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“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 27 – ‘Vintage’

Posted on: June 1, 2016

Hugh’s Views and News challenged us to post a photo of something ‘Vintage.’



I took a picture of this vintage photo given to me by my great aunt. It was taken in the early 1900s. On the back, in handwriting, it says, “The Old Maids,” a term used for unmarried women at the time. According to my aunt, these two women were my great grandfather’s cousins from North Dakota. There is also something written in German in faded ink, but I don’t know what it means. No one seems to know their names and those who did are long gone. I am intrigued by them and feel they have a story to tell. One day, I plan to write a story and give them names. Thanks for this challenge Hugh.

Check out Hugh’s Views and News and join the photo challenge fun.

51 Responses to "“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 27 – ‘Vintage’"

So interesting! I love these old photos. Can you read what it says in German?

I love these old photos too. I can’t read the German handwriting unfortunately.

I like your experimental attitude here. What better way to try something new than with “Vintage.” Ha!

It was a great prompt! I know you have many vintage items to photograph and share (and have)

Wonderful old picture. Love the dresses and the shiny material. I wonder what color they are. Were they coming or going someplace. Wow. Maybe someday you’ll come across someone who can tell you what the words on the back say. 🙂 🙂

The picture evokes many questions doesn´t it.

It sure does. Love old pictures.

Maybe you might copy the back (scan) and post and someone online can help?

A great idea. I hope the writing isn´t too faint.

Fingers crossed. You never know. Good luck. I love a mystery, but love the solution even more. ❤ ❤

It’s sad to see family pictures, but have no clue about the people at all. That’s why I journal! I hope to read your story about these ladies one day.

I know. I wish everyone would put the names and dates on the back of pictures. But then, maybe they are meant to be anonymous.

My aunts were also from North Dakota😍

That is so cool. Are they of German background as well?

No, Norse and Scots

I hope you get to find out more about these two aunts, Darlene. To me, they don’t look that old, but maybe that’s the black & white making it look like that? I’d love to know what the book is in the hand of one of those ladies. Good luck with your search for finding out more about them.

In those days, if you weren´t married by twenty, you were considered an old maid and past your prime. Incredible. Some of these women went on to do great things in spite of never marrying.

Indeed. Even our own Elizabeth I was an Old Maid and she ended up defeating the Spanish Armada.

Congratulations, Darlene. I have featured your entry to my recent photo challenge on my blog.


Thank you so much for participating.

Best wishes,

Hello Darlene, what a wonderful old photograph. Thank you for the link to Hugh’s Views and News I will go and take a look. Happy June.

Hugh has a cool site, you will like it. You could always do a photo of a vintage book!

I did like it and I though about sharing a photo but then decided I was probably a bit late. Maybe I will join in some other time. I’ve included the site in my favourites list, so I can go back to it another time.

He runs this one every week I think. This is the first time I have joined in. I loved the idea of vintage! He has had other interesting themes as well.

What a wonderful photo! And yes, I bet they have an interesting tale to tell… I look forward to your version of it!

Even if their tale is not that interesting, I will try to give them one that is!

I could spend hours looking at vintage photos – and sometimes I do. On my walls at home I’ve framed photos of my great grandmother with her husband and brood of 14. And she wasn’t done yet! Oh, how I’d like to visit with her for a day….or more.

I have some great old pictures as well. Thank heaven for photography so we can have a reminder of these good folks.

True. I’m wondering if photos of me and my guy and kids will be hanging on my great grandkids’ wall in 100 years. :-0

Of course, they will!!

Great photo. It wouldn’t take too much research to find out their names through birth records and looking at family trees. Visited Hugh’s site — it’s great!

Thanks. I will have to do some digging.

What a story you will be able to tell Darlene they have a ‘heap in a bucket’ of stories to tell good luck. I have my grandmothers dressing table set . It’s made of deep caramel glass and has a tiny jug with it …I really can’t throw it away . I have signed up to that blog looks like fun.

Your grandmother’s dressing table sounds delightful. Of course, you must keep it. Glad you enjoyed Hugh’s blogsite.

Thats a wonderful photograph, I wonder what they were like and how old they were when it was taken. Perhaps they chose to remain single, or maybe there was a particular reason for them being branded ‘old maids’. If you ever write a story inspired by them I’d love to read it.

It is a thought-provoking picture isn’t it? I am trying to find out a bit more about them. I’ll let you know if I do write a story about them.

I think a story would be a great idea Darlene. What is behind the eyes of those stiff looking ladies. Really gets one’s imagination going.

They do look very stiff and serious. One wonders if they ever had any fun. But we may be surprised!

This is a very nice photo Darlene, and good quality for the time. It’s always interesting that people in old photos always look so serious – never a hint of a smile. I’ve always wondered why this is. I know that having a photo taken was rare in those days, but still, why no smiles? Any ideas? You’ll have a hard time working a funny tale around this photo. ~James

It just wasn’t cool to smile in front of the camera then. At that time, Germans always appeared so very serious. My great grandparents looked so stern on photographs but were very kind to me. I do remember their smiles.

What a great picture, Darlene…we have a couple like that in some photo albums and it does make you wonder what their story was…thanks for sharing…

Pleased you liked it. These photos are precious.

What a wonderful photo Darlene – it makes me want to know more about them and what they were like… 🙂

I know, it does the same for me. If I can´t find anything out about them, I may give them a story.

[…] Darlene, at Darlene Foster’s Blog, shared a photo with us that is full of mystery. Many of us are hoping she’ll solve the mystery of the two ladies in the photo and what their story is. […]

Thanks for mentioning my “Vintage” post.

I love these old, treasured photographs. The ‘old maids’ were probably quite young by today’s standards. 🙂

I am sure they were. If you didn’t get married by your early 20s you were considered past it! I love these old photos too and am pleased my great aunt gave me a few of them.

So lucky to have them, Darlene.

That is a wonderful photo! Old photos are so interesting with the hair styles and clothes they wore back then. Thanks for sharing this one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking at old pictures like this one is like time travelling isn’t it?

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