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Posted on: November 12, 2015

We started our wonderful Mediterranean cruise in Barcelona. Lucky for us, good friends from Canada were there at the same time, so we arrived a day early to spend time with them. We met our friends at a Starbucks right across the street from Casa Mila, one of Gaudi´s masterpieces. There I was treated to a pumpkin spice latte which made me very happy as I had been lamenting being left out this year. (there are no Starbucks coffee shops where I live.)

Who would have thought in 2015, I would be sitting across the street from an iconic building in Barcelona, sipping a pumpkin spice latte? Should this be a dream, please don´t wake me up!


Casa Mila

Casa Mila designed by Antoni Gaudi

A short taxi ride took us to Park Güell. We had been to Barcelona once before and loved it. But we had not visited Park Güell, so we took the opportunity to explore this fascinating park created in 1900 by Antoni Gaudi. In order to preserve this heritage site, a limited amount of people are allowed into Monument Precinct, the main park area. Our ticket was for 1:30 so we had plenty of time to wander the lush gardens around the park and take in panoramic views from the top of the hill.

SAM_1606 (2)

Entrance to the gardens

Gaudi´s Sagrada Família from Park Gruell

Gaudi´s Sagrada Família from Park Gruell


Art and nature


Once inside the Monument Precinct, we were instantly mesmerized. There was so much to take in. The colours and fantastical designs were mind boggling. A combination of greenery and art amazed us at every turn. We sat on the famous ceramic bench, which was surprisingly comfortable. I read later that Gaudi had one of the workers take down his pants and sit on it to make sure it fit the human derrière perfectly.

Brightly coloured mosaic salamanders, whimsical houses fit for elves and fairies, gargoyles, and a mosaic clad ceramic undulating bench held up by 86 columns are just a few of the delights of Park Gruell. Everyone who visits can´t help but turn into an excited child in a fantasy land! (or maybe that was just me)



The ceramic bench

DSCN2276 (2)

This mosaic salamander is the most photographed item in Barcelona!



DSCN2262 (2)

Hypostyle Room with 86 columns

Inside the Hypostyle Room

Inside the Hypostyle Room

small peices of broken tiles and ceramics, often taken from demolition sites were used to create the mosaics in the park

Small pieces of broken tiles and ceramics, often taken from demolition sites, were used to create the colourful mosaics.


The Monumental Flight of Stairs, the ceramic bench is on top of the Hypostyle building.

Trying out the ceramic bench (with our pants on)

Trying out the ceramic bench (with our pants on)

The last stop of the day before boarding the ship was Gaudi´s Casa Batllo. Another fabulous house designed by the master architect for the Batllo family. The roof top with its fascinating chimneys is something else.

Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo


Roof top of Casa Batllo

A bonus to see all this with good friends who brought us a year´s supply of Maple syrup. What a great start to our trip.

More to come…..

All photographs by Darlene and Paul Foster

47 Responses to "Everything Gaudi"

Wow, Darlene. I’m so blown away, I’m almost on the ship with you. I’ve always had a fascination for Spain and want to go there. Spectacular architecture and fantastic photos. Thanks so much for sharing. ❤ ❤

You would love it here. I hope you make it and maybe we could meet up!! ❤

Wouldn’t t.h.a.t. be wonderful!
I’ve always had a yen for Spain–when when I was a child and had no way of knowing anything about it. ❤ ❤

It was so wonderful to share the day with you two and explore the park. You write so beautifully about it and it was special. hugs, lea and Robin

You and Robin were the perfect people to see this amazing park with. Thanks again for the maple syrup. Hope your Gaudi book arrived home OK.

Love the pun in your title – and pumpkin spice anytime. Pumpkins are everywhere in the USA now, but soon the orange of fall will turn into Christmas red and green.

Thanks for the architectural tour. You are having a ball, I can tell!

Pumpkin spice is not popular over here. In fact I don´t see many pumpkins either. Glad you liked the tour. This is just the beginning of 9 wonderful days, every one different!

What an incredible place, I had no idea it was so extensive. It must have taken ages to stick all those little bits of tiles everywhere. The salamander is very striking. Gaudi’s architecture is astonishing.

You can never get enough of Gaudi´s architecture. He was brilliant. I´m so glad I got to see the park. Initially it was supposed to be an environmentally friendly urbanization.

