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Ootmarsum, Art Town in an Historic Setting

Posted on: June 25, 2016

A stop at the charming town of Ootmarsum in the Netherlands proved to be a delight for the senses. A combination of history and art, intriguing sculptures are scattered about the narrow cobblestone streets and in front of centuries-old churches and quaint pubs. In almost every street, there are galleries and art studios, featuring paintings, pottery and glasswork of local artists. An explosion of colour greets you upon entering these galleries. In most cases, the welcoming artist is there to chat with you and show his or her work.





Unique art in the streets

DSCN4533 (2)


The Town Hall


The Reform Church

The town’s most well-known citizen is the artist Ton Schulten who has his own modern museum showing a complete overview of his works. Born a son of a local baker in Ootmarsum, he is now an internationally known artist. His use of vibrant colour, shape and light creates enchanting and emotional works of art. The picturesque town of Ootmarsum is the perfect setting for his Gallery Chez-Moi located inside an inviting historic building. One can’t help but feel mesmerised by his amazing works of art. Mr. Schulten can often be seen sipping a coffee at a local cafe or pub. You can view some of his art here to get an idea.


The recently built Ton Schulten Museum


The Chronomium, a museum with everything concerning measuring time; sundials, clocks and much more.


Wandering the streets you never know what you may come across.


an old well


An elegant Maasai


and this weird fellow

Another fascinating find while visiting The Netherlands.

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Happy summer!!

47 Responses to "Ootmarsum, Art Town in an Historic Setting"

Love those elf-like pieces at the first, and the history. Always nice to travel with you:)

I love them too! Happy to have you along, Jan!!

I love this tour, Darlene. So many fantastical, quaint, unique art. I love it. I especially enjoy the bright colors and style of Ton Schulten’s art. Thank you for sharing. This is a gorgeous post. ❤ 😀

Isn’t Ton Schulten’s art amazing? I could sit and look at it for hours.

What fab sculptures! And I love that word ‘chronomium’: a new one in my vocabulary! I think I love the Masai best. Must put this town on our itinerary when we visit Holland! Thanks for sharing! 👍

It is near the German border in Northeast Holland. It was a delightful find. The Maasai was hiding in a garden on a side street. So wonderful to spot. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

What an interesting looking place. I like the juxtaposition of old buildings and modern architecture, it suggests a vibrant and artistic society.

I too love the mixture of old and new. Something we don’t often see in North America. It was very interesting and we had a very nice lunch there too, just forgot to take pictures. I had a brie, tomato and pesto sandwich on whole grain bread which was excellent.

How jolly interesting . I work with a girl from the Netherlands . Thank you for free book I’ve downloaded it 😊

I wonder if your co-worker knows about this little place. Enjoy Amanda’s first adventure which gave her the travel bug.

Will do …ave read the adventure in England …😊

Thanks for being an Amanda fan!! ❤

What fun it must have been to explore here Darlene! Love the cute and quaint assortment of sculpture. Looks like a unique find at every turn.

It was so much fun, you never knew what would be around the corner.

Love all these statues! Public art enriches us all.

The only other place I have seen so much public art was in Sedonna, Arizona. This place was quite a treasure.

So quaint and rich in history. I love the architecture and all the artwork!

It was such a great combination. Perhaps Amanda should visit this place! thanks for tweeting.

very cool, looks like you still exploring. Love the sculptures! You’ll have to tell Paul we ran into Trish in Ladner the other day, she wishes to say hi.

This would be so your kind of town Lea!! I will pass the message on to Paul. We now have a dog!! I’ll send a picture.

That’s pretty cool! 🙂

I love the art pieces and the architecture in Ootmarsum. Haven’t heard of this town before your post, Darlene. Such a lovely resource!

It is tucked away as most really interesting places are!

The one of the men in a row could be a soup kitchen line during the US Great Depression 1930’s.

I thought the same. They are called the Easter men but I have yet to learn more about them or why they are called that.

taking for sharing those picture transferred me Netherland

Love all of the statues and architecture…what a quaint town! Great post, Darlene!!

This would be your kind of place Kirt! I imagine you and Ton Schulten would have a great conversation.

Beautiful photos and all very unique

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Lynn. Glad you liked the photos.

Never heard of this town, yet it is unique and beautiful and artsy. Can’t wait to go sometime.

It is one of those tucked out of the way places which are always fun to discover. You would love it.

What an interesting town with some much public sculpture though out it. Your posts are always so interesting. I had to go searching to find more information about the eight men, Statue of the “Poaskearls” (Easter Men) in Ootmarsum as it really intrigued me.

I was quite intrigued with the Poaskearls as well. Glad you like the posts.

Ootmarsum sounds like my kind of town, Darlene. I love your pictures of the street art! You make an excellent tour guide! 🙂

Thank you so much. I know you would just love this place!

I have never heard of this town before, thanks for introducing It to us.

It was the first time I heard of it too. If our friends hadn’t taken us there, I would have never known it existed! Glad you enjoyed it.

The Chronomium caught my eye. I’d have to go inside that one!

Time didn´t permit us to go in but it looked very interesting from the outside.

what is in the basket in the 2nd sculpture. I have been to Ootmarsum and have pictures of the sculptures, but didn’t write down names? Is it garlic?

I believe they are onions. There seemed to be an onion theme. Siepelootje is cartoon onion character, I have since learned. Thanks for visiting my blog, Joyce.

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