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Photo Journal of Amanda in Arabia

Posted on: October 6, 2015

A writer friend of mine, Christa Polkinhorn, recently posted a picture tour of her latest book, The Italian Sister, which I thought was a great idea. Check out her blog, and her wonderful books that take place in interesting places. christa-polkinhorn.blogspot.com

This prompted me to think about how my pictures have inspired me while writing my Amanda books. Visiting the United Arab Emirates was a dream come true for me as well as for Amanda. So here are some photos that inspired my first book, Amanda in Arabia-The Perfume Flask

The perfume flask

The perfume flask Amanda buys in a shop called Aladdin´s Treasures

The desert

The very desert in the United Arab Emirates where Amanda gets lost.

With friends in the mountains

Amanda also visits the rugged UAE mountains with friends

Amanda couldn´t get over the silly goats in the trees!

Amanda can´t get over the silly goats in the trees!

She was intrigued by the painted doors

She is intrigued by the painted doors and gates

and she fell in love with the camels, especially Ali Baba

and she fell in love with the camels, especially Ali Baba!

What have I been up to lately?



As you can see, I have been very busy finishing the next Amanda travel adventure book.

38 Responses to "Photo Journal of Amanda in Arabia"

You must be exhausted typing that quickly Darlene! 😉
What a super idea, it certainly demonstrates some of the inspiration behind your writing. I will be going over to Christa’s blog as soon as I leave this comment.

Yes, my fingers are sore!! Christa is a very interesting person as you will see shortly. I love how I get ideas from other bloggers.

Oh that was a fabulous tour of your inspirations Darlene. You look very busy these days and I must say your arms have gotten very hairy. 🙂

It is amazing how hair grows over here!!

Great photos and cat video, but don’t forget to breath while you type!!! 🙂

Oh yes, I need to breath!!

Ooops! Sorry, that should have been breathe! I thought I had pressed the final ‘e’ on keyboard!

LOL! I knew what you meant.

I love it. Great pics. And that cat, oh, my. Could you send her/him over to finish my WIP?

Thanks for the idea!! Yes, I will send the cat over as soon as I am finished!

Books with benefits – an author who travels. What a way to get a taste of many world. And some of it tax deductible too.

I believe that kitty cat needs to learn a few yoga poses – ha!

I am teaching him some of my yoga moves. He just needs to burn of all that nervous energy! He is just so cute, I had to share him.

Thanks for sharing some of what inspired you, Darlene.

At that rate I expect to hear very soon of your newest Amanda book!

Images are a must for inspiration . When I go out for early morning walks I take with me my trusty camera and come back with alsorts then put pen to paper when I get home . It’s surprising where the path takes you .

Walking and taking picture is a perfect combination for stirring the imagination!

I am especially taken with the perfume flask, and agree photos play an important part in the writing process. Thank you for sharing. All the photos are motivating and pictures are well captured. 🙂 ❤

I brought that perfume flask home with me from my travels in The UAE. Somehow I knew it would be the start of something exciting for me. Little did I know it would get my writing career off to a good start.

Lucky you. It IS gorgeous and stimulates the imagination 😀 😀

That is a beautiful perfume flask, and I have to admit, I am often distracted by doors with artistic paintings.

Where ever I go, I seem to be drawn to interesting doors.

This is a lovely idea. Our characters do come to life, don’t they?

They are like best friends after awhile. ❤

This is certainly true. Sometimes the characters in my novels almost seem more real than the “real” people in my life. LOL.

That is such a pretty door! It’s painted but looks like stained glass.

I know, I just loved it. There were many interesting painted doors in the area. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I enjoyed the photo tour, that was a good idea. Don’t forget to refresh yourself frequently with tasty treats during all that typing.

I have a stash of chocolate that will do the trick!!

Yay! More Amanda! 😀

now you know where I get my ideas!! 😀

How nice to see the landscape that inspired your book. Now I see why my parents wouldn’t let me have a goat.

Why not a goat? They would keep the grass cut and the trees trimmed. It was very amusing to see them in the trees. (Not sure I would let my kids have one for a pet either)

Thanks for sharing a little behind-the-scenes peek into how you get your story ideas! I love finding examples of authors and idea-getting to share with my students. Thanks for linking up with the #KidLitBlogHop!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I´m glad you enjoyed the post.

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