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The Dutch Countryside

Posted on: June 8, 2016

We loved Amsterdam but were also delighted with the Dutch countryside. We travelled from the south, which was very flat and green, to the north which was more wooded and hilly, but still very green. The storybook-like farms were so neat and tidy. Here are a few pictures of what we saw.


This farm had a guard goose who was very particular who he let in.






De Sfeerstal, our charming Bed and Breakfast near Nieuwveen, had a lovely garden to relax in.


With a welcoming entrance and spare wooden shoes if you needed a pair.


And dried flowers hanging from the ceiling in the breakfast room.


We stopped to photograph old barns


and the roosters who were everywhere.


Aren´t these slanted roofs cool!



Old water wheels have always intrigued me.


And of course the windmills! A windmill is called a molen and most villages have one. This Stroommolen De Hoop (Hope Mill), in Hellendorn, dates back to 1854 and still operates as a flour mill. You can purchase the flour produced there in the lower floor shop.

DSCN4567 (2)

Sheep grazing in the fields didn´t bother to look as we drove by.


We passed many interesting houses

DSCN4559 (3)

And a manor house called House Singraven with an interesting history. Unfortunately, it was closed the day we were there so we could not go inside, but the kind woman in the gift shop sent me information about the house. She told me the meaning of Singraven is “big (sin) waterway dug by hand (graven)” as it is by a canal. There has been a building on the site since 1381. It has been a farmhouse, a family home, a convent of the Franciscan nuns, a hunting lodge for aristocracy, and a home for a wealthy industrialist and parliamentarian. It has gone through a number of renovations and restorations over the years and after the death of the last owner in 1966, the house, with its 17th and 18th century interior, has been maintained by a special foundation.

Thanks for travelling around the Netherlands with me!


43 Responses to "The Dutch Countryside"

Lovely photos, Darlene, and the bed and breakfast looks delightful.

It was just great. I should have mentioned the local produce served at breakfast. All so good.

Very pituresc and serene countryside, the windmill is so lovely. It must have been very relaxing to spend sometime there?

It was indeed relaxing. Just wished we had more time at the B and B. The windmills were amazing. I wanted to stop and take pictures of all of them.

Oh Darlene, you filled my day with sweet nostalgia. We loved The Netherlands also.

I can see why everyone falls in love with The Netherlands. So glad I finally made it there.

Absolutely divine. Everything so clean and neat. My kind of place. Thank you for sharing your stunning photos, Darlene. ❤ ❤ 😀

So pleased you enjoyed my trip as I have enjoyed yours. You would love it in The Netherlands!

We visited Amsterdam and Haarlem but viewed the Dutch countryside via train windows.

We visited friends in the country so we got to see more of it first hand. It would have still been nice to see through the train windows.

Your pictures are wonderful! Thank you for taking us along with you.

Glad you joined us and enjoyed the pictures.

What beautiful countryside and interesting buildings! I am glad to see you share my passoion for water mills! And I love those spare shoes/clogs: what a wonderful idea! Lovely photos, as always. ☺

I thought you would enjoy the countryside. We seem to like a lot of the same things!! Thanks so much for sharing my post.

Darlene, that thatched barn is unique. I’ve never really seen one like it. We lived in Amsterdam for a few months, and in my working life I spent a fair amount of time in the Netherlands. And if I were going to live on the continent, it would be a tough choice between Holland and Spain. The Dutch have a sense of order and simplicity that really appeals to me – you know – “gezelligheid.” ~James

I must admit that was what we liked so much was the efficiency in Holland. We love Spain but the more relaxed lifestyle can also be frustrating when trying to get something done. The sunshine and beaches are a good trade-off, though. I was also taken by the thatched barn. We saw a few of them on our travels.

So pretty Darlene and those windmills! Since I was a child I have been fascinated by them. I believe it was from a children’s book that began my yearning to see them. 🙂

We probably read the same children’s book as that is when I became intrigued by windmills too!! To see them in Holland was such a treat.

Thanks for allowing me to accompany you around The Netherlands Donna, I enjoyed it very much indeed.

Glad you enjoyed and happy to have you along!

Incredible photos…really tell the story of the beauty of the countryside and farms!!

Thanks. I always feel the pictures don’t do it justice but it gives you an idea. As a Canadian farm girl, I always enjoy seeing farms in other countries.

Growing up in a rural part of Texas and then living in the countryside in New England, you know I loved this post.

As a farm girl myself, I always enjoy the countryside. Glad you liked this post!

Hot dog!!! This worked out great. We just had to cancel a trip to Amsterdam, and here I find a tour on your blog. Perfect. What were the people like? I’m going back through your old posts for more traveling. Thanks. Kris

Thanks for popping by my blog. So sorry you had to cancel your trip but glad I could help you out with some pictures. The people were wonderful, very friendly, accommodating and efficient. Hope you found the other posts on Amsterdam and Keukenhof.

What fun I have enjoyed the tour it gives an insite into life in the Netherlands . I work with a lady from the Netherlands .

To really get an idea of the country, you need to go out into the countryside as well. Glad you enjoyed this post. I am sure your workmate is lovely.

What a nice adventure Darlene – the flowers, gardens and the b & b are beautiful!

It was a great adventure! Glad you enjoyed the flowers, I knew you would!

Such beautiful photos! I’m sure Amanda will continue to have many more adventures if she sticks with you. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

So pleased you enjoyed the photos, Laura. Amanda is going to have at least a couple more adventures.

Beautiful countryside! Did you manage to get by the goose? LOL

We did get by the guard goose but the night before he would not let a car past the gate to the farm yard. It was very funny. Wish I had taken a picture of it.

It does look like scenes from stories I read as a young adult. Lovely, Darlene! Thank you for taking us on your trip! 🙂

I´m pleased you enjoyed the trip! I read many stories about Holland as a young girl too so this was another dream come true!

Roosters wandering feely about – how wonderful! 🙂

Netherlands is beautiful and your B&B looks so cozy. I love that breakfast room!

It was the perfect place to stay even if for only one night. I loved that breakfast room. Thanks for stopping by and travelling with me!!

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