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Day 2 of the 5 Day Challenge

Posted on: June 15, 2015

Here is my picture for Day 2 of the 5 day challenge. The Five Day Challenge is: Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge. 70800009

Six Generations

This special picture represents six generations of my family. The baby on this picture turned 8 yesterday. Back row, left to right: my son, me, my mom; front row, my granddaughter with my great granddaughter on her lap and my great aunt Barbara (my maternal grandmother´s sister). We lost Great Aunt Barbara a year ago at age 95, but we still have two of my maternal grandfather´s siblings. We are incredibly blessed to have 6 generations in our family to share customs and stories. It is a wonderful feeling of family connectedness. My mom, for instance, has a close relationship with her great, great granddaughters. Life is good!

Now I would like to nominate Lorna at Lorna´s Tearoom Delights for the 5 day challenge. You must visit her blogsite where she travels around picturesque rural Scotland looking for the perfect scone and shares mouth watering pictures with her readers. Beware, you may get hungry or wish to book a trip to Scotland!

19 Responses to "Day 2 of the 5 Day Challenge"

I have a photo similar to this with 4 generations, but not five. That is quite an achievement; we are both blessed with strong family ties!

We are indeed blessed and I am eternally grateful for my multi-generational family. We tend to start having children young and often live to a ripe old age.

Five generations is impressive. Loved the family picture and the short story. You are really blessed.

Yes, I am blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Great family shot. Scones you say? Dare I visit? 😉

Glad you liked the family picture. Not often we are all together like that. It´s worth a visit to Lorna´s site.

That’s such a wonderful photo, Darlene. I don’t imagine many families have five generations around at the same time, I certainly haven’t experienced that. Thank you for the lovely introduction to my blog, and for nominating me. 🙂

A Chinese friend of mine said that it is very lucky to have 5 generations alive. It is indeed rare.

I have been a regular on Lorna’s blog for a while now but fellow followers beware it ‘ s not for those watching their waistlines . That’s why I read it …mouthwatering. I love to see all your family together you all look so happy . We’re you beating each other up after the photo was took , please just a joke .

That is funny. No we didn´t beat each other up after the picture but if we had, Aunt Barbara would have won!! Lorna´s blog is so mouth watering!!

Lovely photo Darlene and how lucky to have five generation together at one time.

Thanks Judith. We are indeed lucky.

Love these type pictures and the one you’ve shared here. Pictures DO speak a thousand words: five generations is a not of history.

My sister had one taken when my grandmother and mother were still alive. ❤ ❤ ❤ It's a family favorite.

They are precious aren´t they. A lot of history there.

That’s really cool! 😀

It is cool to be part of such a big family with so many generations.

That must be awesome. So far, we have 3-4 generations (my great-grandfather passed away 3 years ago, but he was the oldest on both sides of the family (93)). 🙂

It´s wonderful that you knew your great grandfather and that he lived to a good age. 😀

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