t make a sound on the five hour car ride to her new home.

Dot didn´t make a sound during the five-hour car ride to her new home.

Dot was quite shy at first as she lived in the mountains with an elderly man so was not used to people, traffic and houses. But she has settled in well and makes friends easily. (both the human kind and the canine kind)

DSCN4933 (2)

She loves going for walks and car rides! On the weekend we took her to a car show and she was very well-behaved.


She makes friends everywhere we go. She loves to go for coffee with us and is a big hit at all the coffee shops.


We took a drive in the car to a biker bar for tapas. Dot made friends with a boxer. (the canine type)

A Spanish biker bar.

A Spanish biker bar.

Making friends

Making friends

Relaxing on the terrace

Relaxing on the terrace

What do you think? Is she settling in and at home with us? Did we make a good choice?

In case you are wondering, she was already named Dot because of the large black dot on her back. I like to think it is from the delightful children´s book by Peter Reynolds, The Dot . You knew there had to be a literary reference!


53 Responses to "A Drive and a Dot"

Lovely. Reminds me of Corfu where we are staying. We have a crazy cat called Kola.

Kola is a great name for a cat. Corfu sounds wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Those Andalusian white villages are a sight for sore eyes, as are the mountains. I think you made a perfect choice with Dot and good on you for travelling so far to get her. I am glad that she is settling in so well and I hope she will give you many years of happiness. 🐕🐕🐕

Thanks so much. She is already getting used to her new surroundings! Love those little dog emoticons.

Gorgeous scenery, Darlene! And I absolutely love your new companion. Dot is gone good-looking young “man”!

Glad you like her. She seems to win everyone’s heart.

Ha, got the wrong gender. Sorry Dot, you’re a very attractive “lady”!

It happens, I am one of those people who call all dogs, he and all cats, she! No worries.

Oh she looks adorable and so well behaved. How lucky she has found a home with you!

Awe, thanks. We hope we will be good doggie parents!

I imagine you are fantastic!

You are seeing this part of the world like a local because you are one – ha! This post has it all: architecture, animals, big and little people. The village is full of charm. I especially love the tiny chapel. It would be easy to pray there I’d think.

That little chapel looked so inviting. It was a surprise as I am used to seeing large, ornate cathedrals here. We are trying to be more local.

Dot is lovely. How lucky you found each other. So glad she is a good traveler too! You are having fun!

You would just love her, Leah!

Love your narrative. Andalusia is nice and I like that little church but Dot is lovely. She is so lucky to have you 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Arlene. Dot is fitting in well.

I still can’t get over how gorgeous Spain is. Congrats on getting Dot! 😀

You would just love Dot! Spain is gorgeous and we are enjoying it.

Dot is such a sweetheart. And yes her name reminded me of Peter Reynold’s book that I’d just read 2 weeks ago. I think she’s settling in just fine with you and your husband, Darlene. Hope to see more of her in your posts! (I love B&Bs!)

You will see more of her, for sure. We love B&Bs too. The owners are always so friendly and make you feel so at home.

Dot is lucky to have found you. Have fun with him. He looks like a gentle and sweet dog.

Thanks, Gerlinde! Dot is settling in nicely and she seems to like us.

Altogether delightful, and what a fine looking new addition to your family.

It was a delightful village and Dot is fitting in well.

Beautiful photos!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

What beautiful scenery! Love how clean and crisp everything looks. Yes, I think you made a wise choice with your dog. Looks like Dot is already at home!

It was gorgeous scenery and the village was pristine! Dot has settled in well. She seems happy to be here. Glad you like her.

Ahhhhhh Dot is a delight such a sweetie . I see she has you well under wrap 😀. I have never heard of ‘Dot’ but I’m going to check it out . My first dog ,when we got married, was Oliver, then William , now Oscar …have you worked out the connection …I’m sure you have . Once a bookie always a bookie .

Yes, I would have chosen a more literary name but she was already named Dot, as she has a huge dot on her back. Although she is just 8 months old, I don´t like to change a pet´s name. My choice would have been Jane, Emily, Charlotte or Cassandra. Dot it is and I found a literary connection with Peter Reynolds´ book. I LOVE the names you have chosen for your dogs.

Seems animal traffic jams can be found all over the world. In Yellowstone it was bison, in Spain it is goats!

I remember the bison traffic jam in Yellowstone and we were on our motorcycle feeling a bit vulnerable!

Yes I can imagine that! I was happy to be in the safety of a car when the huge bison passed just outside the passenger window… 🙂

A traffic jam of goats, I can honestly say I’ve never see one of those! LOL Dot seems to be right at home with you. That is quite a view from where you stayed.

The view was amazing, the picture doesn´t do it justice. Dot has settled in well. Thanks for the visit!!

It does seem that Dot has found a loving home and has really settled in nicely…how nice.

Yes, she has become quite attached to us already!

The town is beautiful and as always…you have done a great job portraying the beauty of it. I think you fif a great job taking Dot. I have an affinity to rescuing dogs….all three of our daughters have followed our example. Sometimes it takes awhile for the dog to adjust to their new surroundings, but I would say looks like Dot has adapted quickly!! Beautiful dog!!

Yes, she seems very happy to have a home with us and is settling in well. I believe if you want a pet, it is better to rescue one than buy one at a pet store. Nice to see your family is on the same page. My granddaughter works at a rescue centre, so these values are passed from generation to generation.

Beware of all those goats. You could end up with a lot of delicious chèvre!

That would be a good side effect! Thanks for stopping by.

Dot…but shouldn’t it be Dots? Love the dot on her tail. She seems a very nicely behaved being!

She does have more than one dot but the big one on her back is where she got her name. She is quite well behaved and seems to like us so far. Thanks for popping in.

and it’s a little more original than “Spot”

I’m so happy for you and for Dot! What a wonderful event for all three of you. Dot is a lucky girl, but it looks likes you and your guy are most fortunate also, to bring this dog into your lives. I hope she continues to be a good traveler so you can bring her along on your trips. Your photos here are gorgeous!

Thanks so much. She is settling in well and loves to go for car rides!!

Oh Darlene, Dot is gorgeous, and she looks very happy living with you. I enjoyed all your photos and getting to meet dot. I’m sure we will be seeing her again.
I’ve been away from blogging for a while, so I’m just catching up with your posts.

You would love her Barbara! She has since settled in very nicely from a country dog to a town dog. She enjoys going for car rides and out for coffee with us. Everyone she meets just loves her. Today she met my daughter via Skype! Great to see you back. Hope you had a lovely break.

[…] I can’t believe it has been over four months since we welcomed our dog, Dot into our lives. It’s as if she has always been here. Although she was quite nervous at first, she has settled into living in an urban setting. I wrote about driving to the Andalucian mountains to get her here. […]

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