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Mystery Mondays: Darlene Foster on Location of a Novel

Posted on: May 10, 2016

Today I talk about location in a story and how to describe it.

Creative Story Editors

As we continue our journey through Mystery Mondays writing advice, Darlene Foster is here to talk to us about location. Just check out the titles of the four books below, and you’ll see why she chose this topic.

Location, Location, Location

by Darlene Foster


Jane Austen gave us English country villages, Charles Dickens took us along the streets of Victorian London, and Lucy Maude Montgomery made us fall in love with Prince Edward Island. The location of many well-known works of fiction are an important element to each story. Think of one of your favourite novels and I am sure a vision of a place comes to mind.

Real estate agents declare the three most important things to selling a property are – location, location, location. The same applies to writing a story. It doesn´t have to be a real place. In fantasy, writers create worlds of their own. But…

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11 Responses to "Mystery Mondays: Darlene Foster on Location of a Novel"

Thanks for reblogging and for sharing your writing advice with my readers 🙂

And thank you for inviting me to be a guest on your informative blog.

Darlene I have left my comment on the post but wanted to say I love the way you begin with a location and the story grows from there.

Thanks Sue. It works for me. Thanks for your continued support. Albertans do stick together!! ❤

Yes we do don’t we? 🙂 xox

I love the inspiration you give to expand young readers minds geographically. I remember as a youth reading similar books and it created a sense of adventure and exploration…there is more to the world than just the place I live….great job!!

Thanks Kirt. I remember reading The Bobbsey Twins in Mexico when I was about 9 and thinking how wonderful it would be to visit that country. My dream of travelling the world began then. I hope I can do the same for the young readers of my books.

Keeping photos close at hand while writing is such a good idea Darlene. I’m not a writer (as you know) but even when ‘playing around’ with my blog I have to have visual clues to keep me on track. Or at least, I hope I stay on track.

Photos help with any kind of writing, even letters. You are always on track Barbara! Thanks for the comments.

Hi there. I read about you just now on another blog. Now following you. I like the idea of your stories featuring Amanda. How about sending her off to Greece. I live on Corfu.
Also, I am working on becoming a full-time writer myself. All the very best. Kris.


Thanks for following my blog. Good luck on your writing. Amanda may well travel to Greece one day. Corfu looks lovely.

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