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Birthday at La Herradura

Posted on: March 9, 2015

DSCN1145 (2)

My first birthday in Spain was spent at La Herradura, a lovey authentic Spanish restaurant in a small place called Los Montesinos. I was treated to lunch by hubby and his parents.  And a real treat it was as the food was excellent, the service superb and the ambiance amazing. I love places with history. La Herradura, which means The Horseshoe, is steeped in history. Built in 1880, it was originally used as an inn for weary travellers traveling through by train. It was later lived in by farmers, eventually abandoned and left to deteriorate. Restoration began in 1997 and completed in 1999 respecting the age and history of this unique building. It still has the old bread oven, the cribs were horses were kept, and pens for the pigs and chickens. Goats would have been kept in what is now the main restaurant. The place is a mini museum with many nooks and crannies revealing all sorts of interesting items, including tools used on the premises throughout the years.


I couldn´t wait to enter these doors!!


Entertainment is provided some evenings





The restaurant has a warm friendly feeling as if visiting a family home. The food was excellent. We shared a lovely salad full of fresh produce and a round toasted loaf of bread. I had sweet red peppers stuffed with cheese and crab meat on a creamy chive sauce for a starter and Basque hake covered with a yummy ragout of fresh vegetables as a main course. For my birthday dessert I enjoyed a crème caramel cake.  Everything was done to perfection, very flavourful and well presented. Our wonderful Spanish hosts were delighted whenever I commented on my pleasure with the food. The rest of the party were happy with their meals as well.


Basque Hake


Crème Caramel cake, so yummy

Crème Caramel cake, so yummy

The outside grounds were also interesting.



DSCN1154A birthday to remember!

the day started with champagne with the folks.

The day started by sharing champagne with the folks on their patio.

52 Responses to "Birthday at La Herradura"

Sounds heavenly, Darlene. Looks like you’re fully at home in Spain!

It was perfect. I was truly spoiled!

How lovely! I agree with Christa – it looks like you’re doing well. I’m happy for you!


Thanks! Hubby and his folks made sure I had a good time.

I am sure all the sights, sounds, and flavors of Spain will weave themselves into upcoming books as they are featured here in your blog posts. You seem to really be enjoying this country.

Happy, happy birthday and cheers for the year ahead!

Thank you for the good wishes. Yes, I am collecting much material as we explore and learn more about Spain.

Happy birthday Darlene. Looks as if you are really settling into your new life.

Thanks Judith! It is an adventure to be sure.

Hap-hap-happy birthday. Sounds you’ve had a really good time. Thanks for sharing with US. ❤ ❤ ❤

Always fun to share. My family here made sure I had a good time. I am blessed. Thanks for the BD wishes.

You are ever soooooo welcome, Darlene.

Looks like a wonderful celebration! Happy Birthday!

Thanks Sue. It was everything I could hope for.

Happy belated birthday, Darlene. What a great way to celebrate. That creme caramel cake looks delicious.

I knew you would like the look of that cake. It tasted every bit as good as it looked! Thanks for the B-day wishes.

That looks wonderful and the food amazing! Glad you had such a fantastic 1st birthday in Spain and here is for many more to come. Maybe soon I’ll be there to celebrate it with you!!!! 🙂 ❤

I am late to the party but Happy Birthday! It looks like a wonderful time and well deserved by a lovely lady. Hope this year is amazing for you! I have a feeling it will be.

Thanks Beth Ann. You aren´t late, I celebrate all month!! I appreciate your good wishes. 🙂

What a perfect birthday.! The restaurant was unique. Loved the pictures of your dinner. Do your in-laws live in Spain? Happy Birthday!

My husband´s parents moved to Spain from England 13 years ago. We have visited them many times and enjoyed it here, hence the decision to move here. They are pleased to have us close to them now. Glad you enjoyed the pictures of the unique restaurant. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Somewhere I missed that piece. Now I understand your love of Spain.

Such a good photo of you Darlene and the place looks lovely too. Your meal certainly looked delicious, so glad you had a good time.

Thanks Barbara. It was indeed a good time and all the food so delicious. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Darlene! It’s wonderful you are enjoying your life there in Spain … where you don’t get buried in snow and freeze your hiney off just going outside for the mail. 😉
Have a fun birthday month.

Thanks Lynn! The sun and warmer weather is wonderful. Hope the pictures made you feel warmer. 🙂

What a lovely birthday you had and what a fantastic restaurant …such history .
You must be a fellow Pisces, because so am I, and I had my first birthday ( 9th march is that yours ?) in my new country of Wales and I went to my favorite restaurant too …it was bliss …great to be born in March . Happy birthday to you …just a bit late .

What a lovely coincidence. My birthday was March 7. So Happy Birthday my fellow Piscean!!. Glad you had a nice day as well. How long have you been in Wales? 🙂

We’ve been here for just 6 months and I love it . I love being close to the coast . We don’t ‘quite’ get the same weather as you… ha ha but today is wall to wall sunshine .

Where did you move from? I love being by the coast as well.

I moved from a little town called Halesowen in the West Midlands England …it’s an area that’s called ‘The Black Country’
It’s an industrial area but Halesowen is just on the edge of the green belt . It has Clent hills and ancient woodland fantastic for walks especially this time of year …look it up on the net . Your husband is from England …is that right ?

Yes he is from Yorkshire originally.

Your birthday feast looks and sounds delicious Darlene. I love these small, cozy Spanish restaurants. Happy Birthday! ~James

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I too love the small local restaurants. The feast was amazing!

Happy Birthday, Darlene! And what a fabulous restaurant. I would go crazy about it as well. What a wonderful and exciting decision to live in Spain! I see you are enjoying every day – and the summer is still to come!

It has been quite the adventure so far and a huge learning curve. The restaurant was quite something. Thanks for the birthday wishes Malla.

Happy Birthday. I’m sure you may be familiar with the significance of another name in Spanish literature, la cueva de Montesinos that made its appearance in Don Quijote. It looks like your birthday went off like a dream with your Don Quijote and family.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes. We had a wonderful Don Quijote type day!! Love the connection Georgette. 🙂

Your birthday looked delicious and the decor perfect. Another first in your new country. 🙂

I love all these firsts! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you…it sounds like you had a delightful celebration. Wishing you many more healthy and happy years with delicious food, friendship and lots of fun.

Thanks Karen! It´s never belated as I celebrate all month.

Happy birthday! AHK! I am SO hungry now! 🙂

You would have loved the food!! Thanks for the B-Day wishes Erik. 🙂

A very happy birthday to you, Darlene!
The pictures are wonderful, and you look so very happy and content.

Thanks for the good wishes Marylin.

Happy belated birthday! As you can probably tell from your notifications I’ve been binge-reading your blog and trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed! It looks like you’re having a wonderful time living in Spain and I absolutely love all of the events/history/culture posts and photos you’re sharing with all of us who are stuck in a never-ending Nova Scotian winter. 😉
I’m heading to Glasgow/London for a short little trip this summer, so I’m excited to see some European cultural history in the flesh as well. I would love to visit Spain one day. I’m drooling over all your photos. 🙂

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I´m so pleased you are enjoying the posts and pictures. Perhaps it made you feel warmer. Have a great time in the UK. 🙂

Hi Darlene very pleased to read where you celebrated your birthday thus year….looks like a totally cool place…yummy desert too. I look forward to seeing you on your return and for sure we will meet up for lunch….maybe Good Friday 🙂

Look forward to seeing you too. Glad you enjoyed the pictures!! XO

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