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Chinese New Year in Spain

Posted on: February 23, 2015

Living in Vancouver, Chinese New Year was an important event that I looked forward to every year. When I learned that this occasion is celebrated here as well, I was very pleased. We arrived early to the local out door mall to watch the parade and stage show. I discovered  where the performers were getting ready and managed to get a few pictures.

DSCN0945 (2)

All ages took part

All ages took part

A terracotta warrior rushing to get into place

A terracotta warrior rushing to get into place

The parade wound its way through the streets, stopping to perform dances from time to time. Aren´t the costumes amazing!


DSCN0960DSCN0961DSCN0972 (2)DSCN0971 (2)

The parade ended up on the stage in the centre court where the participants provided wonderful dancing and photo ops. We found a perfect spot to enjoy the show.

DSCN0992 (2)

DSCN0989 (2)


DSCN0995DSCN0966 (2)

Of course there was a dragon!

DSCN0993 (2)

My favourites were the Terracotta Warriors

Gung Hay Fat Choy from Spain


50 Responses to "Chinese New Year in Spain"

GunG Hay Fat Choy 🙂

Back at you my dear friend!! 🙂

Wow. Gorgeous. Talk about elaborate!

Spanish people love the pageantry!

I love all the pageantry and color of this celebration. Honestly, until Google put an animation about the Chinese New Year online, I was not aware of its importance. I guess the adage “you’re never to old to learn” certainly applies to me. Thank you for the pictologue, Darlene.

There is a large Asian community in Vancouver so it was a big deal there. A huge parade through the streets and all the shops decorated etc. I was so pleased it was celebrated here too. I also love the pageantry. My Dad always said, “you should learn something new everyday.”

How nice for it to be held indoors. It looks like you had a great vantage point. Great costumes!

It was in a mall but it is actually an outdoor mall. A very nice concept. We found the perfect spots to see the parade pass by and then the stage performance. The costumes were fabulous.

That’s amazing. I recognized the name of one of the stores, and assumed it was indoors. It looks just like a store we passed recently.

It was probably H & M which we have in Canada as well. It is like an indoor mall it is just the streets are in the open air. This may give you a better idea. http://www.orihuela-costa.com/la-zenia-boulevard-shopping-center/

The Chinese New Year was a quite one here in the midwest, although we have a large Chinese population.

We were surprised to find a celebration here in Spain. Perhaps not all communities celebrated but ours did. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Amazing costumes! You never know when you might see a Terracotta warrior. 🙂

I know. One must always be on the lookout for a Terracotta warrior. They outdid themselves with the costumes! 🙂

It’s wonderful to see these beautiful traditions stretch across the world and bring smiles with them. Thank you Darlene.

I love that these special occasions have become universal. Glad it brought a smile! 🙂

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing. I love the Terracotta Warriors as well!

So pleased you liked it!! They were wonderful!

The Terracotta warriors did bring back visions of China. It looked like a really good parade. Great costumes.

I thought of you when I saw the Terracotta Warriors. They go all out with the costumes here. Thanks for commenting my dear friend.

What fun don’t they go to town in Spain …good for them . Where I used to live , Birmingham UK, there were many Chinese living in the area and the city Of Birmingham always put on a good show for them .
Didn’t that little girl look sweet in her outfit .
Glad you are enjoying your newly adopted country .

It is a lot of fun here!! That little girl was so sweet. Thanks.

What beautiful pageantry! I love the costumes and the community involvement. I’ve never seen a Chinese New Year event where I live. Amazing photos!

I guess I can count myself fortunate that I have lived in a number of places where Chinese New Year has been celebrated! I loved the costumes as well. The community really got into the spirit.

Gung Hay Fat Choy Darlene. The costumes are amazing, thank you for sharing the photos. So glad you are enjoying your new location.

All these wonderful celebrations have made it a fun adventure for sure. Pleased you enjoyed the photos Barbara.

What a wonderful surprise for you, Darlene. Love the pictures, felt like I was in the parade.
blessings ~ maxi

Thanks for coming with me to the parade Maxi. 🙂

Wow. The costumes are sensational. What a wonderful time. 😀 😀 😀

I thought you would enjoy the costumes!! 🙂 It was a
great time.

Outstanding. How could anyone not enjoy. I was there in spirit through your post. Thank you for sharing, Darlene. ❤

Brilliant colourful photos, Darlene! I too love the Chinese New Year celebrations and have often taken our students (Chinese and non-Chinese) to spend the day in London’s China town. Unfortunately, my circumstances have changed now and we no longer do this trip and I miss it, so I really appreciate your pictures. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had such a lovely time.

Glad you got to enjoy this on my blog this year. t was lovely and colourful!!

I’ve just heard today that a couple of teachers are taking our students to London’s China Town this Sunday and I have already asked them to bring me a little souvenir, as I bought something new every year.

That´s so great to hear!!

These photos are outstanding, Darlene! I Love them. I love the little boy or girl the best. So beautiful.

Once we had th e pleasure of celebrating the chinese new year in a big chinese restaurant and they gave us a show and in the end presents. I got a chinese tea set that I treasure.

It is a gallant event. I hope to go to Washington DC next year and see the parade there in China Town. 🙂

The little girl is adorable. So glad you enjoyed the pictures. The Chinese people love giving presents. Sounds like a nice time you had. 🙂

Living in our rural area of New England, there are no Chinese New Year celebrations other than in restaurants. I enjoyed your photos, the event must have been very enjoyable.

It was a most enjoyable event. Glad you enjoyed the photos. 🙂

Diversity is everywhere. I remember one student in particular who was very excited about the upcoming Chinese New Year about a week ago. Included in our vocabulary words was the word “anticipate.” I just had to weave in “Kim is anticipating the Chinese New Year this week” as an example of it being used in a sentence.

Perfect use of the word and I´m sure it was good learning for the students. I love the diversity of our world. 🙂

You guys have too much fun over there! 😉

Yes, we are!! And there´s more to come……

Dun dun dun DUNNNNN… 😉

Fascinating! And beautiful photos. I didn’t know there is a large contingent of Chinese in Spain…?

There are Chinese people living in Spain, but most of the participants were actually Spanish which I thought was wonderful. The Spanish love to celebrate special events!

Absolutely beautiful set of photos!!! I love the last one! Bye. K

Thanks Kamila. The stage lighting added to the last picture of those amazing terracotta warriors.

Happy Chinese New Year, Darlene! You know, you guys have a bigger celebration in Spain than we do here (even though 70% of us are Chinese). Our celebrations are more like house visits (a neighbourly touch), lion and dragon dances, and a national TV show of songs. I like your pictures very much, especially the one of the terracotta warrior walking by and the little Mongolian? Tibetan? girl.

Those were two of my favourite pictures as well. Pleased you enjoyed my pictures and I am sure you enjoyed celebrating with family and neighbours. 🙂 Happy Year of The Goat!!

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