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The Enchantment of Genoa

Posted on: December 1, 2015

Ever since I saw the Colin Firth movie, A Summer in Genoa, I have wanted to visit Genoa, (Genova in Italian.) This was also my very first visit to Italy and was mesmerized by the tall pastel-coloured terracotta-roofed houses, amazing churches, and stately homes tucked away inside the narrow streets and alleys. The birth place of Christopher Columbus was the perfect introduction to Italy. Once again, we joined a walking tour of the historical centre.

The impressive Palace of St. George, built in 1260, greeted us as we stepped off the boat. The fresco depicting St. George, the patron saint of Genoa, is amazing.


The Palace of Saint George


DSCN2395 (6)

Genoa is famous for two of my favourite foods, focaccia and pesto. We were treated to samples. I couldn´t resist purchasing a jar of pesto to take home. It was the best I have ever tasted!

DSCN2383 (2)

The early 13th-century San Lorenzo Cathedral has a black and white striped marble façade. The details above the door are incredible.



Two sad looking lions guard the front door of the church


Many small restaurants and cafes are hidden in the narrow  caruggi alleyways



Piazza de Ferrari



A typical street scene in Genoa

DSCN2408 (2)

Another impressive doorway

A stately home

A stately home



Sipping a coffee at one of the many piazzas is a dream come true.

Genoa was everything I thought it would be and more. I am so glad I made it to this enchanting city.

More of Italy to come…..

29 Responses to "The Enchantment of Genoa"

The black/white striped cathedrals we called “Zebra.” I remember two: one in Sienna and another in Florence, I believe. Lovely photos – helps me reminisce!

I thought these pictures would bring back fond memories for you Marian. I just loved the zebra buildings! (Had never seen them before.

Wow, such beautiful architecture!

The architecture was stunning and so unique.

What a treat, the buildings are magnificent. I’ve never seen that film but I think I’d like to. Have you seen ‘A room with a view’? When I first saw that I longed to visit Italy.

I too loved “A Room With a View”. I think you would love the Colin Firth movie. The scenes from Genoa are great. The tall buildings were amazing. The pictures don’t do them justice.

Genoa looks really beautiful and with plenty to offer and keep you entertained for days, I’m sure. Who knows, maybe our trusted motorhome will drive us there one day. My dream is Florence… Great photos, Darlene! 🙂

Genoa isn´t as popular a tourist destination as some of the other Italian cities but I loved it. I´m sure you will make it one day! Glad you liked the photos. ❤

The Palace of St. George ~ I’d really love to stand in front of it and stare at each carving and painting. I love focaccia and pesto, too!

The frescoes on the Palace of St. George are amazing. Apparently they are refreshed every once in awhile. I wanted to stand in front of every building and study the art work but alas we had to move on. Glad I got some pictures.

Darlene it looks like a fabulous spot. Although we have stayed nearby in Camogli we have not been other than taking the train through it on our way to Nice. Your photos have me thinking perhaps we should have taken some time there. Next visit. 🙂

There are so many great places to visit in Italy and you have seen so much more of it than we have.Since this was our first stop, it was special.

Lovely photos. When I saw the dragon slayer, my heart went out to the dragon. He probably wasn’t the problem, but the fear others had for his kind. Poor dragon.

Thanks for sharing.

I know, poor dragon. St George is all over Europe. Every country has its own version of the story. Maybe someone needs to write a Canadian version with more compassion for the dragon.

Italy is one of my very favorite places to visit. I’ve been to the country three times – but never to Genoa! Obviously, it’s time to go back there!!! 🙂

There is so much to see and do in Italy and each city has its own personality. For my first visit, it was great!

The architectural details are so over-the-top! Just amazing the work that went into it.

The fact that these amazing buildings are still around after all these years is a testament to the hard work put into building them.

Wow wow wow Italy my favourite place in the world …I was walking down the streets with you with a jar of pesto in each pocket and a loaf of focaccia under my arm . I haven’t seen that film but will check it out I like Colin Firth .

You will like the movie, it may be called Genova in Europe. Colin Firth is one of my favourite actors and I have met the mother of his oldest child. So pleased you could come along with me down the streets of Genoa!

The Palace of St George is amazing! The architecture and charm of the city is evident. Can’t believe how clean everything looks. I would love to visit Italy.

You would love it Patricia. I was amazed at how clean everything was as well. You need to go on a European tour soon.

I love seeing St. George all over Europe. He reminds me that there are always dragons in our midst. 🙂

What a nice way of looking at it! Thanks for commenting.

Hi Darlene! I was just in Genoa in May too – it’s gorgeous. My mom’s family is from Genoa so I always wanted to see it. Your pictures are beautiful!

So you know how enchanting it is. Glad you liked the pictures. I´m not as good a photographer as you so it means a lot that you enjoyed them.

It sounds very cool! 😀

It was way cool!! Europe is amazing. So many story ideas too.

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