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A Fascinating Visit to Lo Reig Finca

Posted on: March 15, 2016

Finca Lo Reig

Finca Lo Reig

We were recently invited for lunch to the home of a distant relative of mine. Beth was born in Canada, married a handsome Spanish doctor and moved to Spain over forty years ago. They live in a three hundred year old home, owned by Vince’s family since 1941, when his grandfather purchased it. The house sits on an olive farm, or finca, and contains the original olive press which was operational up until the early 1970s. The living quarters have been modernized but much of it is still the original. There are many nooks and crannies filled with historical objects. It’s like living in a museum. In the kitchen is the original clay oven which Beth uses occasionally to make delicious roast lamb and potatoes.

Original clay oven in the kitchen

Original clay oven in the kitchen

Clay oven outside

Clay oven from the outside

Earthenware jugs, used to store olive oil, hide in one small room along with the metal measuring cup and funnel used to fill containers brought by customers. In another room, off the living area, the three hundred year old press sits as if waiting for the horse to walk around and around dragging the mill stone once again. The bags used to bring the olives in from the fields are still there as well.

Olive oil jugs

Olive oil containers

Measuring cup and funnel

Measuring cup and funnel

300 year old olive press

300 year old olive press

In the yard sits an old pony cart. Vince recalls riding into Alicante on that very cart with his father. A trip that takes about ten minutes by car now, took an hour and a half each way then.

Pony cart

Pony cart

The ground floor, now the main living area, was where the animals were once kept. The family lived on the second and third floors. When renovating the house before moving into it fifteen years ago, they discovered a well in what is now the sitting room. It is still there but covered over. It may make a good wine cellar one day.

Sitting room with original tiles on the wall. A well is under the corner cabinet.

Sitting room with original tiles on the wall. A well is under the corner cabinet.

The wood beamed ceiling

The wood beamed ceiling and chandelier

The attached goat house is also filled with interesting items including an old Spanish saddle.

corral and goat house

Corral and goat house

Spanish saddle

Spanish saddle

I love the windowsills. Do you see Don Quixote hiding there?

I love the windowsills. Do you see Don Quixote hiding there?

Vince gave us a great tour of the house and property and was proud to share his heritage. We were treated to a fabulous meal in front of the original fireplace. I couldn’t help thinking about all the meals that had been shared in this house over the years. I’m sure the same warm hospitality we experienced has been extended to many over the centuries. I was so happy to know I have family here in Spain!

Family in Spain

Family in Spain

36 Responses to "A Fascinating Visit to Lo Reig Finca"

Darlene what an experience to see not only this wonderful old home and it’s antiques but to know but to have the tour from one of the family. So wonderful when connections like this can be made.

I know. I am so happy we connected. Beth is the niece of my great uncle (by marriage) so it is very distant but still family in my book. It was so great to hear a Canadian accent too!!

After spending the last three weeks being told I have an accent I think I would recognize one too!

I am constantly being asked where my accent is from, as there are very few Canadians around here. In fact, when I lived in Vancouver, I was told I had a prairie accent! Our accents give us away.

So exciting have blood relations in your new country. Wonderful history and heritage. Old houses speak volumes. Love the color, renovations and
accompanying stories. Exciting times! 😀 😀 ❤

It was so exciting to find Beth and Vince, the relationship is through marriage but close enough for me. ❤

How wonderful to meet up with relatives in Spain. Such an extraordinary home — old world meets new world. Such rich heritage. I loved your photographs and commentary.

It is so wonderful to have someone from home here and living in such an amazing place! Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

A wonderful blend of the past and the present. Such a rich culture, the likes of which many of us will never find. You made us feel like we were right there with you!

I am pleased you felt you were with me as I gave you the virtual tour. It is a perfect blend of past and present. 😀

What a beautiful and fascinating house and how lucky you are to have family there to share it with you, Darlene! It certainly reminds me of the time when I lived in Alicante, especially those gorgeous original blue tiles in the living room.
My father used to work in the olive groves as a student, as indeed some of my cousins still do in Jaen. I feel homesick again after seeing your lovely photos. Thanks for sharing once again. 💖💖💖

I thought you would be able to connect with this post. I am lucky to have discovered Beth living not that far from me. (Sorry about making you homesick though)

If the walls could talk… What a wonderful old property, and nice to see it still lived in and loved. It can be a real eye-opener when you meet distant relatives, and it sounds as if they add a welcome bonus to your life in Spain. Lovely post. 🙂

I thought that very same thing, if those walls could talk. The place had been abandoned for some years, so before Beth and Vince moved in, 15 years ago, they completely renovated it to make it comfortable for them but left some of the historic details. Now it is perfect.

Beautiful photos that really capture the location. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Thanks for stopping by Don. Pleased you enjoyed the photos.

That would be my dream, to one day own a house so full of history. It’s even better when it is owned by family. A beautiful tour , thanks for sharing.

That is a good dream. So pleased you enjoyed the tour.

I like your Canadian-Spain blend here. My WP account has not been giving we notifications of new posts from blog I follow, so I’m a bit late to the game today.

No problem. I always love to hear from you. It was very nice to meet a family member living in Spain. Vince spent time in the US when he was training to be a doctor, many years ago. He was familiar with the Mennonites near Philadelphia. I thought that was very cool.

Oh my gosh, what a house to live in. It would be like, as you say, like living in a museum, but only better. What history. And what a wonderful place for my goats! I would love to have a clay oven like that in my house. Perhaps in the castle I dream of. I imagine it would make lovely bread.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful home. I love the feel of stone house like this. And the curves! Our houses in Canada are too angled. Two square.

It was an amazing house. Beth mentioned that although she has not made bread in the oven, her sister and niece did when they visited and the bread turned out well. The houses here do have nice curves and round edges. Some of the newer ones are being built more angular though which is too bad. Somehow I knew you would like this place. The pictures don´t do it justice.

As always, beautiful pictures. What a fascinating country!

The more I see of this country the more fascinating it becomes.

Darlene, what a cool house….love the history aspect and how beautiful it is….so hard to get my mind around as the length of history from that perspective in this part of the world is infancy…thanks for sharing!!

I am so pleased you enjoyed this post Kirt. The history here in Spain is incredible. I can’t get enough of it.

We toured Germany and Austria years ago and I had the same reaction…..the history goes back so far…

I am so glad that you were able to visit Beth and Vince in their home. They hadn’t been in it long when we were there and were still finding treasures themselves! We felt so at home and so welcome. I remember that Vince went up to the bakery in the morning to bring us a pastry for our coffee. I thought that a great custom! Nice to know that my cousins know each other!

I am sure you had a wonderful time. Beth and Vince are so hospitable. It means a lot to me to have family from Canada here.

I’d love to see a clay oven one day and eat a slice of pizza cooked in it, or any roasted meat and vegetables. Gosh, it’s making me hungry. How nice to visit a family who’s living in the same foreign-but-familiar land as you!

Clay ovens are amazing and many people still use them here in Spain, especially out in the rural areas. It is very nice to be able to visit family here and talk about “home”.

Pretty tiles! The oven is interesting. Great ceiling overhead. What a wonderful place! I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

Thanks Patti. Pleased you enjoyed the pictures. ❤

My interest would be all the old castles.

You would love it here as they are everywhere!

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