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A Christmas Fiesta in Torrevieja

Posted on: December 10, 2014


This past weekend was special here as a number of events were held to celebrate Torrevieja´s Patronal Fiesta. We took in as much as we could and soon got into the festive spirit. We started by meeting a friend at The Casino for a drink and tapas on Saturday evening. The Casino is not a place to gamble but rather a social club to meet friends, attend concerts and lectures. It is very elegant and comfortable. The Christmas tree was lovely.

We then watched representatives of local associations and organizations carry flowers through the streets of Torrevieja to the Inmaculada Church in the town square for the traditional Floral Offering. The parade included various marching bands.


Once at the church each group is announced and their floral offerings placed in a metal frame erected around the door of the church in which stands the patron saint. Most of the flowers are white and blue, the official colours of the town, with a few pinks and purples as well. A mini Christmas market is held in the square to add to the spirit. The entire town had turned out it seemed. It was quite exciting and moving but difficult to get a clear picture.

DSCN0453 (2)

We came back the next day to view the flowers again, just as Sunday Mass was over. Some of the Spanish people wore their traditional clothes to church.


DSCN0485 (2)

A traditional Christmas Belen is set up in the main square. (Belen is Spanish for Bethlehem). This amazing display depicts scenes from the life of Jesus. The details are incredible. The Belen is up until January 6 and I am sure to visit it   more than once and share more pictures.

DSCN0488 (3)





The Fiesta included a paella competition where over 150 communities and groups took part in making their best paella.  The Mayor and his entourage carried out the judging. They must have been very full after sampling 150 paellas!


And just as we were about to call it a day, we stumbled upon a parade of giants and big heads right outside the Casino. Delighted adults and children of all ages followed along. A perfect ending to a fabulous day of festivities.



The Spanish people know how to celebrate. Everything is all about the family and community. It is the true meaning of Christmas.


What are you doing to get into the spirit?

34 Responses to "A Christmas Fiesta in Torrevieja"

Beautiful, Darlene. You’re living in an amazing culture right now!

I am simply hoping to get things completed for Christmas Day.

I am sure you will get what needs to be done, done. Don´t fret if it is not all done. You will still have a wonderful Christmas!!

I love all the culture you are experiencing Darlene! And I love paella so I think I would be right at home. I am a wee bit surprised though at the clothing you are wearing. It looks a tad cold??? What part of Spain are you in? Merry Christmas Darlene and Paul!

You would love it here. We are near Alicante. It has been dropping down to about 7C in the evening so we do need a coat and long pants. But the days are very nice and warm in the sun. December and January are the cooler months here.

I’m really enjoying seeing what you see as you go and explore your new home. Thanks so much for writing it up and sharing it with us!


I am pleased you are enjoying my adventure with me.

Sounds awesome. I know the Spanish sure know how to celebrate. I had a Spanish teacher from Barcelona stay with me and I loved to hear about their lifestyle.

BTW, I am sending a link to one of my sisters to ask her what she’s doing in Spain now. It’s photo #5, the female in the beige jacket. I know it’s not here but I had to look long and hard. 😀

If it is your sister, tell her to look me up! I´m sure you enjoyed the teacher from Barcelona.

It isn’t my sister, but that woman sure does puts me in mind of her
Still, it’s a small world after all. It could happen… 😀

How fantastic to have these new experiences! looks like an amazing adventure Darlene. Loving your photos.

Thanks. It has been a great experience so far.

What a wonderful time for you to be in Spain. Thanks for sharing.

It is a great time to be here and fun to experience Christmas from another culture.

I miss the Belenes and the Gigantes y Cabezudos parades. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. Glad you’re having such a lovely time.

This was my first experience seeing both and they were wonderful.

Absolutely love these photos, Darlene. You should have taken me with you. 😉

Yes, I should have. You would have enjoyed it.

It looks as if you’re having a ball. The Belen’s lovely.

The Belen is even more wonderful in person. I could have spent hours viewing it.

Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
Here is Spain across the country the towns are all preparing for the festive season and also the special Saint Days that are so important to them.. here is a terrific post from Darlene Foster about one of the fiestas in Torrevieja

Thanks for reblogging my post. So pleased you enjoyed it enough to share.

It was lovely – we live in Madrid but spent a number of years on the south coast. We love the traditional welcome and lifestyle.. best wishes Sally

I loved reading about the different traditions and seeing the beautiful pictures. Lovely culture, of which I’m only getting a small ‘taste,’ still it’s delicious!

It is a very lovely culture and we are really enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

So enjoyable. My pleasure entirely! 🙂

Dear Darlene, I’m so enjoying following you on your adventures. That Christmas tree really is beautiful, and I love all the flowers at the church.

My husband’s parents will be spending a few days with us at Christmas, and we are expecting visits from our two grown-up grandsons, so lots to look forward to.

I am so pleased you are enjoying my reports. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Lovely pictures, Darlene. You’re having a wonderful time, aren’t you? Thank you for inviting your readers along on the adventure.

Pleased you are enjoying these blogs. More to come.

Loved this blog Darlene how i can well imagine you are enjoying it too. Must be quite lovely at this time of the year. We just celebrated Bob’s birthday with special chocolate ganache cake baked by Berkeley. Now we can focus on decorating for Christmas. I got to see lafarge lights and attend Coquitlam chorale concert too…

How exciting. Are you still there? Thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed this. We plan to live here for awhile. I think you will like the blog on Three Kings Day I will be posting soon.

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