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The Gift of a Wonderful Mother

Posted on: May 10, 2015


Mother´s day is a special day in many parts of the world although is not celebrated on the same day. Today it is Mother´s Day in Canada and the US and it was Mother´s Day in Spain last Sunday. In the UK, Mothering Sunday, sometimes known as Mother’s Day, is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent,  exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. This year it was on March 15. Mother´s day in France is usually the last Sunday in May.

Mother´s Day has always been a special day for me as I was blessed with the gift of a wonderful mother. I am grateful for her everyday and especially on this day.

mom and baby me

Mom and baby me

She taught me so much. Not just how to cook tasty economical meals, sew my own clothes and keep a clean house, but how to be kind to everyone and to value friends and family. She worked hard on the farm when we were growing up; milking the cows, feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, growing a large garden, canning  fruits and vegetables for the winter, cooking for large harvesting crews and branding parties, and so much more.  She was an amazing cook and won prizes for her baking. Her German fruit kuchen was the best! There was always extra food for welcomed drop in guests.  She never left the house without looking well put together when she went to town for church, meetings or shopping. Because she is such a perfect role modal, I think I turned out to be a pretty decent mom myself. At least my kids tell me I am.

She always made us feel loved and still does. Her love wasn´t limited to her own children but to her many nieces and nephews as well. Our house was often full of visiting relatives. She never forgot a birthday and sent hand written notes to those she didn´t see often. Now her love is extended to her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. That love is returned tenfold.

Mom and a great great granddaughter

Mom and a great great granddaughter

I found a note she sent to me at age seven, when she had my second brother.  You can feel the love.


In 2009, I took my daughter and mother to meet my aunt in Sedona, Arizona for a holiday. We made dream catchers. Look how proud she is of hers.

Mom in Sedona with her sister, granddaughter and me

Mom in Sedona with her sister, granddaughter and me

Mom with me and my brothers November 2013, her 85th Birthday pary

Mom with her kids, November 2013, her 85th Birthday party

Mom accepts life as it comes and although life hasn´t been easy the last couple of years, she still has that same sweet smile at age 86. During my most recent visit we looked at old pictures and had some great laughs as we reminisced. The staff in the nursing home tell me she is a pleasure to have around and I believe it. She is truly a gift I treasure.

DSCN1282 (2)

With Mom, April 2015


Happy Mother´s Day to everyone who is a mother, step mother, special aunt or good friend to a younger person. It is an important job!

35 Responses to "The Gift of a Wonderful Mother"

What a lovely mum and I’m sure you are too Darlene. Happy Mother’s Day.

She is so lovely. Thanks for the good wishes Barbara.

Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman and a brilliant mother. I love the note she wrote to you, especially the bit about your little brother getting fat. 🙂 A very happy mother’s day to her.

Isn´t that note so special! Best wishes to your mum as well.

Your mom sounds like a treasure. Happy Mother’s Day to her and to you, Darlene. ❤ ❤ ❤ This is a heartwarming post and it makes me smile.

I´m so pleased it made you smile. Mom would be pleased as well.

All the better that your Mom would smile too. ❤

Beautifully written, of course! Now which of these fine strapping lads is Timmy of the note? You inspire me and now so does your Mom! Happy Mother’s day to you both!

Timmy is the brother we lost 40 years ago when he was 19. These two handsome lads are my brothers Lorne and Darcy. Tim would have been the middle brother. Yes, mom has had her heartaches as well. Some day I need to write about Tim.

Lovely tribute – and you are carrying on this tradition and recording it too for all posterity!

Thanks Marian. I should have mentioned that mom kept a daily journal up until a couple of years ago. My son is enjoying reading some of them.

Darlene, your mother’s note to you made my eyes mist. You and your mother are very good mothers.

Thanks Claudine. She showed me how to be a good mother. I tear up when I read that letter as well.

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom Darlene. I love the wee note she wrote you all those years ago.

Isn´t it great I found that note after all these years. helps that we are a family that saves everything!

Darlene, I love this post. From the first picture to the last–and especially the hand-written letter–all sing a clear melody of the love and warmth and closeness. A very happy and blessed Mother’s Day to you and your mother.

Hope you had a very Happy Mother´s Day as well! Pleased you loved the post.

I would really like that God given talent of the unconditional happiness that beams from your Mum’s face …ah there we are you have it . I can see you share her smile . Enjoy your lovely Mum because you never get another . Give her a virtual hug from me .

Thanks Chel for these lovely comments. She has been given many virtual hugs as I am not there to give her one in person. Fortunately grandchildren are there to fill the gap. She knows she is loved. XO

What a vibrant spirit filled with energy! Wow…that first photo captures such an exuberant smile.

I just love her smile on that picture. She was so happy to be a mom.

A great post! 😀 Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

Thanks so much. I am sure you gave your mom a wonderful Mother´s Day!

What a beautiful tribute and post about your mother. I love the letter she wrote to you before she brought your baby brother home.
Sorry I haven’t been around, but just returned from 2 weeks of vacation.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I´m pleased you liked the post about mom. That little letter was a great find. Hope you had a great vacation.

Oh my, I still have tears in my eyes after reading this. What a beautiful testament to your mom. I love that you still have that letter from your mom right after your brother was born. And then to see the pictures of you all now. FABULOUS. She is obviously an amazing mother, and you are an amazing daughter.

I am so pleased you were moved by my post. Thanks for these kind words. I have been blessed.

Emotional to read this! great post

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Pleased you liked the post.

I love the note she sent you from the hospital.

That was special wasn´t it. So glad I still have it. ❤

Your mum is so very special…she is a treasure to you all. No wonder you are such a good mummy to Darlene. Happy Mothers Day from Beautiful BC😘😘😘😘😘💐💐💐💐

Thanks so much Jayne. She is a treasure and taught me well. Happy Mother´s Day to you!!

[…] Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in various parts of the world but in Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa and possibly other countries, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. I love this day as I have been blessed with a very special mom. I wrote about her a couple of years ago here […]

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