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Guest Post: Amanda in Alberta | Darlene Foster

Posted on: July 29, 2015

It´s been a year since we launched Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone. To celebrate I am a guest on the fabulous blog site Mother Daughter Book Reviews

Guest Post: Amanda in Alberta | Darlene Foster.

Book Description:

Amanda has travelled to some interesting places like the United Arab Emirates, Spain and England. She has always enjoyed herself, in spite of the dangerous situations she has found herself in. This time her BFF, Leah from England, is coming to visit her in Alberta. Will she be able to find enough fun things for them to do? After all it is only Alberta, her home province in Canada.

Read more about the book, a great review and a message from me here. Pop over to the site, make a comment and share if you wish, to help me celebrate.

Thanks so much for the support all of you have given me and Amanda over the past few years. 

Amanda in Alberta is born!

Amanda in Alberta is born!

Faithful supporters at the book launch July 2014

Faithful supporters at the book launch July 2014


My biggest fan and official photographer

My biggest fan and official photographer

25 Responses to "Guest Post: Amanda in Alberta | Darlene Foster"

Congratulations on the one year anniversary of Amanda in Alberta!

Well done, Darlene! It must have been fun writing the Canadian one, did you find it harder or easier than the others, given your familiarity with the country?

At first I found it harder as I couldn´t find the excitement I had when visiting a new country. But as I did research and travelled with my grandson to some of the sites, it all came together and I enjoyed writing it. I did do a lot more research as I thought, I better get the facts right about my own country or I will really look stupid.

That was what I was wondering, if far from being easy it would actually be more challenging. You get used to your own surroundings and forget how awe inspiring they would be to a stranger. I imagine all that research helped you to see it through new eyes.

Congratulations on your anniversary. I have some catching up to do. Great photos.

I love you sharing your “wins” with us. The picture of your biggest fan was a great treat as well – tell him thanks for supporting you in your quest!


I will pass the message on to him. Thanks Nancy.

Congratulations Darlene! I enjoyed reading your comment how traveling with your grandson was helpful in the writing and inspiration.

I mention him at the back of the book as my research assistant!

Congratulations Darlene, you deserve all the support in the world. I will pop over to Mother Daughter book reviews now.


Congratulations Darlene , what fun you must be having . What gave you the idea of Amanda in the first place ? Just wondered .

Thanks Cherry. It was a trip I took to the United Arab Emirates that inspired the first book.

YAY!!!!! 😀

And thanks for the great review!!!

Congratulations on the first year anniversary of AMANDA IN ALBERTA!

Thanks so much Claudine!!

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