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Listening to Your Dreams

Posted on: January 27, 2016

This is a blog I wrote almost 5 years ago and now I am living in Spain!! Thought I would share it again.

Darlene Foster's Blog

“To those who are awake, there is one ordered universe, whereas in sleep each man turns away from this world to one of his own” Heraclitus

We all have dreams; some appear during sleep, others while awake. They can guide us through life – as long as we listen to them. So many times we put our dreams on the backburner, but they are always there. They often appear when we least expect them.

When I was living in Calgary, I attended a sales meeting one cold February morning. As a warm-up exercise we were asked to write down our dreams for the next 3 months, the next 2 years and the next 20 years; and then share them with the group. I wrote that I dreamt of going on a holiday to a nice warm place within 3 months, I dreamt of living in a warmer place within 2…

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15 Responses to "Listening to Your Dreams"

You’ve added a personal testimony to the power of writing down your dreams, not just saying or thinking them.

By the way, I’m wearing socks in Florida, but it’s north Florida!

I am wearing socks in Spain too! Those marble floors get quite cold in January. It was fun to look back on that post.

Darlene that is incredible and inspiring!

Thanks Chris. It´s good to look back at old posts from time to time.

Oh, a place I wouldn’t have to wear socks. That would be nice.

This is lovely to sit back and know your dreams have come true. Not everyone can say that. I should do that exercise: write down my dreams for three months, two years and twenty. Mmm, I already know a little bit about that since I’ve already decided where I’ll retire: near the ocean in the middle of nowhere.

Thanks for sharing your dreams and your flashback.

Writing your dreams/goals down really does work. They may alter or take a detour but it does all come together. I will admit I do need socks here in the winter as the marble floors are very cold!

Happy New Year Darlene and well done on attaining your dreams, you are an inspiration. I’ve been away from the world of blogging for the last two months and am attempting to catch up – but it may take a while to read all the posts I’ve missed. xx

Nice to see you back Barbara. I hope you had a great visit with your family.

Indeed, I did Darlene. Thank you for the welcome back, I must say it is lovely to catch up with all my blogging friends once more.

You have done very well to fulfill your dreams, Darlene! It helps to write our dreams down. Really gets you going out to make them happen.

Thanks Claudine! It does help to write them down. I would teach this concept to the job seekers I worked with as a career counsellor and it helped them to focus.

That sounds little like law of attraction doesn’t it? Great way to fulfill your dreams by visualizing them first.

Congrats, Darlene!

It is very much the law of attraction, long before that concept became popular! Thanks Clara.

Yes, I experienced a similar thing with visualizing my present husband. And now we are married and very happy. Should be doing it for my memoir!! lol

Another example of how this works!

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