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Posted on: March 16, 2015

My blogging friend from Texas, Georgette, wrote a post on Sunday drives which made me think I should write about our Sunday drives here in Spain. We purchased a SMART car to get around for the time being and have been for some interesting Sunday drives.


One Sunday drive took us to a place called Villajoyosa. A lovely seaside village with colourful houses along the waterfront. The houses were originally painted different colours so the sailors could see their own homes from the sea as they returned home. Apparently there is a chocolate factory in the town but we didn’t find it. We will have to look for it on our next drive.



We did find a restaurant called Ali Baba though. There is a camel called Ali Baba in my first book so of course I had to take a picture.

DSCN0920 (2)


We often discover great beaches on our drives.

DSCN0937A drive out in the country took us past almond groves in bloom. A wonderful sight.


We discovered a delightful wedding chapel on another drive.


And a wall of colourful flowers.


We are always on the lookout for a nice place to have a tea or coffee. This is one of our favourite places.

DSCN1102The view from the deck of the Nautilus


What would an afternoon drive be without sharing a delicious piece of orange cake.

And for Georgette we found a wrought iron gate

DSCN0926 (2)

Do you like to take Sunday drives?





47 Responses to "Out and About"

OHHH…these views are breathtaking! Thank you for the wrought iron gate. Villajoyosa is a gem (una joya) of charm, beauty and culture. The orange cake looks fabulous. When I looked up where it’s located, I laughed because of course, it would be near Valencia which is so well known for its oranges. I love the story behind the colored homes.
btw Otto from Munchow, on my blog roll hosts a photography workshop there from time to time. He just announced another in his last post, I believe.
Your smart car looks sleek and handsome in silver. I bet you can find a parking spot easily. Grandson just read about Smart Cars. According to him they are among the strongest and safest small cars in the world. He also, told me “Did you know you can take the panels off to change its color?” That fact really tickled him. Thank you for your Sunday drive tour.

So pleased you enjoyed the post. Thanks again for the idea. There are orange and lemon groves all around us. Grandson is right, you can change the panels very easily. It is a dream to drive and we love that we can always find a parking spot. Glad I found a wrought iron gate for you.

How do you find the Smart car. Did it take getting used to? How comfortable are they? Do you feel you’re in a baby’s running shoe?
L>O>V>E> your photos. Everywhere looks clean, fresh and inviting.

It is a very comfy car actually and I feel very safe in it. It is made by Mercedes. Can you believe it is a 2000 modal. It looks like new. Glad you loved the photos. 🙂

Thanks about sharing your thoughts on the Smartcar. We have a few around here. I always laugh when I see them in shopping mall parking lots. They look like a baby’s running shoe to me. I hear they are not cheap though they are small.

The one we purchased was very reasonable and cheap on gas (which is very expensive over here). It´s actually quite fun to drive around in.

You are in paradise! Fabulous photos and please order me a piece of that lovely orange cake!

That orange cake is sooooo good. We´ll have one when you come to visit.

That is a gorgeous Sunday drive Darlene – maybe you’ll find the chocolate soon!

These pictures represent a number of gorgeous Sunday drives. I will be sure to find that chocolate museum soon and report.

This dovetails beautifully with Georgette’s post, as you mention. The Smart car is adorable, and the scenery reminds me of Florida. The dessert reminds me it’s time for a snack. I agree with Meg, something chocolate, but orange cake would be nice too.

We are enjoying the SMART car. It gets us around, parks easily and is very easy on gas. We have since returned to the restaurant for the orange cake as it was so good. (quite light actually) The chocolate in Spain is also very good but I am being careful not to overdo it.

When I read about the houses being different colours so sailors could find their homes coming in from the sea, I instantly thought of Newfoundland, in particular St. John’s. I often wondered why the houses were so colourful. Now I think I know why. What a great idea of painting them different colours.

Thanks for the Sunday drive. I do like to take them…in the summer and not when we are in blizzard weather. Spring in only six days away!

Thanks for dropping by Diane. I wish you an early spring with tons of opportunities to go for Sunday drives!

I loved driving along with you! I saw your answer to Let’s CUT the Crap! so I won’t ask the same questions about the car. It is very sleek looking and I can’t believe it’s a 2000 model either!

And of course you had to try a restaurant named Ali Baba. It wouldn’t be you if you didn’t.


Thanks for coming along for the drive. It is amazing how much stuff we can put in the trunk of that little car. I should have mentioned we usually stop and go for a walk at some point. Have a great week.

I have just been over to georgette ‘s blog and told her about my trips to a car boot which is great fun.
Sometimes , depending on the weather and the season , we feel cooped up at home and drive for driving sake , maybe take packed lunch or tea and cakes , to a local beauty spot . We have a King Charles called Oscar who doesn’t always get on with cafe dwellers , even though he is considerably handsome and royal of course ,he’s not allowed in …only on sunny days when we can sit out . Lol
Love photos of Spain …that cake is to die for.

