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A Visit to an Alpaca Farm

Posted on: September 20, 2015

Gabriola Island is a wonderful place to visit and since my daughter lives on a nearby island, I have had many opportunities to spend time on this peaceful paradise. On one occasion we visited an alpaca farm, much to my delight. I love camels and llamas; and alpacas are also part of the family of camelids. I was surprised to find that these creatures are so unique and loveable, with individual personalities. Here are a few pictures from my visit to these delightful creatures prized for their fine wool.



What´s not to love about this guy!


Getting a kiss from an alpaca

Getting a kiss from an alpaca





The wee ones




Daughter, her partner and his daughter. Love my family!

Daughter, her partner and his daughter at the alpaca farm . Love my family!

Children who love animals volunteer at the farm and are happy to show you around. You can purchase lovely alpaca hand made items in the shop.To learn more about Paradise Island Alpacas here is the website:


and here is a great video:


Have you been to a farm with unique animals?


38 Responses to "A Visit to an Alpaca Farm"

They’re adorable, and I like the built-in leg warmers. Funnily enough, I was just thinking this morning that I might make a visit to an alpaca centre when I go to the Lake District next month. I’ve never been to such a place before, although there is a field not far from where I live where there are llamas that I’ve admired over the fence. Lovely picture of your daughter’s family at the end.

Great minds think alike!! Enjoy your visit to the Lake District. I look forward the photos. I just had to add the picture of my daughter and family.

Alpacas truly are beautiful animals. We have 2 in our school as part of the Horticulture Studies and they are very popular among staff and students. Glad to know you had such a lovely time. And your family is beautiful too.

How wonderful you have alpacas in your school! I had a great time and it is always good to spend time with family.

They are so cute! This looks like a fun place to visit… 🙂

What great pictures! I love knitting with their wool also.

I have heard it is very pleasant to work with. I like that they are raised for their wool and not for food or manual labour.

Gorgeous pictures, Darlene. I love alapaca as well and was fortunate to see them in their natural habitat in Peru!

That would be incredible to see them in Peru.

so beautiful and sweet, not too many things are more adorable than Alpaca’s!

Thanks for the visit. They are adorable aren´t they.

You got them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I think they’re adorable!

I didn´t realize they came in such a variety. They are so people friendly too.

They are adorable and they always seem to be smiling, don’t they? I haven’t seen any unique animals. Ought to make a trip to the Singapore Zoo soon for I hear that things have changed (major ways) since I last visited it about 20 years ago!

Alpacas are very good natured animals. I think a trip to the Singapore Zoo would be wonderful. Zoos are much more natural now than they used to be.

My daily walk takes me past a field of alpacas. They are beautiful creatures. I think the owners take them around all the local country fairs, so they are very used to people and always pause in whatever they are doing to watch me walk past. I find myself waving and smiling at them!
Your photos are lovely. xx

They probably consider you a friend as they see you daily. Sounds like a lovely walk. Glad you liked the photos. ❤

What adorable photos Darlene! The alpacas are so sweet but it is the family photos that really warm my heart. As far as unique animals I find that when we are cycling in communities south of Calgary there seem to be a fair number of llamas. Seeing them beside the horses in the pasture always makes me smile.

That is true, there seems to be an abundance of alpacas in southern Alberta, When my dad sold his ranch near Medicine Hat, the new owner included alpacas in his livestock. Glad you enjoyed the family photos as well as the adorable creatures.

Have never been close to an alpaca. The picture you took really capture the personality of each one. One looks like he/she is sending a kiss. What beautiful creatures!

They are very special and so people friendly. Thanks for tweeting about my visit.

Aren’t they adorable . I remember some years back walking our local hills and we had to walk past a feild of Lammas and we thought we were seeing things …what are the sheep on these days we thought . Then we realised what they were . Wouldn’t mind a jumper from their wool.

I would have thought the same thing! They are so adorable and friendly. My daughter bought her man a sweater from the same farm. It is very nice.

I’ve met several alpacas in my life. Each has their own personality. Some are very quirky looking. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for visiting my blog Diane. Alpacas do have individual personalities don´t they.

Adorable photos ~ brought a big smile to my face. Love the alpacas! My husband’s uncle is a “shearer” so we’ve gone to a couple of farms to see alpacas.

Glad to bring a smile to your face. Have a great weekend.

Love the photos, Darlene. They are such lovable creatures, so gentle.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures of this sweet animals.

Wonderful pictures! Each animal seems to have its own personality. We have llamas nearby, but your new friends look a bit fuzzier and the baby ones are adorable. Thanks for sharing your visit! 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog Marcia. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Not sure of you got my last comment, so just saying that I love Spanish food and the pictures look tantalising!

I am enjoying the Spanish food. I also love eating outside so it is such a treat for me!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

You are so right, they each have their own distinct personality. ❤

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