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It Looks LIke We Made It!

Posted on: November 13, 2014

We are finally here in sunny Spain. It was a bit of a bumpy ride as we had to deal with a 24 hour delay on our flight to London, a plane load of inebriated Liverpool football club supporters on the way to Madrid, no luggage trolleys at the Madrid train station and then discovering we no longer had a car rental in Alicante due to the delays. We must have looked quite a sight dragging six large suitcases and four carry on cases while only having had a few hours sleep. Thanks to a kind woman named Mercedes, who assisted us in Madrid, we eventually managed to get to our destination.


It has however been great to see my in-laws. My husband’s brother was visiting from the UK as well. We hadn´t seen him for quite some time so it was a wonderful reunion.


DSCN0176 (2)

We have been enjoying the sun, eating some fabulous Spanish food and looking for a place to live. Right now we are staying at a lovely resort near Cartagena, relaxing and learning about the culture. All things good never come easy.


The view from our patio

More to come……..

32 Responses to "It Looks LIke We Made It!"

Wonderful to hear you have arrived and that you are in positive spirits. It looks so wonderfully warm, especially here in snow filled winter. 🙂

Thanks Sue. I must admit I really don´t miss the snow and cold.

You could write Wish you were here as the caption under each “postcard.”

I would love all my friends to be here!

Glad you arrived safe AND sound. Too bad about the delay. You must have been dragging something awful. What a view from your patio. I look forward to more about your finding a place and e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks! It was quite the experience but we are here now and the adventure begins.

Do you hear me rubbing my hands together?

I am so excited for you. It looks like paradise!!!

It is so beautiful here. Thanks Beth.

Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound, in spite of that awful delay.
Spain looks very inviting, I love the photos, and I especially love that view from your patio – wow!
Can’t wait to find out where you are going to live – what an exciting adventure ahead for you both!

Thanks Barb. We are ready for this part of our life.

Hello Darlene, it sounds like a horrible journey but thank goodness you are there safe and well, and the sun is shining. Good luck with the house hunting. Barbara x

The warm, sunny weather has made it all worth it! Thanks Barbara.

Well done, you two! Glad your ordeal is over and that you’re settling in nicely. It’s always very comforting to have family and friends around when relocating somewhere new. All the best and enjoy the sun. And don’t forget that orchata!

Family and friends have made all the difference. I have yet to try an orchata but I will.

Please do. You’re bound to love it, especially on a hot day, as it’s very refreshing. It’s made from tiger nuts, sugar and water. so it’s very popular with children and I simply loved it as a child. You can buy it in bottles in supermarkets (Chufi), but it’s no way near as nice as fresh Orchata from orchaterias or ice-cream parlours. Do let me know if you do and what you think. You could even include it in your blog with a picture! Enjoy! 🙂

Thanks for the note to let us know you arrived! Sorry to hear about the problems, but that’s not a surprise that things didn’t go as planned.


Yes, things don´t always go as planned but they go anyway. These things make good stories later. My Dad always said, ¨”If things didn´t go wrong from time to time, we wouldn´t have anything to talk about.”

What a lovely view! So glad you arrived safely. It does sound like you survived quite an ordeal getting there.

Thanks Patti! Happy to be here now.

I have been looking forward to hearing how you are getting on!
What a lovely spot to relax and plan your next steps after your eventful journey! Seeing family must have been very special too!

Thanks! It is a wonderful place.

That is an awesome view. I’m now officially jealous. 😉

I´m checking out spots for a writer´s retreat. Save your pennies.

Erik is jealous and so am I. We woke up to 32 degrees outside and 55 degrees inside. It is time to start the wood stove.

The view IS awesome and I am so glad you made it OK. Even with the delays..

Let me know where I can send your prizes, Darlene, because they are waiting for you. Take good care. Enjoy the resort.


I am starting to feel guilty about the sun and warm weather. send me an email and I´ll give you my son´s address as the book is for his granddaughter.

OK, Will do. Hope they enjoy them. Congrats on your winning, Darlene! 🙂

Waiting for more to come from your trip 🙂

So happy you are in Spain! I really applaud you for following your dream. Love the pictures of the sea. You won’t miss the cold weather — Buffalo just got dumped on — 6 feet. You left with clothing — will you start all over with new furniture etc? Looking forward to future posts. What a journey you and your hubby have embarked upon!

Thanks Patricia. We don´t miss the snow and saw the reports on TV of the storm in Buffalo as we sat in shorts and sandals. Stay tuned for more.

The photos (blue skies! smiling people! gorgeous vistas!) made me put Spain on my bucket list. I am so looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

Spain is an amazing country and very diverse. I do hope you get to visit it at some point. More pictures to come.

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