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Final Day of The 5 Day Challenge

Posted on: June 18, 2015

It´s now day 5 of the Five Day Challenge. This is how it works: Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.

This is my picture for day 5

11071564_10153267314708936_3092559696858088784_n[1] (2)

Family Picture 1909

This is one of my favourite family pictures. As you can see it is very old. It is of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, Henry and Katherina Hoffman, my great Uncle Gust and Great Aunts, Tillie and Lindina. Great Grandmother is expecting  my grandmother in this picture. The family had just arrived in Canada from South Russia. As Germans living in South Russia, they could no longer stay due to the political climate at the time. After crossing the Atlantic in a cattle ship, they were about to travel by train across Canada to their homestead in southern Alberta. The journey was delayed by a stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where my grandmother, Lydia, was born. Once settled on the prairies, Great Grandmother gave birth to nine more children. I remember her as a strong, hardworking woman who always put family first.

This will be my last blog for a couple of weeks as I am travelling to Canada soon to attend a Hoffman family reunion in southern Alberta where the many descendants of these hardy, brave individuals will celebrate with food and stories, and carry on the tradition of family get-togethers. I expect to see well over one hundred relatives. We are all forever grateful that these incredible people made the decision to immigrate to Canada when they did.

Now I would like to nominate Marylin at Things I want to Tell my Mother Marylin writes wonderful stories about her mother, before the onset of Alzheimer´s, in a compassionate and often humorous style. You will enjoy her blog.

Thank you so much for following these posts.

33 Responses to "Final Day of The 5 Day Challenge"

Wonderful story and old picture, Darlene.Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful trip home.
I plan on taking the summer off (away from blogging) early July. See you in September. ❤ ❤

Have a wonderful summer. Thanks for following and for all the great comments. ❤ ❤

You are welcome, Darlene. 🙂

Enjoyed the wonderful family stories and the pictures. Have a wonderful time in Canada with the Hoffman family!

Thanks Christa. We will have a great time, we always do.

What a way to end this 5-day challenge, Darlene. You outdid yourself with this antique photograph and story about your ancestors portrayed.

Safe travels!

Thanks Marian. I am so pleased we have this picture taken upon their arrival to Canada. Did they know all the challenges ahead of them?

This is my favourite of all your photos . You own a slice of your own families history . There , literally in black and white , is your great grandmother about to have your grandmother wow! What courageous people they were …we have a lot to thank our ancestors for don’t we Darlene. Have a great holiday .

Thanks for following and commenting Chel. We do have a lot to be thankful for.

What a wonderful picture, your great grandparents must have been quite an amazing couple. Have a lovely time with your clan.

They were quite amazing. It is incredible how a decision over 100 years ago can affect so many people!

What an incredible family history! I love that picture, as not many of us are lucky enough to have photos of our great grandparents. They were indeed brave and amazing people with a taste for adventure, which I always admire.
I hope you’ll have a lovely time with your family and I look forward to reading all about it and seeing the pictures when you get back. Have a safe and lovey journey. 🙂

Thanks Fatima! I am indeed fortunate to have picture like these and to come from such strong and adventurous stock! There will be stories and pictures when I return. ❤

Yes, this is my favorite of your photos. Your family left Russia before things got really difficult. What an interesting heritage you have.

Have a great trip!

It would have been very difficult for them if they had stayed. Although it was hard for them to leave and they encountered many hardships along the way, it was the best decision. I look forward to my trip.

Great picture and [true] story! 🙂 Have fun in Canada! 😀

I will, thanks. Can´t wait to see the grandkids!

Neat post! Hope you have a wonderful time in Canada – a great time to visit there now, in early summer.

A perfect time to visit! Glad you enjoyed the post!!

I love the old family photo and the story. 🙂 Family history fascinates me.

Have a great trip back to Canada and enjoy your family reunion.

I am so pleased we have a good record of our family history in pictures and writing.

Great story. I’m always fascinated by these old photos. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for stopping by!

Love old photos like that. Enjoy your time in Canada at your family reunion…I’m sure it will be special.

Thanks Karen! Will do.

Wow, I don’t think I have such pictures of my grandparents when they were kids. (They came over from China and I suppose didn’t have many chances of taking photographs at studios.) Enjoy your time in Canada, Darlene!

I was so pleased we still have this picture.

I love seeing old family photos. Such a great piece of history. Enjoy your time in Canada.

Old family photos are the best. Our family saves everything, thank heaven!

Hello Darlene, what an amazing photograph. I love hearing tales of your family thank you so much for sharing them. Have a wonderful trip, Barbara x

I´m pleased you enjoy these family stories. We all have a history we try to keep alive. Just returned. Had a great time!

Hello Darlene. I’ve just been looking through some older posts and I notice that while I nominated you, I didn’t read or comment on your posts. Apologies. It was at this time that the Architect, Jon, was diagnosed with the brain tumour and life was far from normal.

Completely understandable. It was a great challenge. Sending hugs!!

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