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Lunch in the Country

Posted on: September 29, 2015

There are many good restaurants in our Spanish coastal town but I find the best places seem to be tucked away in the country. We recently took a thirty minute drive with our neighbours to a small place called Rebate, for lunch. The food was delicious and the tranquil setting sublime. Indoor and outdoor seating was available. Of course we chose to eat on the terrace over looking Mediterranean trees and shrubs.

DSCN2025 (2)



The view from the terrace

Everyone else ordered the Menu del Dia (menu of the day) which came with a bowl of refreshing gazpacho and an amazing assortment of tapas for starters, which the others kindly shared with me.



I forgot to take a picture of my main course but you can believe me when I say it was well presented and very tasty. I ordered the salmon with a mango sauce on a bed of bright green beans surrounded by grilled aubergines and yoghurt, from the a la cart menu. I ate every crumb. The others enjoyed their main course as well.

Dessert came with the menu of the day, and once again I was invited to share the exquisite assortment.


DSCN2020 (2)

We were treated to live music.


Rebate, formally a hamlet with a handful of residences and a little chapel, was taken over by the Van Iseghem family during the 1960’s where it became a citrus farm before they converted the original houses into the restaurant in 2002. The lovely chapel remains and is often used for weddings, the reservoir is now a duck pond and one of the out houses is a small gift shop. There are a couple of waterfalls on the premises and local animals can be seen wandering about.



Inside the small church, often used for weddings

It was everything I love, good food in pleasant surroundings. We will return to this spot.



36 Responses to "Lunch in the Country"

Driving to the country seems a small price to pay for a scrumptious meal. You are living your dream, Darlene, and we are fortunate enough to participate vicariously. Thank you!

I notice the chalkboard sign is in English.

Yes, I noticed that too. The menu was in Spanish, English and German. It was a lovely drive along twisty roads, past orange and lemon groves, so it was part of the charm. I am so pleased to have all of my readers along with me on this adventure!

What a lovely place! And the food looks mouth-watering too!

looks lovely and yummy. we are going to be in Barcelona soon!

You would love these little out of the way places Lea! When will you be in Barcelona? We are going on a cruise from there on October 16, stopping in France, Italy and Malta.

How lovely Darlene, I am suitably jealous of the sunshine, food and good company. But I’m pleased you had such a nice time.

And I am jealous of your Christmas company. So it all evens out!

It all looks so lovely. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

Thanks for joining me on my adventures!

To think this bliss is 30 minutes from home is really like a dream. Good for you to go after yours!

It is like a dream and sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if I am awake!!

What a lovely view to go with your meal.

The view was quite amazing. You would have found birds to photograph there!

Darlene, the food looks amazing! I just had lunch but am feeling a bit hungry again. Such a lovely view as well.

Sorry I made you hungry. I must admit I ate a lot but it was all so good.

What a beautiful setting, everything looks utterly delightful and perfect for a lunch out. You live in a wonderful part of the world. Your photos make me long to go to Spain. What sort of temperature have you got there at the moment?

Right now it is about 25 degrees Celsius. Yesterday it rained a bit. It is perfect. We really like it here and there are many folks here from the UK.

That temperature sounds wonderful, warm enough to sit outside but not so hot that all you want to do is lie still.

I love Spanish food. The pictures look tantalising too!

I got this message too. I am enjoying the Spanish food a lot and what makes it even more special is that I can eat it outside most of the time!

That looks like a great time! 🙂

it was and very yummy!!

I really love your photo journals — it make me long to visit. So much to explore. And you are good seeing through the lense. I love Spanish food too.

I always feel the photos don´t do it justice but pleased everyone enjoys them. Thanks for tweeting as well.

Ooooo I’m getting all jealous 😊 That blue sky not a cloud and the food looks mouth watering …you lucky lady ….I am enjoying your experience as much as your are .

It´s fun to enjoy an experience vicariously isn´t it. I so love the blue skies!!

Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful place. The tapas and desserts look amazing!

They tasted as good as they look! Thanks for following my blog Marcia.

That looks amazing! I’m heading to Barcelona for a couple of months pretty soon and so excited to have some experiences like this!

You will love it! Thanks for following my blog. Enjoy Barcelona, it is incredible.

How lovely! I’ve never been to Spain, but perhaps it needs to move up on the list. The food makes the cereal I’m about to eat seem mighty pathetic…
Do they say something in Spain before the meal–like Mahlzeit in German, or Bon appetit? 🙂

You would love Spain and Spain would love you. A great place to people watch. I have not heard any before meal sayings. I´ll investigate.

I just checked, the words they say usually are ¡Buen apetito! although there are a few variations of it. I must pay more attention.

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