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It´s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas!

Posted on: December 13, 2015

This will be our second Christmas in Spain. Last year our boxes hadn´t arrived so we decided not to decorate the place we were renting. (The first time in my life I didn´t decorate for Christmas) This year we have our own place and hubby cleverly packed some Christmas lights in his boxes. He went all out and decorated the terrace and even the palm tree. Ours is the only place on the block decorated and the neighbours love it!


We bought a small artificial Christmas tree (another first). I then realized I didn´t pack any ornaments. They went to our daughter´s place so they are in good hands. So I picked up a few things at the local dollar store and decorated it. I think it looks cheerful and makes the place very cosy.


Christmas in Spain is not the crazy commercial event it is in North America. The malls are decorated for Christmas but are very quiet with tons of parking spaces and no line ups at the tills. It didn´t seem right. I wanted to scream, “What is wrong with you people? Don´t you know it is only two weeks before Christmas??” Then I remembered, that is why we moved here. So we joined the others and relaxed over a cafe con leche.

Brass band by a coffee shop

Brass band by a coffee shop

Carol singing in the mall.

Carol singing in the mall.

There are many Christmas Fayres, brass bands playing around town and carol sings. Most events are in support of a charity. We attended a fun Christmas Fayre in a small town square last weekend and watched our wonderful eight-year-old friend, Ana Lucia, dance.

Before the performance

Before the performance

Dancing n the town square

Dancing n the town square

She was also part of the Nativity scene that assembled as a talented man sang “When A Child is Born.” It was very moving and made me feel full of the Christmas spirit.

The Nativity scene made up of children

The Nativity scene made up of children

Guess what part of the Nativity Ana Lucia was

With my favourite sheep from the nativity scene

Our young friend came for a visit with her parents to see the Christmas lights, the tree and sample some Christmas baking. She sends a Christmas greeting to my family and friends in Canada and all over the world! It just isn´t Christmas without kids and I´m so happy we have Ana Lucia in our lives. She is bi-lingual and helps me with my Spanish too.


A special visitor

A special visitor

I Skyped with my soon to be 87 year-old mom last week from her room at the retirement home. My brother set it up for her and my lovely granddaughter arranged it. My grandson and great granddaughter were there as well. My son stopped in for a surprise visit and we had a Skype party. It was great to see Mom so happy. The next evening my granddaughter and great granddaughter attended the Christmas dinner with mom at the home. Mom had a great time, as you can see, and enjoyed a glass of wine.


Mom with her great granddaughter and great great granddaughter.

Mom with her great granddaughter and great great granddaughter.

I am enjoying Christmas on both sides of the Atlantic. There is so much joy in my life my heart is bursting.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas full of Joy and Peace!!

59 Responses to "It´s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas!"

Color and lights – what’s not to like!

I was a bit upset at first that I didn´t bring some of my special ornaments for the tree. But then I decided it was a good time to start a new look.

Your place looks lovely and festive. I think you’ll find that in Spain Christmas is mainly for children and, because presents are given to them on Epiphany day (6th January), you won’ t see much mad shopping now. Most parents go out to buy presents on 5th, as it is hard to hide them from their kids if they buy them too soon. At least that used to be the case when I was growing up. As for food, the main meal is 24th December and most of the shopping is done a couple of days or so before. Feliz Navidad a toda tu familia! Enjoy the difference. ❤ 😇

I find it refreshing. I believe Christmas is for kids. Trouble is I´m just a big kid!!

I think we are all kids at heart, but some hide it better than others. I forgot to say that children in Spain get their presents from Los Reyes Magos (the 3 Wise Men or Magi) and most towns hold a Caballata de Reyes (Kings Parade) on 5th January. Children go to be early in anticipation of receiving presents in the morning.

I know all about Los Reyes Magos and wrote a blog about it last year. I love that tradition. I plan to attend the parade again this year it was so much fun. Feliz Navidad to you and yours. ❤

What a lovely post. It’s a reminder that Christmas should be about the people you love, rather than all the commercial hoo-haa. Mind you, what a wonderful prospect, empty malls and lots of parking spaces. 🙂 Your tree looks beautiful, and I love the decorated palm tree outside. Ana Lucia sounds like a gem (and looks good as a sheep). What a great idea with the Skype party, I love the pictures of your Mom.

Thanks Lorna! Happy Christmas to you and your parents. ❤

And to you, Darlene, sorry I forgot to say that before. I hope you have a lovely festive season.

Your post is delightful, Darlene. It’s hard to believe this is your second Christmas in Spain … seems as if you just left. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
blessings ~ maxi

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog Maxi! Have a wonderful Christmas yourself. xo

Darlene I love the fact that your new home is relaxed around Christmas without all of the rushing and running about. Wonderful that you could visit with your Mom too! Very best wishes for happy holidays.

Yes, this is a nice change. Have a fabulous Christmas in Calgary!! ❤

We will actually be in Mexico Darlene. Taking the family for a more relaxed holiday season. 🙂

That´s right! Have a fabulous, warm, relaxing time. Feliz Navidad!!

Your decorations are lovely! New traditions can be a good thing.

Our household is in a bit of chaos as our son’s whole family plus dog have suddenly had to move in for a month or two due to a flood at their house. It certainly changes how we’re doing our Christmas preparations, but it’s good to be able to help them out.

