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Exploring Spain

Posted on: November 25, 2014

We´ve spent the past two weeks exploring Spain´s Mediterranean coast, travelling from Alicante to Gibraltar and discovering some pretty cool places. Here´s a snapshot of some of the more interesting places we´ve visited.

The historic and cultural port city of Cartagena dates back to Carthaginian times.

DSCN0188 (2)


The fishing village of Cabo de Palos with its fabulous lighthouse.


Octopus traps


The Port of Mazarron lined with date palms



Estepona on the Costa del Sol


Plazoleta Oritz


Paul at the market with his bucket of cider


Port of La Duquesa

DSCN0275 (2)

Cormorants sunning themselves


Castillo de la Duquesa


Next post – the mountain villages of the Costa del Sol and the Rock.


37 Responses to "Exploring Spain"

Are you planted over there now or are you just checking things out. I know you said you were moving there when you were here last but I am still a little shocked that you are gone if you have already moved there. Let me know. Linda Gertner

Yup, we did it. We moved to Spain. Haven´t settled yet, still exploring. Will be back to Alberta for visits of course.

Are you familiar with Rick Steves’ Travels in Europe? Some of your snapshots remind me of what he might feature on his shows.

I see a sequel to your Amanda in Spain evolving from this trip. Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving wherever you observe it!

Thanks Marian. We do watch Rick Steves and have read his travel guides. I am honoured to be compared to him. I am sure there will be another Amanda in Spain story, I have so many ideas. We had Thanksgiving in Canada before we left. I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

It looks fantastic Darlene! Thank you for the glimpse of sunny Spain.

Beautiful pics Darlene. I have a friend who lives in Cordoba, Spain. Will you be going anywhere near there? Have fun!

We haven´t been to Cordoba yet, but it´s on the list. If you decide to visit your friend, maybe would could meet there.

Too gorgeous for words. You lucky, lucky lady. A friend from Spain gave me a year’s calendar one year. How I drooled over the architecture in the pictures.
These are awesome pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. I must make it to Spain soon. Have wanted to go since I was a wee thing. 🙂

I am sure you will make it to Spain one day soon. You will love it. For now you can travel with me.

I shall be on your coat tails, but I know how to be very quiet. I look forward to seeing more through your eyes, Darlene.

Beautiful photography, Darlene. What motivated you to move to Spain, and how long do you plan to live there?

We have wanted to try to live in another country for some time. My husband is European (British) and is comfortable here. Also his parents moved to Spain 13 years ago and we have visited often and loved it. Who knows how long we will be here. Every day is an adventure.

Wow – you really are living the dream! Beautiful pictures (and climate, and bucket of cider:)

Yes we are! Of course these things don´t go smoothly but it is an adventure.

So much beauty, no wonder you couldn’t wait to get back there.

It is a lovely place for sure and we are loving every minute.

These are lovely photos of things I haven’t seen. I hope the settling in goes smoothly. How are things shipped to Spain…by boat? I imagine it takes a while for things to arrive.

Our things are coming by boat to England and then by truck to Spain. It should take around 6 weeks. We are in a furnished place right now with dishes etc. so we are OK. It´s sort of like camping or couch surfing. (sort of)

The photos are beautiful! Now how in the world do they catch octopus with those traps?

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4

They lay on the bottom of the sea and the octopus go in them as they like little caves. It is a trick like most traps. Poor unsuspecting octopus. It is a popular delicacy around these parts.

Well I must say those pots do look cozy!

Brilliant photos! I love that one with all the yellow pots in La Duquesa. You seem to be having a wonderful time and may it long continue. 🙂

I loved that building as well. There were many with red and pink pots but the yellow really stood out.

Enjoyed your photos. You’ve really stepped into another world and a new life. Will be fun to follow your journey.

It is really another world and we are feeling our way around. We have to change how we think and do things. A challenge to be sure but one we´re ready for. (I hope)

Moving to Spain, pretty exciting Darlene. We’ve traveled extensively in Spain, and love it. And the Moorish influences make the southern areas even more interesting. We do these one month to six-week trips and rent apartments, and Spain is on the top of the list. Enjoy your time there and Buena Suerte en España! ~James

Thank you James. We have been here a few times but now we are planning to make it our home for a while at least. I also love the Moorish influences. We plan to do much more exploring.

Gosh, Spain is insanely beautiful. That water. That sky. So happy for you on the move, Darlene! (By the way, I’m running a Christmas giveaway and have included ‘Amanda in Alberta’ in my selection. Hope to buy it for a winner soon!)

Thank you so much Claudine! Spain is so lovely. I´m so pleased you included Amanda in Alberta in your give away. You are the best!!

Hello Darlene, stunning photographs and just look at that blue sky! I could do with some of that right now, it’s grey and wet in the UK.

We have had a couple of cloudy days but it is still warm and dry. The sun usually makes an appearance though! Loving it.

The Roman ruins in Spain would be of special interest to me.

We plan to explore the Roman ruins once we get settled.

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