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Santa Barbara Castle

Posted on: October 12, 2015


Our day trip to Villajoyosa ended with a stop at Santa Barbara Castle, overlooking the city of Alicante and the Mediterranean Sea. The very capable bus driver took us to the top of Mount Benecantil, 166 meters above the city, on a narrow, windy road. This was a large bus and we all held our breath as he barely made it through the castle entrance, built for horse and buggies.

The narrow entrance to the castle

The narrow entrance to the castle

Once there we had an hour to wander the castle and discover the history of Alicante on display in the museums throughout the castle. Archaeological remains from the Bronze Age, Iberian Age and Roman Times have been found on this site.



I enjoyed climbing around the many levels, checking out the dungeons, chapel, guardroom, bastions and turrets. I loved the wrought iron warriors and archers strategically placed around the castle.

The dungeons

The dungeons


The chapel ruins


Watch out for the archers!

Watch out for the archers!


Fascinating views of Alicante and the Mediterranean Sea

Fascinating views of Alicante and the Mediterranean Sea

This was fun for me as I visited this site a number of years ago and set a scene in Amanda in Spain in this very castle

kids posing with a warrior while dad takes a picture

Kids posing with a warrior while dad takes a picture

Another person posing for the camera.

Another person posing for the camera.

I can´t get enough of the rich history and fascinating castles around here.

52 Responses to "Santa Barbara Castle"

I’ve been there! Great place. Glad you enjoyed your visit to my birth town! ❤ 🙂

I thought of you. It is a great place!! ❤

Not all Santa Barbaras are in California. You proved that with this post. Refreshing and educational. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving this weekend. There is a special card waiting for you on my Facebook page, Darlene.

Thank you so much for the special card. We are incredibly thankful for everything we have and most of all for the wonderful family and friends we are blessed with. Glad you enjoyed the post.

How interesting and what a view of the town and coast from the castle.

It is an incredible view. I guess it was good for seeing the enemy from land or sea in the old days!

Don’t you know it.

What an amazing place Darlene – I don’t think I’d like to see one of those archers though… Great pictures!

They would be OK if they were on your side, protecting the castle. It was amazing!!

One hour? That’s all they gave you? I could get lost there for an entire day. Thanks for sharing.

I know, an hour was not enough. The time I was there before I spent an afternoon there. I guess it was just to give you a taste.

Looks like a fabulous spot to explore! I think the placement of the archers is most clever. Makes me smile to look at them. 🙂

I thought they were very clever. They were not there when I visited a few years ago.

Soak up all you can …history is fascinating . Love the archer . Did I actually see a cloud in that blue sky? 😄

There were a few clouds but not enough to keep out the sun. It was about 33 degrees Celsius. I love history!

That looks a most interesting place and the view from the top is wonderful. I like the creamy coloured stone, it looks so beautiful against the blue sky. Keep on bringing us these lovely sunny pictures. 🙂

I hope to keep you warm all fall and winter. Off to Italy on a cruise and hoping for more sunny weather.

Hooray! An Italian cruise? How lovely, I’m looking forward to your photos. 🙂

I am excited as I have not been to Italy before. Also a stop in France and Malta!! There will be pictures.

Darlene, you go to the nicest places! They are not just beautiful but also very interesting. I miss vacationing near the sea.

I come from the prairies and can´t get enough of the sea. These places are so interesting. Glad you enjoy them!

I really enjoyed the photos Darlene – and a castle named after me – who knew! hehe

I always knew you were royal!! Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Yikes. Heights. Still, it sounds adventurous and exciting to visit. The pictures are stunning. Thank you, Darlene. Keep them coming. 😀

It was fun to go back in time, feeling very safe from invaders high up on the mountain! Glad you enjoyed the pictures Tess.

Yes, the pictures bring us there with you, looking over your shoulder. 😀 Yours were fantastic. ❤

Amazing! I would never want to go home 🙂

Fortunately, home isn´t very far away now. I do need to go back and explore some more. Life is good!!

what a beautiful place

It is stunning! Thanks for stopping by!

Now that’s a REAL castle!

Oh yes, people lived here at one time.

Wow Darlene, that fortress wall going up the hillside reminds me of what we just saw in Kotor, Montenegro. And that beautiful turret has a twin in Malta. This is definitely going on my must-see list. 🙂 ~Terri

We just returned from Malt and saw its twin! You would love this castle. I would come and meet you and give you a guided tour should you come here!!

This is a dream trip for me. Have always wanted to visit sites like this. Again, your photographs are gorgeous. Glad you had such a great time!

You would just love it Patricia. I´m sure you will visit it or something like it one day!

Loved this. Great pictures.

Glad you enjoyed it Holly!

[…] 5. Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante, Spain. By Darlene Foster @ DarleneFostersBlog […]

Thanks for coming to visit me today Darlene, I’m enjoying keeping up with on Facebook. x

There are so many ways to keep in touch, which is wonderful. Glad to be able to do so. All the best!

It’s an amazing looking place. I’m not sure about those soldiers, though. (Psst, don’t tell anyone, but I’m not sure they’re real.)

You helped me get ready for my Halloween costume as a witch because now I am green. Green with envy! I hope some time I can visit this Santa Barbara that is not in California. Fabulous photos.

Glad I could be of help!! Hope you make it to the first Santa Barbara someday.

I’m putting it on my wish list. Spain was never on it, to be honest, but you promote your life and adventures there beautifully, and your posts have changed my mind. xo

Hi Darlene, great place.. and I have linked you to My Sharona on my post this week.. https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/memories-are-made-of-this-1979-the-mawddach-estuary-and-monty-python/ hope you enjoy.. hugs

Thanks so much for the mention.Enjoyed the post.

Castle ghosts are actually very friendly.

Lucky lucky you! Glad I could live a little through your post–thanks!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

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