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A Home in Spain

Posted on: May 22, 2015


We have been busy moving into our new (to us) home in Spain. It is the ground floor unit of a multi unit complex in an urbanization called Los Dolses, on a quiet street overlooking a field of shrubs and trees including an abandoned lemon and orange grove. Now that most of the boxes are unpacked, we spend much of our time on the terrace relaxing and watching the many birds that make their home in the trees. We can often hear peacocks, parrots, nightingales and cuckoos to name a few. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of our place.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Tons of room for flowers on the sunny terrace and outdoor area. We even have our own palm tree, which was in bad need of a haircut when we moved in. Looks much better now.


Palm tree before the trim

Palm tree before the trim



Hubby enjoying a beer on the terrace

Hubby enjoying a beer on the terrace

I love the cactus garden planted by the pervious owners. Imagine my delight when a cactus burst into bloom the other day.


Cactus in bloom

Cactus in bloom

We live about ten minutes by car from the many beaches in the area. We also have the use of a pool, part the complex, which is at the end of the street. I usually have it to myself.


Guests at our first barbeque


The view from our terrace.

We still have some pictures to hang and a few more boxes to unpack, but we are feeling at home.

Thank you everyone for voting for the cover of Amanda in Alberta. I really appreciate it. There are two more days left and it is  a close competition. Remember you can vote once a day until Sunday, May 24. http://authorshout.com/cover-wars/

Have a great weekend!!

49 Responses to "A Home in Spain"

WOW! I’ve been catching up with your blog and you’ve been having an exciting adventure, haven’t you?! Congratulations on completing “Amanda in Alberta” (I’ll be voting for you on Cover Wars). And how fun that you moved to Spain!! It’s been great reading about your experiences and I look forward to your future posts.

Hey there! So very great to hear from you. It has been quite the adventure. Thanks for stopping by and for voting. XO

Looks totally idyllic to me – I’m sure you’re finding all kinds of new inspiration in such a beautiful place!

After a dry spell, the inspiration has clicked in. Sitting on the terrace I have come up with ideas for the next book in the Amanda series. Now to get them into the computer. Thanks Jan.

What a lovely place, Darlene, congratulations on finding such a pretty spot. I love these Spanish buildings with whitewash, terracotta tiles and brightly coloured paintwork, very attractive. I can feel the heat coming from your photos – wonderful! Best of luck with Cover Wars, I’m keeping everything crossed for you.

Thanks so much Lorna. Everything is warm here including the people. I am happy we found something that feels very Spanish. Thanks also for voting. I have the best supporters. XO

Looks absolutely gorgeous, Darlene!

Glad you like it Christa!

Wonderful … So happy for you both. Hugs, Carol Mac/Canada

Thanks Carol! Sending hugs back.

Your new home is beautiful! Thanks for the pictures.

Thanks for stopping by Julianna. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

WOW…. I am so envious……. it looks like a dream of mine come true for someone else………Enjoy for me too. !!!

Vivian! How wonderful for you to drop by my blog. I still feel like I am in a dream and will wake up soon. I am enjoying it. Sending hugs!

What a beautiful house! Lucky, lucky you! I am very pleased for you both and I hope you’ll be really happy there. Cheers! 🙂

It feels right for us. So pleased you like it. I haven´t found the almond drink yet. Perhaps I´m in the wrong area.

Your new digs look so inviting and “clean.” I would find it easy to relax in this environment. You mentioned peacocks in the habitat too. Based on our experience in Charleston at Magnolia Gardens, I would say they make a very plaintive sound – and loud too!

By the way, I voted for you again.

Everything is very clean. It does get dusty though as the wind brings sand with it. So we have to keep on top of the dusting but that is no big problem. I thought a child was crying when I first heard the peacocks. Thanks for the votes!

Congratulations! It is a beautiful retreat and home! Enjoy!

It is our retirement home. Hoping to be able to relax and write. Thanks for stopping by and commenting DiAnne.