Your Skype visit was a great idea. Sometimes I grumble about technology, but it has it’s advantages in situations like that. A blessed Christmas to you and your hubby, Darlene.

How wonderful to hear from you Carol. It will be fun to have your son and family with you (even if a tad inconvenient) at Christmas. We help out our children no matter what age they are. Have a wonderful Christmas! ❤

Sounds to me like you are celebrating Christmas just ‘right.’ I had to laugh in the beginning where you’re thinking, ‘what’s wrong with you people – you’re not going crazy with the holidays.’ What a fresh perspective! Your mom looks like mine, tiny and situated in a wonderful place. Peace, blessings, and MERRY MERRY to you.

It is good to see our mothers contented at this stage of life. She thinks the technology is wonderful. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Wow, time flies! Have a great holiday season and wonderful 2016. Perhaps we’ll be over there by 2017? ~ Paul

It´s been quite a year. All the best to you and yours. Hope to see you over here some day. 😀

Christmas is Spain so lovely . We moved the same time , if you remember Darlene. I was renting last Christmas too . Now in my lovely whole house complete with Christmas trees . One small one I bought for the cottage last year, that I will plant in my new garden next year and the other I bought ten years ago that I was going to throw away , it’s an artificial pine , and been covered in plaster dust and all sorts but now it’s in my sitting room all decked up …love it . If you send me your email I’ll send you a photo …it’s the only way I know to send photos …useless at IT 😌 A very merry Christmas to you too . Oh and by the way I’m reading Amanda In England …loving it you clever lady .

Yes, our lives ran parallel last year with the move and all. My email is darlene(dot)foster(at)telus(dot)net I´m sure your house looks wonderful and ready for Christmas!! Glad you are enjoying Amanda´s adventure in England. 😀

Merry Multicultural Christmas! 😀

Thanks! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!

Glad to see that you’re getting in the spirit Darlene. We’ve spent a few Christmases on the road, and like you, have learned that, yes there are things that we miss, but pretty much Christmas is in your heart. And no matter where you are, the holiday is what you make it. Have a great holiday! ~James

Thanks so much James. I do believe Christmas is in your heart wherever you happen to be. All the best to both of you. ❤

What a lovely post, Darlene. I can certainly feel the simple pleasures of celebrating Christmas in Spain. We found the same types of celebrations in the small towns of Germany and Austria during our visits at Christmas. Thank goodness we don’t have the craziness of shopping here in our small Florida town. I’ve gone into our largest store and have been the only person at the register…yes, it is why we both moved. 🙂

Thanks Karen. Enjoy your first year in your new home as well. ❤

Now, that is what Christmas is really about — being with family. I love the photos of your mom and great grandchildren.

I love how other parts of the world focus more on gatherings, giving to charities and less on gifts. Makes sense to me.

It is a lovely way to celebrate this special time of the year. I wonder now why I used to put myself through so much stress. Have a wonderful Christmas Patricia! ❤

Beautiful picture of your Christmas tree.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Love the photos. Thanks for sharing with us, Darlene. Merry Christmas and all the very best in the New Year!

Thanks Laura! Have a wonderful Christmas at your house!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here too. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your Christmas. I love it here but will always miss my Canadian Christmas!

It’s so good to see you surrounded with friends (young and old) and family (near and far), Darlene. A quieter, cosy Christmassy mall sounds heavenly. Think I’d prefer that to the bustling malls! Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!

It´s all good. Quiet is nice but I like the bustle as well. Merry Christmas to you and yours Claudine!

It looks like you’ve made some wonderful new friends! Love your decorations. Your mom is looking well.

Thanks Patti. It is nice to make new friends and to keep the old ones as well. I was pleased to see mom looking well. Have a wonderful Christmas at your house!

Really like this post, because I have no idea how people celebrate Christmas in other parts of the world. You’re not accepting mediocrity — love the tree and the pics of the family. Best wishes for a happy holiday in Spain!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the holidays!!

Thanks for sharing – I enjoyed reading about your experiences celebrating Christmas in Spain:)

So pleased you enjoyed this post. Hope you have a lovely holiday season!!

I am enjoying this all over again, seeing as I commented this season two years ago. Merry Christmas, Darlene!

Nice to see you back again, Marian You were the first person to comment last time. xo

I missed this post in 2015 so it was lovely to get the opportunity to read it today. Happy Christmas to your and all your friends and family Darlene, have a wonderful time.

Thank you, Barbara. Sometimes it is good to reblog an older post so others can see it. It is wonderful of Sally to run them on her blog. Have a wonderful Christmas as well, Barbara!

Looks lovely. It’s always fascinating, how different people and different cultures handle the same things were are so used to. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks! I wish you a fabulous Christmas season as well.

Beautiful share Darlene. How wonderful to experience Christmas in a different culture. But really, Christmas is in our hearts and we can take it anywhere with us. 🙂 ❤

That is so true. Some folks do get upset at not being with family and friends at Christmas, but they are always there in our hearts.

Darlene! You are so blessed. All the children are so adorable, and your mom is so sweet. Your tree is lovely. If your heart bursts, imagine the joy that will fill the world … ❤

Thanks, Tina. I am truly blessed near and far.

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