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Exploring Spain II

Posted on: November 30, 2014

When we tired of the busy beach towns, we drove into the mountains. Following narrow, twisting roads we never knew what we would find around each hairpin turn. When we were about to give up thinking we had to be on the wrong road, we would round one more bend, and there before us appeared a delightful white mountain village with traditional red clayroofs. The unbelievable scenery and discovering the villages always made the trip worth our while.

Here are a couple of our finds:










A monastery in the middle of nowhere


It´s amazing what you can find when you leave the beaten path!

And on the only real cloudy day we drove to Gibraltar because we were so close. We did not go across due to bad boarder line-ups that day. We will leave that for another time. But I finally got to see the famous Rock of Gibraltar I have read and heard about since I was a child.


It was quite impressive and begs to be explored.

We need to stop exploring for a time and find a place to live. It was fun being vagabonds for a while and I have many story ideas rattling around in my head. I hope everyone is keeping warm in spite of cold weather reports we are hearing.

39 Responses to "Exploring Spain II"

So good of you to share your explorations even as you haven’t settled on your own place to live. Go on Do that. We can wait. 😀 😀

Thought I better write this up as internet is not always available. Think we might have something for next week. Lots to learn in a new place. I think I´m up to it.

Of c.o.u.r.s.e. you’re up for it! 😀 😀

I love seeing the pictures of where you’re living now! Thanks for taking time to share with us.


P.S. Love seeing the big grin on your face too!

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Grinning a lot these days.

These look a little like the hill towns of Italy but with taller buildings. I see you are soaking in both the sun and the culture. Magnificent scenery, lovely photos, Darlene.

Many Mediterranean countries have these lovely little white villages I imagine. The scenery here is amazing and I am loving the culture. I do hope to explore other countries as well once we are settled.

Gorgeous! Love these little hideaway villages you are finding. I just wish I was there with you. Would so love to go exploring. Enjoy while you can and happy house hunting.

Thanks Diane. You would love it here I just know. I´m sure one day you will be over to explore.

As though you have been collecting postcards in your vagabond days. Wonderful captures and best of luck finding a home. 🙂

Thanks Sue. Having a great time finding these postcard villages. Now down to serious stuff like finding a place to live.

Beautiful images again. I’ll put those two places on my ‘to visit’ list. Hope you find a home to your liking very soon.

I can´t believe I have been to two places you haven´t! I´m sure you will be visiting them soon.

All in good time. I went to Mijas with my sister, as she used to live in Fuengirola, and I’ve visited most cities in Andalucia, only Almeria left. My father was from Jaen and I have a brother in Cadiz. I love Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla, but it is a huge region to see it all.
Happy exploring!

Your post brought back memories of our visit to Istan. I just loved the silence there ( and that beautiful fountain you are pictured at!)
Hope you are settling into your new life!

Istan was quite the find. The silence was refreshing. It was as if time stood still. It will be awhile until we are settled but so far so good.

Love the romanesque mosaic which tells me indeed, you are in Spain. I’m sure you’re pinching yourself a lot these days that you are there taking it all in delightful surprise after surprise. Thank you for sharing your views.

I am still in a daze. But enjoying all the new sites. Lots of surprises to be sure.

Beautiful photos! So much history in Europe. Less tall buildings, more village squares. So much to explore.

I love the history here. Everyday I learn something new. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Beautiful photos and nice post! I love Spain – interesting history and rich culture 🙂 bye. Kamila

Just gorgeous! Such a great adventure, Darlene!

It is an adventure to be sure Lada.

YAY! Where will you live then (any good ideas)? 🙂

Right now we are living near Alicante. ( look on the map of Spain to see where that is.) Not sure where we will end up but probably near here. Will keep you posted.

There is always something wonderful to find in Spain!

These are wonderful photos. Spain is so beautiful, it’s definitely on my list of places to see. I am thoroughly jealous, but thank you for posting these! *drools over scenery* 🙂

Thanks Libby. I do hope you get to visit this great country one day.

Thank you for that bit of warmth. I imagine you’re having a fascinating and exciting time of it exploring your new country. What a massive move to make, I hope you soon find the home that’s just right for you.

Great to see you here Lorna. It has been exciting and a bit scary of course. The warmth is nice in the weather and the people. We are renting a place right now and will decide where to settle later on.

These are wonderful pictures, Darlene, from the narrow alleyway to the wide open spaces. You have a talent for taking compelling shots!

Thanks Marylin. I enjoy taking pictures of interesting places.

How did I miss your post. It doesn’t show in my daily reader for some reason. Your photos are beautiful. I love all of the tiles, cobblestone streets, narrow streets and the gorgeous scenery.

Spain is very picturesque, especially when you get out into the country.

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