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Orihuela Medieval Market

Posted on: February 5, 2015



What started out to be a rainy, windy day, turned into an amazing experience at a Medieval Market. The historic town of Orihuela, about thirty minutes from where we live, was all decked out medieval style featuring Arabian and European cultures that have lived here over the centuries.  Numerous stalls of artisans, bakers, butchers, fishmongers, drummers, acrobats, camels, ponies and much more were scattered throughout the town. A feast for all senses, we were greeted by colourful tents, the smells of exotic spices, teas, paellas, fresh baked bread and pastries, and goat milk soap. The vendors and entertainers dressed in medieval garb adding to the ambiance. Camel rides, merry-go-rounds, puppet shows and wooden swords for the children; it was truly a family event with all ages taking in the festivities. I hope you enjoy the pictures and can imagine the fun we had. The sun came out as well!

Making fresh potato chips

Making fresh potato chips


Preparing a huge paella


Giant sized pastries

Giant sized pastries

Creating a sculpture

Creating a sculpture


Colourful charcaters


DSCN0856 (2)

Entertainment in the streets

Entertainment in the streets

wood fired ovens for delicious breads sold at the market

wood fired ovens for delicious breads made at the market


A huge variety of spices

A huge variety of spices

For the kids

For the kids

Amazing cheese selection

Amazing cheese selection

Camel rides for the children

Camel rides for the children


Arabic coffee tent

Arabic coffee tent

We strolled aimlessly around the various tents and stalls, tempted by the food for offer until we stopped for a tea and delicious tapas. Then we wandered some more. The pictures really don´t do it justice but I hope you get the atmosphere of the event. It really was a step back in time and I was so happy I took the time to visit and savour.

It wouldn´t be a medieval fair without a witch and her cauldon

It wouldn´t be a medieval fair without a witch and her cauldon

44 Responses to "Orihuela Medieval Market"

Reblogged this on Banister's Mind and commented:
A wonderful excursion through a Medieval Market with author Darlene Foster.

You had me at paella! This is my kind of place Darlene. I could lose myself.

You would just love it!! Perhaps you may need to bring the family to Spain one day. Hugs to all.

Perhaps I should. We would all so appreciate the wonderful culture.

How fabulous! I love Europe for their festivals and markets. Camel rides you say? I’m in!

This is what is so amazing in Europe. The camel rides were only for the kids this time! Darn.

Medieval for me has always meant the Middle Ages in Brit Lit. Of course, there are expression of it all over Europe in this time period. Thank you for introducing me to the Spanish side, Darlene.

Glad you enjoyed a taste of Medieval Spain! It is fascinating.

I’m as excited as a kid in a candy store. Medieval Market. Sounds wonderful. The sights, sounds, smells… Oh my. Fantastic pictures, Darlene. Thanks so much! ❤ ❤ ❤

You would have just loved it Tess!! Glad you liked the pictures. It was hard to pick which ones to include.

I would have loved it. I would. Pictures are always good. Post them ALL. 😀

It all looks terrific, I bet the smells were wonderful with the freshly baked bread and all those cheeses and pastries. I’m glad the sun came out for you.

It was an unbelievable experience! The smells were amazing.

What a place, and those giant chocolate pastries! As I read this post, I keep thinking “You’re living your dream, aren’t you, Darlene?” 🙂 I’d love to visit a medieval market.

Yes, I am!! You would have so enjoyed it!!

I loved seeing the market with you. That witch was huge though!

You know, Amanda could really get herself in trouble someplace like that. . .


My thoughts exactly. Glad you could join me through my pictures.

Wow Darlene what fun . I adore markets but this one is a real bobby dazzler . I bet you’re glad you turned the corner on that rainy day .

This was by far the most interesting market I have ever been too. Glad we didn´t let the ran and wind stop us. Thanks Cherry!

Darlene, your post and photos just brought a memory back. I once was visiting a medieval market in Portugal. It just looked the same. What an experience!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad this brought back great memories!

Darlene, the pictures are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. I would love to visit this market some day. I’ve been to several in Canada, and it is the atmosphere that keeps me going back.

The atmosphere at this market was electric. I could have stayed for hours. Markets are getting popular in Canada as well. You would have loved the medieval theme!

*jaw drops* That. Sounds. AWESOME! 😀

I knew you would like this!!

You really know me then! 😀

How wonderful Darlene, I can see why you enjoyed yourselves, there are just so many good things on offer and those giant sized pastries look amazing. Thank you for sharing all the photos. Glad the sun shone for you. Barbara x

It was something amazing to see! Glad you enjoyed the pictures Barbara.

The pictures are great ( we get the atmosphere!). Looks like loads of fun 🙂

Tons of fun. Glad you got the atmosphere!! Thanks for visiting.

It looks amazing. Thanks for taking me there 🙂 I love the atmosphere of local markets!!! Bye. Kamila

I´m glad you could join me and enjoyed it! It was truly a wonderful atmosphere.

I really liked seeing all the photos of medieval hood. I just finished reading Geraldine Brooks book “Year of Wonder” and loved seeing how a village might have looked before the plague hit it.

Really good stuff. 🙂

Thanks! So pleased you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for the book recommendation.

Looks like fun. Camel rides–now that’s a new one! I doubt I would have made it past the giant pastries!

It was so much fun. Those pastries were something else. They looked like just one could feed a family of 6!

Hi Darlene such a great feeling shared …love medieval markets andctrying hard to pkan something here for Eurofest2016. Thanks for taking me with you in my dreams…hope to see maybe in person this year in Pueblo Ingles mi amiga.:)

So glad you enjoyed this trip to a medieval market. Talk to you soon!!

What an absolutely wonderful experience, Darlene. No wonder your books are so vividly descriptive.

Thanks Robbie. It was quite the experience for me. I take lots of pictures and notes. I hope a medieval market ends up in a book one day.

A lovely post, Darlene, and most alluring. I’m afraid I would have eaten my way through the festivities 🙂 Beautiful photos ❤

Thanks, Tina. It was all so tempting. I brought some goodies home to share with hubby.

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