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Waterfalls, A Mountain Village and a Salt and Pepper Museum

Posted on: September 14, 2015

There has been less than one hour of rain in the past four months here on the Costa Blanca. Temperatures soared to over forty degrees Celsius in July and August so we didn´t feel like venturing very far. Things are now back to comfortable temperatures so we decided to take a bus to Les Fonts de Algar and the charming village of Guadalest tucked in the mountains. The waterfalls were pretty and we enjoyed our leisurely walk around them. Some brave souls took a dip in the clear turquoise waters but we decided to stay on dry ground.

Les Fonts de L´Algar

Les Fonts de L´Algar



DSCN1872 (2)

Once back on the bus, the heavens opened and it poured rain. Not a pleasant little shower but a deluge. It rained all the way up the twisty mountain road to Guadalest. Not prepared, we got totally soaked running from the bus to a nearby restaurant.  After a nice meal, we purchased umbrellas and went exploring in the rain. To my delight, we discovered a Salt and Pepper Museum with over 20,000 salt and pepper shakers on display. A most pleasant way to spend a rainy afternoon. Here are a few for you.






Guadalest is home to six museums, all quite unique. Time did not permit me to visit all of them and a couple were closed. I stopped in at a miniature museum which was also very interesting and well put together. I didn´t however visit the Museum of Medieval Torture as I am a bit squeamish, but it looked cool. Maybe next time.

DSCN1939 (2)

Guadalest is a picturesque village with interesting streets and a castle overlooking it. Just as we were about to board the bus to return home, the sun came out!


Castell de Guadalest overlooking the town

The streets of Guadalest

The streets of Guadalest


Trust us to take this trip on one of the few rainy days. It was a good day in spite of it and we laughed all the way home.  Fortunately, we had visited this place a few years ago on a sunny day.


Guadalest on a sunny day

36 Responses to "Waterfalls, A Mountain Village and a Salt and Pepper Museum"

What a lovely day out, despite the heavy rain. I like the sound of the miniature museum, what sort of things were in it? The salt and pepper museum sounds terrific, I love the silver llamas.

I loved the silver llamas too. The items in the miniature museum were so small you had to look at them through magnifying glasses. There was a bull ring on a pinhead, a bible on a hair and a painting by El Greco on a grain of rice to name a few. It was incredible.

Wow, that is amazing, I’d love to see the miniature things.

I must add Guadalest to my ‘must visit’ list when we finally retire in south east Spain. It certainly is pretty and I love the Salt and Pepper Museum: how original! Sorry about all that rain. We also encountered some mighty downpours a bit later on in our trip, once back in France.

The rain was badly needed as you know so we didn´t complain. It just caught us by surprise. The salt and pepper museum was special.

You are compiling quite a geography book of adventures here, all rich material for future writing. I’m glad the salt and pepper shaker exhibit is a museum and not a store; otherwise, I’d be tempted to violate my “No more stuff” rule now that we’re downsizing. Great photos and post, as always, Darlene.

They did sell some unique salt and pepper shakers in the attached gift shop so you may have left with an addition. I was happy with all my pictures as a souvenir.

Looks like a great way to spend the day ~ despite the rain. Everything looked so pretty!

Everything was very pretty and the rain helped to freshen things up so it was OK.

It sounds like the rain was much needed just badly timed. I am so intrigued by the salt and pepper shakers. I’m afraid someone would need to drag me out of the place as I snapped unique combinations. Thanks for taking me there. 🙂

Someone did have to drag me out as I kept going around and around finding more unique sets every time. I took tons of pictures. It was hard to decide which ones to share.

Looks like a beautiful day! I love waterfalls. 🙂 So many interesting and very unique salt and pepper shakers. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for stopping in. Pleased you enjoyed the post.

The Museum of Medieval Torture ~ I would have visited that! Your post makes me want to travel somewhere, Darlene. Exploring in the rain, checking out museums and being near waterfalls … sounds splendid.

It was a great day in spite of being soaked through and through. I may have to check out the torture museum next visit.

It’s so lovely to get a tour of your delightful home rain or shine it’s just as interesting . I liked the salt and pepper pot museum . I had a Mr and Mrs Santa pepper pot one but I think one broke and one wasn’t so good without the other 😏

It is a great place, rain or shine. The museum is a collection of one woman´s salt and pepper shakers!

Hello Darlene, I was about to say I could do with some of your sunshine when you mentioned the rain! That made me feel right at home – but I wish it was possible to enjoy a bit more summer before winter sets in.

I enjoyed all your beautiful photographs, and the Salt and Pepper Museum looks amazing.

After the one day, we have sunshine again. It was just the day we ventured out! It wasn´t a cold rain, just very wet. You would have enjoyed the S & P museum.

What a lovely time you are having exploring your new surroundings. Lovely photographs.

It has been fun. Thanks Judith.

Looks like such a beautiful place, Darlene. Great pictures.

The pictures don´t do it justice but you get the idea. Glad you liked them.

I like the stone steps. The silver and glass salt & pepper that looks like bunches of grapes caught my eye. What a pretty piece to adorn a dining table. That’s a pretty top you’re wearing in front of the waterfall. Spain looks good on you! I don’t know that I’d want to see a museum of torture, either. How could people do that to each other?

So pleased you enjoyed the pictures. The top is a gift from a friend from Mexico. It is nice and cool as it is made of 100% cotton. I went to a wax museum of torture a few years ago and it upset me.

In some ways, the rainfall must have been welcome and heaven sent, since you’ve gone through the hot summer with so little. Sounds a bit like the SF bay area, where it’s a drought and so brown and dry: when a little drizzle occurs, you’d think they were experiencing a flood! :-0
Loved your photos and the museums are extraordinary. Who’d ever think there’d be a museum for salt and pepper shakers? These are so neat.

The rain was indeed welcome. For such a small place to have six museums was something. The S & P shakers were amazing. I really need to put them in a story one day.

Definitely – if you don’t, I might! 🙂

Lovely pictures. And yes! Gabriola Island is such a great place. Your family looks wonderful.

Thanks Niamh. I forgot that you spent time off the west coast of Canada. My family is wonderful.

Oh Darlene – I cant believe you have moved to Spain How wonderful! This looks absolutely beautiful – what a magical place. Thanks for the visit – its always lovely to have you pop in on my now very infrequent visits to the world of blogging. You look so well ….. I’m thrilled for you 🙂

How very wonderful to hear from you. We are having fun exploring Spain. Always nice to see your blog. ❤

What an interesting place! You must be happy to explore there.

There are so many cool places to explore around here. Thanks for visiting.

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