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Excerpt: Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone

Posted on: February 1, 2015

Thank you Laurel Rockefeller for featuring an excerpt of Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the stone on her blog. Here is a sample of what Amanda is up to in her own province. Please share if you wish. Have a great day!!

18 Responses to "Excerpt: Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone"

Amanda certainly gets herself into tight spots. That’s whetted my appetite for the book.

She sure does, doesn´t she. The book includes sights and history of the province which you will find interesting.

Even better when you describe local sights and history. Books like that seem to whet readers’ appetites. ❤ ❤

Thanks. Alberta is a very interesting province.

As a Canadian, I DO know. 😀 ❤

Of course you do. Surprising how many people are unaware, even fellow Canadians!

Lots more excitement for Amanda and for us!

Amanda needs a quiet holiday but I don´t think that is going to happen!!

Darlene I love that you include the local history. I have to admit I did not know that fact!

I had fun with this book as Alberta has so many interesting sites and legends I wanted to share. I also explain how Medicine Hat got its name!

Sounds like I should be reading more about Amanda!

Amanda is just a younger version of you I believe.

These books about adventures are the best! They make me nervous until the very end! 🙂

Thanks for visiting. I´m glad these adventures keep you on your toes.

Amanda is awesome! How’s Spain going?

I´m glad you are one of Amanda´s fans. Spain is very interesting, quite different than Canada for sure. Learning new things every day. You will enjoy the pictures on the next post.

Hi. You are having a big adventure aren’t you? I will have to have 3 books l for Riley one for Dextin and one for Brynnley but where can I get them? Do you have to mail them from Spain or can you sign them and somehow get them to me. How do I pay you? I can send a cheque…will that work? Add the postage on. Let me know and I need your address. Mine is 43 DeHavilland Blvd S. W., Med. Hat AB T1A 7Y6 Linda Gertner

Hi Linda. Thanks so much for this order. It will be expensive for me to send the books from Spain. You can order them from Amazon.ca and the shipping will be free. http://www.amazon.ca/Amanda-Alberta-Writing-Darlene-Foster/dp/1771680199/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1423596249&sr=1-1&keywords=Amanda+in+Alberta+the+writing+on+the+Stone

I can sign them for them when I come for a visit in the summer. There is a family reunion in the Hat the beginning of July and I plan to attend. Let me know if this will work for you. I would love them to have the Alberta book. So great to hear from you. Sending hugs

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