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A Week in Taos, New Mexico

Posted on: April 26, 2015

One year ago I spent an amazing week with my BFF who is also my aunt, in Taos, New Mexico. We are busy moving into our own place in Spain so I thought I would reblog what I was doing last year. Hope you enjoy it the second time around. Great memories for me.

Darlene Foster's Blog

I can’t believe my luck. I have had so many fabulous get-aways this year and now I just returned from a week in Taos, New Mexico.

This trip was extra special as I spent it with someone very dear to me.  I was not granted a sister, instead I was blessed with an aunt my age. We were born in the same hospital two months apart. We did everything together as kids. She moved to Arizona many years ago and we don’t get the opportunity to see each other often. When we do it is usually at a family reunion, special birthday, wedding or funeral with many others around. This was perfect as we were able to spend the entire week together, just the two of us like we did when we were children. We have so many common interests like visiting museums, art galleries, historic houses, shopping, chocolate and…

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12 Responses to "A Week in Taos, New Mexico"

You do a fabulous job of blurring the generational lines with your aunt/niece duo.

This doesn’t seem like a re-blog to me, Darlene – I don’t think I “knew” you online back then.

This is true. I have new followers who will not have read this post before. We do a lot of generational blending in our family. My Mom has an aunt and an uncle her age and my son is only a year younger than my youngest brother. It makes for very close relationships.

It’s lovely to have memories like that, and how nice to have that relationship.

These memories are precious and I am so lucky to have my aunt in my life.

Your memories are a delight, Darlene. Taos is one of our favorite, even over Santa Fe. We especially enjoy visiting the D.H. Lawrence home and writing/art cabins for students at the University of New Mexico.

It is a cultural oasis. We didn´t get to D.H Lawrence ranch as it wasn´t open at that time. We did enjoy the Mable Dodge Lohan house, also available for writing retreats etc. D.H. Lawrence spent a lot of time there too. We had planned a day in Santa Fe but were enjoying Taos so much we didn´t bother! I can see how it is a favourite of yours.

That looks like it was a fun holiday Darlene! I hope your moving in goes well too…

It was a fabulous holiday. Moving in is going OK but never smoothly!!

Hello Darlene, I did enjoy it the second time around, thank you. Good luck with moving in to your new place – I look forward to seeing some pics.

Thanks Barbara. We are surrounded by boxes but will post pictures soon. XO

I’ve always wanted a sister, but a same-age aunt would do too. How lucky are you? Sounds like a wonderful trip. Look forward to hearing about your new place!

I really did luck out. And we don´t fight like many sisters do. We respect each other´s differences and love each other unconditionally. Because we live so far apart, we really make the most of our times together.

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