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Orihuela Historic Sites

Posted on: February 13, 2015


My last post described the amazing medieval market in Orihuela. Orihuela is an interesting city dating back to the sixth century when the foundations were laid by the Romans. It sits at the base of the Sierra de Orihuela Mountains in the province of Alicante, Spain. As much as I enjoyed the market, I was also taken by the historic buildings and managed to take a few pictures which I would like to share.


The Town Hall

The Town Hall

Santo Domingo Diocese College

Santo Domingo Diocese College

Salvador and Santa Maria Cathedral

Salvador and Santa Maria Cathedral


Bell tower

Bell tower

Cathedral courtyard

Cathedral courtyard


Santiago Parish Church

Mosque found in a side street

Mosque found in a side street

Another interesting doorway

Another interesting doorway

ornate water fountain

ornate water fountain

original archway

original archway

I love taking pictures of interesting doorways and there were many to be found in Orihuela. There are a number of museums in the city as well which I would love to visit. I do believe I need to make another trip to explore this interesting city some more. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse.


32 Responses to "Orihuela Historic Sites"

The architecture it amazing here, including the details on the doorways. Europeans in general seem to be more interested in gates and doors than Americans are, but that is just my opinion.

The sky in Spain seem such a deep, azure blue, reminding me of our trip to Italy.

Gates and doors are very popular in Europe, I guess dating back to times of fortification. I do love the detail on many of them. The sky is amazing. WE hope to get to Italy soon as we haven´t been yet. Thanks for your comments as always.

I love the architecture in the photos. You’re right, interesting doorways with eyes peering down and mouths wide open. Shudder. You are certainly living in another world and loving every moment! Keep the stories and photos coming. I have never been to Spain.

My first trip to Spain was ten years ago and I loved it. There is s story around every corner. So pleased you are enjoying the pictures Patricia.

Some really great photos here Darlene. Not just fascinating doors but the perspectives make them even more so.

The doors certainly are huge but I suppose they had to be big enough to allow horses and carriages through at one time. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I should have taken more but you know how that goes.

I equally love doorways , The spy in all of us just wants to see what lies behind . Love the dip into Spanish life . That sky is amazing ,could do with one that colour here in Wales , ours matches the colour of the pebbles on the beach lol

We are enjoying the sun. I, like you, always wonder what stories those doors could tell.

What a beautiful looking city, such history and astonishing architectural details. It looks like the kind of place you could wander around for hours, constantly finding more hidden gems. The doorways are spectacular.

Yes, it does warrant more than one visit with plenty of time to explore. Glad you enjoyed the doorways. I´m sure we could have found a nice tea sop has we explored some more.

Thanks for sharing these historic places, Darlene.
blessings ~ maxi

I´m so pleased that these historic places have ben preserved so we can enjoy them.

Nice photos Darlene. I love the buff-colored stone used by masons in southern Spain and Italy. It doesn’t age well in large, polluted cities, but in smaller towns it seems to hold up well. Also, I love the Moorish influences. ~James

They seem to give them a regular cleaning as well. I too love the mix of cultures and especially enjoy the Moorish influences. So pleased it has all been preserved so well. Glad you enjoyed the photos James.

OKAY! That’s it! I’m coming right over! 😉

Spare room is ready!! Bring your family too.

These are beautiful pictures, Darlene, especially of the doors. I love doors, and this post has wonderful examples!

There is something about doors isn´t there. I am always on the lookout for interesting doors. Glad you liked the pictures!

Just look at that blue sky! We have grey sky and rain – can I come for a visit? 🙂 I really enjoyed all the photographs thank you for sharing them.

You can come for a visit anytime!! The blue sky is not hard to take.

Absolutely beautiful, Darlene. With all these wonderful distractions are you managing to write any? I’m not sure I would. 😉

I am writing a bit and collecting ideas. It is beautiful. Thanks for visiting XO

Wonderful architecture, courtyards are so serene. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments. So pleased you enjoyed the pictures.

Beautiful photos, Darlene. Although I was born in Alicante, I have never been to Orihuela (unless my parents took me there when I was very young). It certainly looks very pretty and interesting and I’ll be sure to visit it when I finally retire in the area in a few years’ time. Thank you for sharing.

There are so many interesting places tucked away in Spain. This was a great find.

I’m with ‘thiskidreviewsbooks’ – I’m looking up flights now! Although I may not be able to get out of NE!! I also love looking at doors and windows. The problem now, here, is that the snow is covering up both! 🙂
Gorgeous photos – thanks.

You are all welcome!! Pleased you liked the photos!

I always enjoy walking through a place I haven’t visiting through the photographs of others. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for visiting my blog and joining me on this walk through Orihuela.

I hope you are loving your new life in Spain, Darlene.

Great to hear from you Niamh. We are getting settled, lots to learn but love the culture and history. Hope you are doing well!! 🙂

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