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The Ultimate Reading Quest 2015

Posted on: January 5, 2015




Happy New Year from all the Authors in the Ultimate Reading Quest! This year myself, and all the Quest authors, want you to enjoy your reading experiences more than ever! So in 2015, the Ultimate Reading Quest has more, more, more! More authors and more books, means more mystery, more danger, more intrigue and more edge-of-your-seat adventure awaits you! We want you, our readers, to be able to fill that Kindle, tablet or E-reader you got for Christmas, with fabulous reads to take you through 2015. The Quest is so much fun! Who doesn’t love searching for treasure? The ULTIMATE READING QUEST is about finding books that are “perfectly” suited to your reading taste by clicking on choices. To thank you for participating, the authors have decided to give away oodles of prizes for free! Enter your name to win Amazon cards and free books from authors! Plus a whole store of treasured books are just waiting to be discovered by you!

Enjoy your journey as you travel through the QUEST! Don’t forget to enter the raffle on the first page of the Quest. And please leave comments or questions for the authors of the Quest. We would love to hear from you. What are you waiting for? Click on the button above or below to get started on your QUEST for the next ULTIMATE READ!



My books are in two places. See if you can find them. Check out all the other great authors as well.

Please share with teachers, librarians and readers. Thanks!!

14 Responses to "The Ultimate Reading Quest 2015"

All the best, Darlene.
blessings ~ maxi

Thanks my friend Maxi!

I already have so many unread books on my to read pile I am hesitant to start this with a new pile of books. I commend you however and hope you get a lot of readers from this quest. Mystery is not my usual genre and right now while writing my memoir I am trying to read more memoir along with the award winning books I usually read. I am going to share this on my author page, too and wish you all the luck in the world. 🙂

Thanks for sharing Clara! I know what you mean, too many books, not enough time! My great granddaughter loved your books especially Edmund Picklechin. Good luck with the memoir.

Oh Thanks for saying those words every author loves to hear about their books, Darlene!! Thanks so much!

Good luck to you, too.

Great that you’re participating this year! This is a great opportunity. I am swamped with books to read and review. But, will check it out.

Thanks Patricia. We are all swamped with books it appears. I appreciate all you do for promoting quality children´s books.

I can’t even look. I’m stressed out as it is and can’t keep up with my reading list, let alone reviews. I’m a wuss, I know. If I could kick this blogging thing, I’d have lots more time to read. Aahhhh. Can’t do everything but I w.a.n.t. to do it ALL.

I completely understand. I want to do it ALL as well. But we do what we can. Blogging is fun and look at all the wonderful people we meet. We are hoping teachers looking for new material for the classroom will have a look and find something.

I agree, this is something for everyone and great opportunities and tools. 🙂

Darlene this is an area that really needs my attention. i will admit that i have been consumed by the technical aspects of blogging and social media in 2014. I don’t think I can take on anything other than my current pile of patient books however this is a good nudge to getting turning the pages.

Reading does take a backseat when you first get into social media. After awhile it evens out. I read a lot more when I commuted to work on the bus an hour each way. Hoping to get more reading done once settled into our life in Spain. If looking for a gift for a young reader, this list may help. Sharon, who organized this, is from Calgary too.

That. Is. Cool.

Thanks. Maybe you will find a book or two you would like to read!

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