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Enjoyable Horse and Flamenco Show

Posted on: December 18, 2014

Hubby read about a horse and flamenco show in the local paper. It was to be held at a Spanish stud farm near a small place in the country called Dolores, about thirty minutes from us. In spite of a threat of rain, we decided to check it out and were very happy we did. We managed to find the stable, had a look around and settled down to watch the show. Here are a few highlights.

DSCN0537 (2)

Champion rider Juan Cortes entertained us with his incredible horseman skills on his Andalusian stallion.



Emma Tytherleigh showed off her excellent equestrian skills on her horse Romero. Emma is a talented trick rider, former CAVALIA performer and devoted horse lover.

DSCN0550 (2)

The audience was delighted by Rocko, Emma´s incredibly cute miniature rescue pony and his playful antics.


Manuela, Juan´s talented and lovely daughter charmed us with a flamenco dance, while Juan rode his horse around her.



We fell in love with Emma´s Jack Russell, Rodeo Jack, who never leaves her side. He sits watching the performance wishing he could be part of it. Apparently sometimes he is.


After the show I made friends with Emma and Rocko.


I also met Juan and one of his gorgeous horses. He was interested to learn that my dad had been a cowboy in Canada.


Then the huge paella, made by Juan´s wife Hermina, was brought out for all to enjoy.


The event was a fundraiser for Dogs at Large and proved to be a fabulous way to spend a sunny Saturday in the Spanish countryside in December. The rain never did happen.

You can watch a clip of some of what we saw here:


To learn more about the performers and the horses check out the website



26 Responses to "Enjoyable Horse and Flamenco Show"

Love this horsey show. My first contact with a horse happened when it bit me on the chest. Subsequent exposure went better – ha! You are obviously enjoying yourself.

I didn´t have a good encounter when I was a child on my dad´s ranch and was afraid of horses growing up. I have since learned to respect and appreciate them. This was a wonderful experience.

Darlene I have just watched the video clip. Beautiful horse and I will admit to wanting to pop a helmet on Emma’s head as she hung from the horse upside down! Wonderful to see activities in your new world. 🙂

We didn´t get to see Emma do her most dangerous tricks as the ground was damp and she felt it was unsafe. I may have suggested a helmet though if she would.

I’m jealous. A bright and sunny day, a horse show, flamenco dance and music. Heaven. I enjoyed your pictures and the walk through the day. The YouTube clip made it all come to life. Great idea. Thank you for sharing. It appears Spain will be good for you. ❤

So far we are enjoying the culture and of course the weather. The people are wonderful as well. Many expats from all over the world.

I shall live vicariously through your adventures, okay?

It is of course OK. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

How wonderful and I can’t believe how blue the sky is there. It’s been pretty gray in London.

We are loving the blue skies!! It is usually pretty grey in Vancouver at this time of the year as well.

What an amazing show that must have been judging by the short video you shared. It looked like the perfect weather for it too. Thanks for sharing.

I Live in Loudoun County which is horse country of Virginia. There is a hunt that goes through my property and often wakes us up with their bugles and hounds. But I love seeing it. Everyone dressed up in red jackets and horse gear. And I Love seeing the horses on the road when we drive by in fields or with rider on the way somewhere.

Thanks for sharing the fun you had at that famous fundraiser. It was fun to read about. 🙂

Cool video too! Thanks! 🙂

I´m glad you enjoyed it. The hunt sounds very dramatic and very English!

I think the fox hunting here in Loudoun Co. is taken after Englsih fox hunting. 🙂

Such blue sky! Such beautiful horses and people.. and paella! Yet I think I loved Rodeo Jack the best. 🙂 What a (warm, sunny) perfect day!

I liked everything about the day but Rodeo Jack was my favourite as well.

Looks pretty good! Thanks for sharing. Bye. Kamila

Thanks Kamila. Glad you enjoyed it.

Very exceptional post combining horses and flamenco.

Thank you for stopping by.

I so enjoy looking at your sunny pictures, it’s very grey in England!
Happy Holidays, Barbara

Thanks Barbara. I do hope you get a few sunny days soon. Have a very Happy Christmas!!

It sounds really fun! 😀

You would have had so much fun and I know you would have loved Rodeo Jack!

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