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The Luck of The Irish

Posted on: March 23, 2015

It was not surprising that St. Patrick´s Day was celebrated in style here in Oriheula Costa. Everything is celebrated! There is also a large Irish community here. It was a fun day with dancing in the streets, entertainment in the local pubs and restaurants and a parade, of course! We joined in the festivities with everyone else. The pictures will give you some idea of the day.





Motorcycles of all sizes

Motorcycles of all shapes and sizes

I love a pipe band

I love a pipe band



Sponge Bob and friends

Sponge Bob and friends

Even the Pope made an appearance in his popemobile

Even the Pope made an appearance


And a couple of Elvis sightings!

And a couple of Elvis sightings!

Everyone had a great time even though the sun failed to make an appearance.

On a previous post Spotlight on a Book Series I offered a giveaway. I made the draw on March 17 and the lucky winner was Susan Gourley who chose an e-copy of Amanda in Arabia – The Perfume Flask. Congratulations Susan!! You have the luck of the Irish!

I wish everyone a great week ahead! I will be away for a couple of weeks as I am going back to Canada to visit family and friends. I am truly lucky to have such faithful followers. Thanks!!


26 Responses to "The Luck of The Irish"

I initially misread the title of this post as ‘The Luck of The Fish’ and was curious to see what it was about. The Spaniards certainly like a celebration, don’t they? I like the wee motorbike. Congratulations to Susan and have a lovely time in Canada.

Thanks, I will. The luck of the fish may have to be another post! Maybe there will be a celebration for that too.

Darlene, Unless you adore SNOW you’re fortunate to have family on the western side of our beautiful country! We’re still on the receiving end of fresh snowfalls and cold winds here on the East Coast.
This is an interesting post in several ways. They sure love to celebrate (party) in Spain, don’t they? Are they as happy about life as they seem to be?
Safe travels!

I don´t adore snow at all (Which is why I moved from Alberta to Vancouver 25 years ago.) The Spanish people and the expats who live here are very relaxed and happy about life. Something North Americans need to learn. (easier said than done I know!) 🙂

Without your updates here, I would have no clue that there is a significant Irish community in your part of Spain – but why not! As always, I liked the photos; how odd that you had no sun. Right now there is no sun either in Florida, the Sunshine State. Ha!

Safe travels as you return to Canada for time with family and friends. I know they will be happy to see you again!

We had a rare drizzly, cloudy few days here last week. I had almost forgot about those days. I will be happy to see the folks back home.

I’ve never seen so many parades all in one place, and they all look like so much fun.
Enjoy your trip, Barbara x

Lots of parades to be sure. It will be a busy trip but will be good to get things sorted out and to see the folks back home. The downside of moving to another country is you miss your peeps.

The Spanish sure know how to l.i.v.e. and enjoy everything. I laughed out loud when I saw the Chinese dragon in the parade. So it’s true after all. On St. Pat’s everyone is Irish. 😀 😀 😀 Have a wonderful family visit. ❤

The people here do know how to have a good time! In the local paper they said it was a day for the Irish and those who wished they were Irish.

“…a day for the Irish and those who wished they were Irish.”
This is what I LOVE ab out St. Pat’s. ❤ ❤

Who would have thought…I am beginning to think the Spanish will find a reason to celebrate because they love the sense of community and having a good time. Fun post.

That is so true. The sense of community is very strong here and they enjoy life!

I was going to say, they don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate over there! That Elvis gets around! LOL

Looks like fun, but no Riverdance?

Lots of dancing but no Riverdance!! Yes, tons of fun.

What amazing photos . I feel I just want to jump on a plane and join you lol.
I tried to enter the competition for your book but the Internet was stamping it’s feet . I could read the message but not send mine for some reason . Can I get your books off the net? I used to belong to a children’s reading group …we were all over 40 and couldn’t care a jot .
Have a great holiday with friends and family .

Thanks for visiting even though you are so busy Darlene 🙂 I’m in Blogland so seldom these days …… and I chose a great post of yours to return the call :)) Looks like you had a fabulous time … and of course the sun not making an appearance just made it all the more authentic 🙂

So great to hear from you Sharon. You did pick the perfect post to visit. If you need some sun, check out a few other posts!

I like how there’s dragon dance and Spongebob at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Everyone’s welcome to join!

It was a real assortment but everyone had fun!!

Looks like a fun time. I would like to celebrate it once while in Ireland. maybe I’ll get the chance.

It would be so much fun to experience it in Ireland! They say the celebrations here are bigger than some in Ireland. (there is a large Irish expat community here, plus the Spanish love to party)

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