Fantastic photos Darlene, thanks for sharing. The tile structures are amazing. You surely had a great adventure.
blessings ~ maxi

Life is just one big adventure! The tiles were incredible.

I’ve been to Barcelona twice and visited La Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera, both fascinating, but I yet have to visit Güell park, as it is a long way out of town and one must get the tube and a bus from the city. I guess we’ll have to put it on our ever growing ‘must visit’ list. Thank you for these wonderful photos, Darlene, and I’m so glad you kept your pants on!!! 🙂

We didn´t get to it last time either because even from the bus it was a long walk up a steep hill and it was very hot. Glad it worked out this time. I´m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thought you would find it funny about the pants! 😀

I think I’ll be giggling about it and thinking of you when I finally go there!

Hi Darlene, your photographs are amazing and what a wonderful place! I’ve just added it to my bucket list.

Definitely “bucket list” worthy! Glad you enjoyed the photographs.

Darlene these photos are so fabulous. I can not believe we missed going ot Barcelona when we did our cycling tour there. It was pre-blog days and frankly I didn’t know what I was missing! Definitely hope to see this for myself one day.

A good reason to return. Let me know if you do and we will try to meet up!

Cool! 😀 Awesome photos! Hope someday I can go!

What a beautiful post. Each photograph is perfection. Is it really that beautiful everywhere you travel? Love the Pumpkin Spice Travel.

It seems to be, or maybe I just find beauty wherever I go. The pumpkin spice was such a treat and a nice reminder of home.

So lovely to see all those photos and yes Most certainly I would be a child again …nooooo problem . So glad you got your pumpkin spiced latte. As you know I moved , like you , a year or so ago . Not as many miles as you did I hasten to add but there are things we miss but think of all we’ve gained . Stay happy .

Oh yes, we always miss some things from home but it is balanced by all the wonderful new experiences. 😀

Wonderful post and lovely photos, which brought memories dating back many years. We tried to visit Sagrada Famila, but there was too long queue. Happily could visit in Finland World’s tallest ice Cathedral (Sagrada Família in ice).

Such an experience also.

Happy blogging!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just walking around the outside of Sagrada Familia was good enough for me. Loved it. There are so many wonderful things to see in this world. 😀

The ice cathedral is amazing. I didn´t know it existed.

Darlene,your photos draw an incredibly accurate picture of Gaudi’s Barcelona. 🙂

Thank you Carol. Great to see you here!

cool post, but it’s all a bit gaudy isn’t it!!

LOL! Thanks for stopping by.

We, too, enjoyed the Gaudi architecture during our one-week stay in Barcelona last month.

We stayed in Barcelona for a week 5 years ago and loved every minute. La Sagrada Familia is something else isn´t it. I went back to look at it twice. This time we only had a day but still saw a lot. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

Ah Gaudi! An absolute genius in my opinion. Loved all these pictures – thanks for bringing me back to Barcelona, Darlene.

I agree, he was a genius. Glad you could visit Barcelona through my blog!

Wonderful! I love the mosaic works. Glad you left pants on for the photo shoot! LOL

Those mosaics are something else. I thought my readers would appreciate us keeping our pants on!!

I love Gaudi! Makes me feel 13 years old again. Your photos are amazing. A Norwegian friend invited me to share a two room condo last summer. It was immediately after my Camino Portuguese so I could not return to Europe so soon. I visited Barcelona in 1975 but missed all the sights!!

I know you love Spain so you must visit Barcelona one day. You will need at least 3 days to see everything. You can walk to most places if you stay down town. There is also an inexpensive hop on hop off bus that takes you around the city. We were only there one day this time but spent 5 days a few years ago. So much to see and do. Just love it! The Gaudi stuff does make you feel like a tween. That´s why I included it in Amanda in Spain.

Loved his hotel in Astorga and one house I visited this year.

I haven´t been there. Have you ever been to Oviedo in Asturias? I´m going next month for a few days.

Delightful pictures .

Thanks Carl. Barcelona is a fun city!

Amazing clicks! We always make sure that we plan at least one trip a year to give ourselves a break from the routine schedule. This is definitely the next destination for my family trip. Thank you for sharing this information.

This would be a great choice. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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