Car boot sales are fun. Yes, it is easy to feel cooped up and need to go for a drive. I´m sure Oscar loves it too. We once had a cockapoo named Andre who jumped up and down whenever we mentioned going for a car ride. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

The coloured houses are delightful and that cake looks delicious. The outdoor seating looks rather luxurious too, the Spanish are so good at that. I love the wedding chapel too, what a picturesque little place. Your photos fairly put me in the holiday mood.

I posted the cake with you in mind as I knew you would like it. We have found a number of restaurants and coffee shops with lovely outdoor seating areas. The Nautilus is our favourite so far. We did find a nice tea shop too called The White Rose Teashop. Maybe it´s time for you to plan a holiday!!

Ooh, you temptress! I wouldn’t mind a trip to The Nautilus after seeing your photos. 🙂

Well, I’d certainly like Sunday drives in Spain! The drive here in NE, yesterday, was in some sleet turned to snow. Yikes! I think I want to move and live in Villajoyosa. It reminds me of Tiburon, the town we moved from in the SF Bay area.

I lived in Alberta for a good part of my life (except for the last 25 years where I lived in Vancouver, BC) So I remember Sunday drives in blizzards and sleet. Don´t miss that at all. Spring will be just around the corner for you folks in the NE!

Beautiful, Darlene. Some of the pictures remind me of South Beach here in Florida. I just love the outdoor spots where everyone can sit together and live and laugh, tell stories … live life.
blessings ~ maxi

Outdoor spots are wonderful aren´t they. We usually start talking to other customers and make new friends. All the best. XO

Hello Darlene, I’m fascinated to read about the differently coloured houses. I had no idea it was done for a reason.
We love going on Sunday drives, just wish we had some sunshine – but it won’t be long. Wonderful photographs, thank you for sharing them.

Sunday drives are wonderful. There are so many nice little drives to take and discover something new in England. Spring will be there soon for you to enjoy.

Your post made me smile Darlene as I remembered Sunday drives as a child, motoring through the hills and dales of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Back in the ’60s there were no Smart Cars! Our car held my mum and dad, two brothers, two sisters – and of course the picnic basket!

Your comment made me smile. We went for Sunday drives in a pick up truck, in Alberta, in the ´60s. All five of us, my parents and my two brothers and me. We often sang along with Dad. Fun times.

Oh the songs we sang too! My favourite was “On Ilkley Moor Bar T’at” (On Ilkley Moor without a hat!)

How cute. My favourite was “You are my sunshine”

Such breathtaking photos. I love the colorful villas in the seaside village. All of your photos are gorgeous and make me want to join you. I could live in Spain. One of my friend’s has a lot of relatives in Spain and she visits frequently. You are showing me why she loves Spain so much.

It is a warm, colourful place as are the people. You should plan a visit one day. I love the history as well. So pleased you are enjoying the photos.

Darlene I am so enjoying seeing you settle in to your new life. The cake coffee and views all look great. Continue to enjoy.

Thanks Judith. Writing these blogs helps me appreciate the decision to move here. I am so pleased you are enjoying the pictures and posts.

I came here to see what you were up to and see I saw this post last week and liked it but did not comment. something I am fixing right now.

There is something so romantic about Sunday drives. A time one can relax and really get into the mood of one’s geography. It is fun to spontaneosly come across a restaurant like you did and try it out.

We haven’t made any Sunday drives th is winter but after reading this I think I will have remedy that, soon. thanks so much for sharing the photos. 🙂

We really enjoy our Sunday drives and have found many interesting restaurants and coffee shops. They are fun and not very expensive. After so many years of both of us working and being so busy, it is nice to be able to spend some time together like this. I hope you and your hubby get out for a few drives soon.

I love the idea of different coloured houses, like they do in Alsace and other regions in France: it just adds interest to a place. I also like the look of that orange cake very much! Yum yum!!!
As for Sunday drives, we have always done it as we are lucky enough to live in an area with loads of beautiful villages, forests and coastal towns to enjoy! I am glad you do it too. 🙂

The British countryside is lovely to explore on Sunday drives. A lovely thing to do together as a couple.

Sounds like a fun drive! 😀

Bright, vivid pictures, Darlene, and I love your Smart Car. It makes me laugh, though. Recently, as a senior prank, local high school seniors carried two of the teachers’ Smart Cars into the school cafeteria. One of the senior pranksters said, “We used to carry in VW Bugs, but Smart Cars are so much easier to carry.” 😉

I can see how SMART cars have replaced VW Bugs! Glad you liked the pictures Marylin.

Yes, Sunday drives–and nature walks. Those little Smart Cars are so tiny, must be a dream to park! I’ve seen a few around here. Love your finds. A beach is always nice. Loved the colorful houses–and palm trees! There’s something about palm trees that screams vacation to me. I guess that’s the only time I see them.

I still feel like I am on vacation every time I see palm trees (which is every day). I actually have my own palm tree in my yard now. So exciting.

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