Wow Darlene…your new home looks amazing, and so Spanish. I know that probably sounds weird but I love the ‘local’ feeling in foreign places, not the westernized look. I also love all the tile work, flowers, colors etc. You and Paul are so lucky to be living the dream but I know years of planning must have gone into your decision. Way to go!!!! Enjoy – and thanks for keeping us informed. I haven’t read your blog for a bit – where exactly are you living? Voted for you too!

Thanks Cathy for visiting. We are on the Costa Blanca, in Orihuela Costa (south of Alicante) We definitely wanted a pace that looked Spanish. It was a lot of work and planning to make this happen but it is starting to come together. Thanks for voting and take care. XO

Oh Darlene it looks like bliss! You must be loving it. Thanks for the tour and we will meet you by the pool. 🙂

Bliss is a good word for it. It has been a lot of work and some stress but it is coming together. See you at the pool!

Home Sweet Home looks enchanting. Look forward to lots of picture over time. Love all your photos
I voted. Done and done. ❤ ❤ ❤ Have a lovely weekend.

Glad you like our new home. Thanks so much for voting!

You are more than welcome, Darlene. Hope I am helping. ❤

That looks so nice! I hope it brings you much joy and happiness and lots more stories about Amanda!


So pleased you like it! Thanks for the good wishes. XO

wow! What a beautiful place you have there in Spain. It is gorgeous. I hope you have a lot of fun there. I am envious. Enjoy!

Now that we are settled we can start to enjoy our life style. Glad you like the place. XO

Your new home looks absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you also for the reminder about the vote, I just popped over and left another vote for your cover. Barbara.

Thanks for the votes! Happy you like our place. It is cheerful and sunny which is what we wanted.

How quaint. I love your new home and the beautiful terrace that you can spend so much time on. I also love the tiles that decorate the border. Didn’t realize you lived that far south and had Palm trees. So the weather must be pretty temperate year round? I don’t function well with our cold and icy winters. I’m so happy for you and envious at the same time. I wish I could join you. I loved the photos.

Voted again for Amanda.

I also don´t do well in cold climates even though I was raised in the Canadian prairies. There are palm trees throughout the coast of Spain. They were brought over from Africa by the Moors and thrive in the warm, dry climate. We looked specifically for a place that was quaint and very Spanish. The tiles inside and out are very interesting. I worked for a tile setter when I was young and I was fascinated by the tiles he imported from Spain. Little did I know all those years ago that I would be living where those interesting tiles came from! Thanks for your votes!

Love seeing these additional pictures of you and Paul’s home in Spain – lovely setting and views. Thanks for always sharing. Good luck on your Cover wars contest. Am voting daily and hope my friends are also.
Nancy Walker

Thank you so much for your support Nancy. Pleased you enjoyed the pictures. Sending cyber hugs. XO

What colour , what vibrance and all that wall to wall sunshine . I could not help but get up with a zing in my step living in that lovely apartment I wish you all the peace and luck in the world Darlene ,

Thank you so much! Moving to another country can be stressful but we are happy to have a nice place to live. The good wishes are appreciated.

Congratulations on your new home, it looks lovely. May you and your husband have many happy years enjoying it.

Thanks so much Karen. We plan to!

That looks like an AWESOME house! 😀

[…] in Spain, and has just moved into her permanent abode.  Pictures of Casa Foster are available here. Darlene has recently had a story published in Travel Thru History about a visit to a Medieval […]

I love the clean, white look, and the stone, the black wrought iron–perfection! I’m delighted when anything blooms. That cactus is a knock-out! The pool is beautiful, and to think you have it all to yourself sometimes. Nice!

I was surprised that so many flowers are blooming since it seldom rains. The cactus was a pleasant surprise for us! The bougainvillea, hibiscus and margaritas etc. are so lovely as we walk around the neighbourhood. Glad you like the look of the place Patti.

The colorful flowers stand out against the white. What beauty to wake up to each morning.

What a beautiful spot – I love that Mediterranean combination of white walls and colourful details and flowers.

Thanks Lucy. I have always liked that combination as well. Now I have it!!

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