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How to stay creative.

Posted on: August 27, 2015

Some great tips on how to stay creative. How about trying a new flavour of ice cream!! Thanks Susie

living your best

In my last post, I mentioned that even the happiest of people will have their off-days as they feel unmotivated, uninspired, or are emotionally unavailable. Another area you can shut down in is creativity – the inability to create new ideas, ways to have fun, or problem solve.

Whether you’re a stay home parent or working professional, it’s important to stimulate your mind on a daily basis so you can grow and stay engaged. Sometimes, this may mean stepping away from electronic gadgets or changing up the daily routine. As your creative juices begin to flow back, your mind will be open to new ideas and find creative solutions to problems. You’ll also notice an extra pep in your step and a lighthearted joy in your days. Here are 12 simple ways on how to stay creative:

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18 Responses to "How to stay creative."

Something’s gotta happen for me. Very very few new cartoon ideas last few months.

I know, it comes and goes. I found the move stopped my creativity for awhile but it has come back. Going for a walk really seems to help me. New ideas will be popping up soon, Carl, I just know it.

I need to travel more and try an ice cream flavor other than chocolate – ha!

Maybe I’ll take the bus while I’m at it. The Metro Jax runs just about 1/3 mile from my street.

Right now I’m adding detail and dialogue to my memoir, very draining. Thanks for the breath of fresh air, which I believe is one definition of inspiration.

Oh yes, a breath of fresh air does help the creativity flowing. The finishing touches are always draining when writing (or doing anything creative for that matter) but always so worth it. Good luck with your memoir. ❤

I’m doing the same thing, Marian!! Adding detail and deepening scenes. Fun but hard. How many times do we have to relive the life we lived? I am half a mind just to put it behind me and forget it. I don’t have any humor for it. It was not funny.

Some good ideas there. The doodling one particularly struck me because I used to doodle a lot but I very rarely do it these days.

When I worked with youth at risk, I always kept paper and pencils on the table so they could doodle while I talked. It worked very well for keeping their attention and prompting ideas. On the list should have been, try a new scone!

That’s an interesting way of doing things, encouraging them to doodle while you talked. I seem to remember that as a child listening to adults I was supposed to sit still and give them my full attention. I couldn’t agree more about the scone suggestion. 🙂

I love that jpg of creativity boosters, Darlene!

And such good ideas, too. Thanks so much! 🙂

Glad you liked the ideas. I thought they were great.

What positive ideas to get the creative juices flowing . I quite like the idea of trying a new ice cream flavor …why not , it could evoke hidden passions you didn’t know you had . Mmmm now then chili chocolate that sounds like fun .

Chili chocolate does sound like fun! Go for it. Glad you liked the ideas. ❤

Good ideas Darlene! Thanks for sharing.

You most likely do all of them and more!

Darlene I do all of them but one I need to work on and that is reading! I always feel more creative when I do but I will admit this is one of my weak points.

That was the good thing about commuting an hour each way to work, on public transit, I could read! Of course occasionally I got so into my book, I missed my stop. Oops!

Great list. And I would add — look into the mirror each morning and forgive yourself. Will be traveling soon for two weeks.

A good one Patricia. Enjoy your travels. 😀

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