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Let´s Get 2015 Started

Posted on: January 3, 2015

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.

Rainer Maria Rilke


I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year. We enjoyed our first New Year in Spain by watching fireworks from our balcony at midnight. On New Year´s Day we had a lovely lunch on the deck of the Nautilus Restaurant with new friends, before watching the Santa Claus swim at La Zenia Beach. A great way to start the year in a new country.


Last year had so many changes for us we are eager to get 2015 started. For me that means writing a list of goals. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Sell the house in Canada

2. Get settled in Spain

3. Finish Amanda on the Danube – The Sounds of Music

4. Write more travel articles and find a market for them

5. See Pig on Trial published

6. Get connected with writers in Spain

7. Lean Spanish

8. Join a walking group

9. Cut back the sugar intake

10. Explore Spain and write about it

11. Make new friends and keep in touch with old friends

12. Go home to Canada for a visit

13. Find a yoga studio

14. Write everyday

15. Embrace change and look for surprises!!

There you are. I always feel better having written them down and sharing with my readers.

Thank you all so much for reading my blog and encouraging me along the way. All the best for a wonderful 2015 full of things that have never been!


28 Responses to "Let´s Get 2015 Started"

*H*a*p*p*y* N*e*w* Y*e*a*r* Darlene. That’s quite a list. I’m sure you’ll be successful striking off all the goals on your list. ❤

I´ll certainly try my best. Happy New year to you as well!!

Happy New Year Darlene! Great goals and I look forward to hearing about your new life in Spain!

I´ll be keeping everyone posted. All the best in 2015!

That is an impressive list Darlene! Happy New Year and best wishes for all of your goals.

Thanks Sue. All the best to both of you as well. Hope all is well in Calgary! I enjoyed the 6 years we lived there.

These are wonderful goals, Darlene. I especially love the one about learning Spanish. Let me know if I can help, as that is what I teach! Best of luck with everything. 🙂

Thanks so much. I may need some assistance while learning Spanish! All the best for 2015!!

You must listen, listen again and then listen some more…!

Fireworks from the balcony … aaah. Hope that 2015 brings you success for everything on your list Darlene.
blessings ~ maxi

Thanks Maxi! All the best in 2015 for you as well.

We are both on similar paths with huge changes in 2014, making us anxious for the beginnings in 2015. (The only difference being you made it to a warmer climate, and me the opposite!) Our goals are similar too. Except I had a #3 goal to find a yoga studio as soon as we moved. I tried out 5 different ones before I selected 2, and boy, does it help with the changes. Hope you find your yoga home soon to go along with your new Spanish adventures.

I find many women have made big changes this past year. I agree, yoga will be a big help. Hope I find one soon. I wish you all the best as you transition into your new environment. Thanks for your encouragement.

That’s a great list! It’s too bad the house in Canada isn’t sold yet, but spring is coming and the house sales usually improve.

It sounds like you had a great New Year’s celebration and are doing well!


Thanks Nancy! I a happy with my list for 2015. Not as ambitious as last year which is good.

Hi Darlene I have seen your comments on other blogs but I didn’t know you were a published author . Can I get your books in England ? I would love to start with ‘Darlene In England’ naturally .
I hope your life in Spain proves to be all your looking for …Spain is a beautiful country… you’re blessed.
I moved this year (not so many miles as you ) to West Wales from England . I am now living a hop ,skip and a jump from the beach and I love it .

Hi Cherry. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. My books are available on Amazon.uk. I hope you enjoy them. Moving is stressful but always worth it. We visited Wales once and I loved it. Enjoy your new home.

I love the view from there. 🙂

We are surrounded by beaches and great views!

Can’t beat that!

YAY! I’m glad things are working out! 😀 But what is the Santa Claus Swim? 😉

In Canada we have the polar bear swim on Jan 1. Crazy people jump into freezing cold water to celebrate the New Year. (It is usually a fund raiser for a cause) Here in Spain they call it the Santa Claus swim but the water isn´t very cold so it wasn´t as exciting. Some people dress as Santa Claus which is probably where the name comes from. Wait until you hear about Three Kings Day!

Best of luck in your new home (and in 2015- though Canada will miss you!)

Thanks Khaula! I will miss Canada too.

Darlene, I envy people like you who are not only goal-setters but they are motivated to accomplish them …And do!

Happy new year in a new life.

Some years come together better than others. We will see how this year goes as we have a huge learning and adapting curve.

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