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A Poem for Grandma

Posted on: August 30, 2015

I don´t consider myself a poet. I have far to much respect for poets to include myself as one of them. But I once composed a poem about my dear grandmother, although not that good, conveys how I felt about her. A cousin found it in a family history book and sent it to me recently. I thought I would share it.


I feel her blood running through my veins

I see her in my dreams

In my daughter´s determination

She often comes to mind

when I am baking

I still feel her soft warm hugs

Hear her reassuring words

Letting me know I am loved

I feel her frustrations

Dreams that didn´t work out

The power of her love for her family

The lack of love for herself

Her confusion enters my mind

Her craziness stirs my soul

We lost so much when she left us

She left us with so much

Darlene Foster, 1999


My grandmother, Lydia (Hoffman) Mehrer, was born in 1910 and passed away in 1978 at only 68 years old. I loved her so much and miss her everyday.

A picture of her and my grandfather shortly after they married in 1928. Grandpa kept this picture in his wallet for years. I have a copy hanging in my office above my computer to keep me going.

Gramma & Grampa Mehrer

Grandma and Grandpa with their  six children taken in 1950. My mom is standing next to Grandma.


I was the first of  her 32 grandchildren.  She was a wonderful grandmother who loved us unconditionally and made us all feel special. I consider myself blessed to have had her in my life.

Page in the family history book

Page in the family history book

25 Responses to "A Poem for Grandma"

I salute you! I think that’s a lovely poem. I have no idea how people write poetry, it’s an art form that completely baffles me, but I enjoyed reading your words and I think they do a great job of conjuring up a personality. I’m sure your grandmother would have been very touched and grateful if she could read it and I expect you held a special place in her heart, being her first grandchild.

Thank you for your kind words. She did always make me feel so special. We really clicked and understood each other well.

Exactly what you would hope for in a Grandma. I love reading your family stories, they’re so heart-warming.

As I get older, I appreciate my family more and more. I´m happy to share these stories about them.

Beautiful! I am sure your Grandma would have loved it! 🙂

Thanks. I think so to.

That beautiful poem speaks volumes bless you lovely grandma Cherry

Sent from my iPhone


Thanks, pleased you feel that way about it.

Darlene, your poem fills my eyes and touches my heart. You were blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother.
blessings ~ maxi

I was blessed indeed. Blessings back Maxi!

Love the last two lines! Wouldn’t it be great if things could come full-circle and people could begin seeking to emulate our grandparents and their solid values again?

I see those values in my children and grandchildren, and it warms my heart. Thanks Jan.

The pulse of family sounds strong and steady in your poem and photos. 😉

I like how you put that Marian. Pleased you liked the poem and pictures.

Dear Darlene, such a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. I had tears in my eyes as I read it, and it is good – very good!
I just called over to let you know your post is now live on my blog, how fortuitous. I’m glad I didn’t miss this lovely poem. Barbara x

I am pleased that the poem evoked emotion from others than myself. Thanks for posting my article n your blogsite!

Darlene your poem warms my heart. I was very close to my Grandma too and if born in another place and time her life would have been very different. Your eloquent words really touched me.

I feel that way about my grandma as well. I´m pleased to hear my poem touched you and reminded you of the love you had for your grandma.

That is a really moving poem. It seems like your grandmother was a great person! 🙂

She was awesome. I was lucky to have her. Make sure you tell your grandmother you love her every chance you get. 😀

While the rest of the kids were running all over the place I spent a lot of time in the kitchen being grandma’s little helper. Time well spent. Combined with my own particular acumen I am a very good “get it ready and tasty in 30 minutes” bachelor cook.

Grandmas are the best cooks and the best teachers. My grandma was great at using leftovers to create something fast and tasty!

She sounds like my grandmother and my mom and her sisters. Full of life and love. We are lucky to have such good memories. I think your poem reveals the person you remember.

We are indeed lucky to have these memories. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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