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The Charm of Aix-en-Provence

Posted on: November 19, 2015

The first stop on our cruise was Marseilles, France. This was my very first visit to France! Another dream come true. We took a bus to Aix-en Provence as we had heard so many wonderful things about this charming place, the home of Cezanne. We were not disappointed. The only problem was that we wanted more time to explore. What we did see we loved, and promised to return.



Mont Sainte-Victoire, Cezanne´s favourite subject to paint, overlooks the city.



The bakeries and pastry shops are mouth watering.

DSCN2333 (2)



A pleasant walk took us through the historic town centre with interesting architecture and stately houses

DSCN2347 (2)

At the town hall we witnessed a wedding about to take place.


Carvings grace the outside of the impressive twelfth century St. Saviour´s Cathedral  built on the site of a former Roman forum


Inside the dome of the cathedral


Original frescos from the 12th century discovered in the cathedral


Not surprising that we stumbled upon an artists´market

SAM_1668 (2)

Aix-en-Provence is famous for its many gorgeous fountains

Aix has a long and interesting history and has been an artistic centre and seat of learning since the twelfth century. We enjoyed a café au lait at one of the many outdoor cafés that Paul Cezanne, Emile Zola or Ernest Hemingway may well have frequented. My first visit to France was a favourable one and I can´t help but wonder why it took me so long to get there.

In light of recent events, I dedicate this post to the good citizens of France who are in my heart and in my prayers.

39 Responses to "The Charm of Aix-en-Provence"

Aix looks lovely – France is probably the country I have visited the most times but there is always something new to see!

Like so many European countries, France is so diverse. For my first time, this was ideal.

We have visited Paris but not Provence. Except for your post, I have not experienced other parts of France except for Peter Mayle’s, A Year in Provence and Frances Mays, Under the Tuscan Sun. The setting is so lovely and luminous with Mediterranean light.

Unlike you and so many others, I have not yet visited Paris. So very pleased I got to see Provence though. I did think of Peter Mayle´s books while I was there. The bags of lavender and Herbs due Provence were everywhere. One afternoon was not nearly enough time to take it all in.

A lovely dedication Darlene. This looks like such a lovely place to explore, to meet the people and to eat delicious food.

Thanks Sue. We had so many side trips to chose from and only one day.This was the perfect pick.

This is taking me down memory lane. We too can’t wait to go back there and enjoy the wonderful and relaxed atmosphere of the place. We have visited many towns. cities and villages in France, but Aix-en-Provence is at the very top of the ‘favourites list’. And terrorists won’t stop us from enjoying our freedom to travel and the marvelous places and people that the world has to offer.

I can see why this is at the top of your list. I love your attitude and have to agree.

What a beautiful looking place. France has so many wonderful places to visit and this looks like a great choice. You know how much I love a good Scottish scone, but when it comes to bakeries I have to admit that France is hard to beat. I could have gone a bit mad in that bakery in your photo.

Yes, you would have been in your glory. You will be surprised to know that we took some pictures and moved on! (there wasn´t time to stop and buy something) Next time!

Alas, it happens sometimes. I hope you get another opportunity to sample the wares.

Beautiful. The two men holding up the balcony is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

There were so many things like that everywhere we looked. Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

Lovely pictures. Lovely to celebrate all things French at such a tragic time.

Funny – just ordered a jar of Herbes of Provence for cooking. I’ve been to France once, many many years ago, and so wish I could visit again. Wonderful photos!

Enjoy your herbes de provence and pretend you are in France!

The pastries! I’d have to do a walking tour, for sure, to burn off all those calories. So tempting!

Fortunately, we didn´t have time to stop so just took pictures and moved on.

Fabulous photos, Darlene. I have been to France, there are no pastries that compare.
blessings ~ maxi

Their pastries are as good to look at as they are to eat. Glad you liked the photos.

I really enjoyed Aix too when I visited there – I have a feeling that you’ll go back too!

I can see why you liked it. Yes, I will be back soon as it isn´t that far from me here in Spain.

Darlene, I’ve been learning to paint this year and looking at your travel photos (Spain, Barcelona, France etc), I feel that when I travel to Europe, I’d love to paint the architecture and scenery there. Even the basket of pastries look fantastic.

(Best thoughts and wishes for the people of France.)

Hi Claudine. You can try painting these things from my photos. It will be good practice until you get there yourself. Pleased you have enjoyed them. Hugs from Spain.

Wonderful photographs Darlene and a lovely tribute to France.

Thanks Barbara. It was such a lovely, peaceful place.

I love your detail photos Darlene. Of course, as a regular reader you know that I’m a sucker for architectural detail. I particularly like the lion door knocker. Carved oak is another of my favorites. ~James

I am nowhere near the expert photographer you are but I do like architectural detail as well. I´m pleased you enjoyed these photos that captured how I felt about the place..

Missed sending you message internet wouldn’t let me . All looks amazing I feel I’m there with you .

Thanks Cherry. I´ve been having problems with my computer as well.

France is such a beautiful country, and with so much history!

I must see more of it and am planning a trip next summer to Provence to meet a friend.

It sounds like fun! 🙂

It was a lot of fun. Just wish I had more time.

Lovely photos and the pastries look yummy!

Those pastries were so tempting. Thanks for visiting!

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